Thursday, December 15, 2011


I walked from my dorm room to class, I was too tired and I had not yet finished my Intro Tech homework. I would do some work during morning prep before going for assembly. I got to the door of my class and opened it, I was greeted with something flying in my direction, the sticky and moist paste was all over my body and I dripped from head to toe, my books were stained on the covers with whatever it was that was flung on me.
“Happy Birthday” my classmates screamed out loud laughing.
I tried to find the humor in the situation but honestly it wasn’t funny and to make matters worse, it wasn’t even my birthday.
“It’s not my birthday and what it is this al over my body?” I asked in disgust as I wiped what looked like garri flakes and Kellogg’s cornflakes off my body.
“What do you mean by its not your birthday?” asked  Linda, one of my classmates.
“My birthday is tomorrow not today, tomorrow is the 16th” I said.
There was a puzzled look on their faces. I was not sure why? They were probably misinformed and I am really upset that they decided to mess up my morning by ruining my uniform with whatever it was that they poured on me.
“ I will ask again, what is this all over me?”  I asked
“We are so sorry, we made garri cake thinking it was your birthday and it isn’t” responded Hadiza.
“What are the contents of this cake?” I asked.
“Garri, detergent, cereal, toothpaste, sugar, milo, bournvita, powdered milk, coca cola, crackers” replied Sope.
I shook my head, This is going to be a long day.

Friday, December 2, 2011



The ringing phone woke me up. I looked at the time, it was 3. 14 am and I wondered who would be calling me around this time of the day. My friends won’t even think of calling me at this time. I let the phone ring twice again before I lazily picked up the phone.

“Hello: I began; my voice was still heavy with sleep.

“Hey, it’s me Chanel” the caller responded hysterically. I shook my head and was beginning to feel a little bit irritated. Chanel is my younger sister Nicole’s friend. Why in the world would she call me at this time of the day? Doesn’t she know her friend’s number or what?

“What is it Chanel, do you know what time it is?” I said a little irritated and angry.

“Nadine, it’s about Nicole.” Chanel blurted out, she sounded like she was about to cry.

“What about Nicole, if she is broke I can’t help her, if ……” I began and got cut off by Chanel.

“No, she is unconscious, she was found unconscious at her apartment, she is in a critical condition, I don’t know what happened.” Chanel managed to say.

“Unconscious” I repeated wondering if I was dreaming, I pinched myself lightly on my arm but this is reality.

“Yes unconscious, please hurry, she needs help.” Chanel said. I wonder what kind of help I can be of to Nicole at this time. I think it is a little too late to involve family. Too late.

“Where is she?” I asked.

“St Pauls Hospital” Chanel said.

“Okay” I said.

“Okay what?” Chanel asked.

“ Okay like, I have heard.” I responded.

“Are you coming?” she asked me desperately.

“I will think about it.” I responded and hung up. For the first time in so many years of knowing my sister, tears rolled down my cheeks.

Monday, November 28, 2011


Flavor Nabania came to spend Thanksgiving with Bay Area California Nigerians. He performed on Friday November 25Th 2011 at the New Caribbean City on 1408 Webster Street Oakland. He brought his Live Band with him and it was a very good performance. He was brought to perform in the Bay Area courtesy of Sky Concepts and Royal Entertainment. His side act for the night was Filon Jay who is also an upcoming artist and a former band member for Flavour Nabania.


There was a pretty good turn out of people despite the fact that it was Thanksgiving but also because it was Flavour Nabania. Thankfully everything went hitch free. There was a moment of silence for “Samantha Rose” who would have been up on stage dancing that night with Filon Jay but was involved in a car crash that claimed her life. Special Thanks to Sky Concepts for bringing and hosting Flavour Nabania. Royal Entertainment for hosting and the promotion of the concert. DJ Jay Hits, DJ Tunde and DJ Burt for spinning great tunes all night

It was indeed a great to come later……..

Monday, November 14, 2011


Hmm!!!  I have been away from the blog for weeks studying and doing certain improvements but while i was engrossed in those things i spent time hibernrating reading a book by Sophie Kinsella called Twenties girl.... It is about a young girl called Lara who was visited by her Great Aunt's ghost during the funeral. She apperared to her in form of a young lady in her twenties and only Lara could see her and hear her (even though Sadie screamed in other peoples ears and it seemed like it was a voice in their head), she was in search of her diamond necklace and Lara had to delay he funeral because her Great Aunt Sadie's spirit would not rest without the necklace. Sadie the ghost became a guardian angel and helped Lara solve some of her own problems. A very good read. Too many thumbs up

Thursday, October 20, 2011


My coworker who has been married for four months asked me this question about a week ago.
"If you were married,would you have a joint account with your spouse?"
Well to respond to that, the only reason why i would have a joint account with my spouse is to have the account to pay bills and run the household such as buy the kids clothes, fix broken stuff and many other household expense. I am a firm believer of being a spouse that complements and not just completes.
Before marriage we both ran separate accounts and managed the money separately. Getting married should not mean that your money gets married too, you dont have to lose your sense of individuality, it means that you and your spouse can create a wholesome relationship. Money can be a problem too, too much of it and too little of it can bring about both jealousy and self esteem problems.
I also advice young couples not to consolidate their studnt loans from college together for example, Susan married Joe, she went to Stanford University and owes over $65000 in loans while Joe went to Cal State East Bay and owes $1500 in student loans, they got married and lump their loans together and pay it off. There is nothing wrong with that, personally  i will  not do it, your degree is in your name and my degree is in my name so answer your father's name and pay off your student loans. Enough said.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


 Since the world did not end on May 21 2011, the new date October 21st is coming up pretty soon..Lol!!!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


The weather is changing, Fall is coming. It is that perfect time to pick up and book and cuddle under the sheets. I read this book with all the twists in the plot, i finally finished reading it. I wont spoil it for you by giving you a summary but i give it two thumbs up.

Monday, October 3, 2011


Even Nigerians in Diaspora still and will always celebrate October 1st weekend and I partied all weekend long. From the Pre Party and Heritage Celebration at Club Anton in Oakland to the Independence Day picnic at Fremont Central Park to the Masquerade party Soiree in Palo Alto. I believe that it was illegal to allow such a fun weekend to end. Just wanted to share my pics  Enjoy!!!012004





  i-hate-mondays  Its Sunday night and  most people dread the beginning of a new week starting on Monday. Waking up early in the morning to begin the weekly commute to a forty hour week job or those early morning lab classes that begin before eight o clock and other classes  for the rest of the day. To most people that is the reason why  Monday is hated and it is something I am aware of but I just found out that “Mondays” actually means something else. Monday actually means a Black man as in from African or African American descent. It is used when black men are around people of other races, it may be used in a derogatory form so that the black man doesn’t know they are talking about him.
“ I just hate Mondays”
It may also something or someone you hate with a passion
“I really dislike the cab driver, he is such a really bad Monday”
So I can be somewhere and talk about a nice looking African man calling him a Monday and he wont know about it.After reading this new meaning of Monday from the source , I began to look at the “hating Monday” differently so when next you hear “Everybody hates Mondays”  is it figurative or literal? or am I just having a case of the Mondays. Have a great Monday and a blessed week

Source: Urban Dictionary and Google Images

Monday, September 26, 2011


1. Take a Ferrari for a test drive

2. Grow and eat your own vegetables

3. Change a baby’s diaper

4. Visit Paris

5. Ride a rollercoaster

6. Take a road trip to a different state or state(s)

7. Start a business

8. Go to Las Vegas

9. Have your picture in the newspaper

10. Save someone’s life

11. Buy a brand new car with 0-10miles

12. Do volunteer work

13. See the Grand Canyon

14. Learn a different language

15. Keep a diary for a whole year

16. Turn off your cell phone for a week

17. Get a Master’s degree

18. Go on a Cruise

19. Develop a relationship with a Supreme Being

20. Watch 26 movies never seen with each letter of the alphabet

21. Bring in the new year in another country

22. Buy a property

23. See the sun rise and set on two different coasts

24. Walk the Golden Gate Bridge

25. Win money on a game TV show

26. Go bungee jumping

27. Go on a hot air balloon ride

28. Be pregnant at 29 or almost 30. Conception must take place around that time.

29. Keep a book log and should have read 300 books before I turn 30.

30. Plan my 30th birthday and make it Big

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


First of all it was Chrsity Essien Igbokwe who passed away a few months ago, then Sam Loco Efe, last week it was Geraldine Ekeocha now it is MC Loph. Why all these talented people leaving the world so soon. Mc Loph was reported dead today while travelling along the Benin-Ore Expresway while travelling to Anambra for his traditional wedding. So sad, his fiancee passed away as well as his sister, this brings me to always remember that death is inevitable. His remix of Osondi Owendi brought him into the spotlight and he wil forever be missed. Osondi Owendi. Rest in peace Obiajulu....

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


It is summer, it does get boring, these books are worth your time, so if you can spend time reading this week, these are my suggestions.



Sunday, August 14, 2011




George slowly began to change in the course of our two year relationship. He started slipping up here and there. I didn’t know what to do. I was not paranoid. I just wanted to let things take their natural course. He may have been worrying about something or he  may have been going through something at that time, sometimes its good to allow a man some space but looking back I gave him waaaayyyyyyyyyyy too much space. It began with not spending time together anymore like before we used to play tennis every Saturday morning, all of a sudden he either came home pretty late or past midnight on Friday/ Saturday and gave me that “I am tired” story which  was beginning to get played out in my ears but I was not going to try to change the situation. As an adult a man is free to make whatever decision he wants and also live with the consequences. He also started stepping away from me to take phone calls, he became so protective of his phone that it literally sickened me, his phone was always on vibrate and he jumped scaring the skin off my bones every time that phone vibrated. I never questioned him or asked him why. I knew that time would tell. Nagging or whining was one vice that I refused to give in to.  He stopped texting me, you know those random texts during the day from a loved one to show that they are thinking of you. I also never questioned him or asked him why. He always found an excuse not to see me, either work or hanging with the boys or just some lame excuse. It hurt but in order to keep myself from pinning over him I just found something to do around my condo, I painted my living room and changed everything in my bathroom, I also decided to be less and less available to him also. I gladly accepted a girl’s weekend out with my friends Tracy and Neisha. I wanted to go on a cruise so bad but I couldn’t afford it yet. I had bills to pay and other responsibilities.It never crossed my mind that he was cheating, he was pretty decent but I never put anything past any man, I had no evidence only symptoms of a man suffering  from a guilty conscience.He never said anything, I never asked any questions, things just slowly began to change and for once I actually accepted it.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


                                                                                                  August 3rd 2011
My darling,
I saw you leave the bank last week and i couldnt help but notice how beautiful you have become since the last time we spoke and saw each other. I really do miss you a lot, your companionship, the laughter, your generosity, and your good cooking I know things didnt end on a good note especially because of the lady i had been seeing at the time. I cant blame you for the decision you made, i wasn't faithful to you and i wasn;t man enough to leave. She wasn't the best thing that happened to me either because she could not fill the void you left. We broke up already. I know there are still some things that tie us together, i run into your sister Eva every now and then and your mom, they are so nice to me, i dont know if you ever told them and if you didn't i respect you for that. I tried calling you but it seems you have changed your number, but since you didnt change your address, i decided to send this to you.
                         Love George.

Crumbling this letter would be the best thing i have done in 2011. Does George actualy have the nerve to send me a letter after all these months. Is he kidding me? Now that she is gone, he wants to come back. You never miss a good thing till it leaves you, now he is realizing that he wants me back. Yes, he was in a relationship with me and dating a chic called Regina.  Yes, i said so, ask me how i found out???

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


And why do i have the gut feeling that he is trying to ask for more money in the offering basket. WHy is he talking about money? What is the purpose of this sermon? The church is packed full and the offereing basket will not hold less than four hundred dollars on this hot, Sunday afternoon. I probably need to listen and stop letting my mind wander off to inconseqential things.

"Craving things has also become part of our nature these days, we want the flat screen television set, the latest I phone...."
Just right when he said that, i clutched to my Iphone, why was the pastor talking about mateial possessions in church and i have to ask myself why i have a problem with what the pastor is preaching.

"The problem with this is that there is no satisfaction, every year, a new product comes out, there is always a new model for a every car, every year, why, because there are new accesories in the car that you will need to buy. Yes and No. Yes, there might be new additions. No because you are going to start having new debt.A debt you dont need.We are struggling to feed our families and pay the little utility bills that keep coming in the mail unfailingly every month. i know a lady who used her rent money to go shopping for clothes, that woll show you the level of one's priorities. clothing is a neccesiity but why would you use your shelter money to buy clothes you dont need. I am sure you are uncomfortable in the pews but this message is for everyone. It applies to everyone in the building right now including myself, people come up to me telling me that they cannot pay their PGE bill and sometimes the church will wrtie out checks to pay these bills for our congregation members, but that wont last long.

This must be a generous church. The church helps some people pay their PGE bill. I have some credit card bills that need to be paid. Do i turn them in to be paid for as well; maybe out of pity the church can pay my car note as well.

"It will not last long: it is different if you really have the need but if you keep putting yourself in a situation that you can avoid, i will have no other term for that but pure foolishness. i believe we should pray for wisdom everyday. Amen"

Everyone said "Amen" after him too. I think he has made his point.

Monday, July 4, 2011


I decided to visit one of the churches in the neighborhood. One of my family friend's invited me a couple of weeks ago but i never bothered to visit until someone was talking about that same church at work.
I hate waking up early on Sunday morning. Going to church is not a habit for me and if i have to start going regularly i have to start trying to get used to it. My alarm clock went off at 7.32am. Iset it like that in actual fact it is just 7.02am. The last time i checked the bulletin, church starts at 9. I slowly got out of bed and crawled into the shower. I needed a facial scrub and i spent almost an hour doing so before taking a cool shower.
I got out of the bathroom at 8am. I have to pick out a nice and decent outfit to wear to church. I pulled out a new white and black dress. I haven't worn it yet. I bought it at Macy's during their storewide clearance sale. A good outfit.
Breakfast of scrambled eggs and toast bread to prevent my stomach from screaming during service was a good way to start the morning. My room mate made breakfast. She agreed to come with me to try out this new church.
Forty five minutes later we walked into the big church.Its grand interior and decor was breath taking and the choir seemed like angels from heaven with their melodious voices '
"Lo, He comes with clouds descending, once for favored sinners slain. Thousand thousand saints attending, Swell the triumph of His train" they sang.
It was a classic old hymn. I remember singing this song in elementary school. It brough back a lot of memories and i joined in the chorus.
"God appears on earth to reign, God appears on earth to reign," I sang

The pastor was very reverend. He seemed like he was talking to me or moreover about me. His mannerism and everything about him was very interesting. he church was quiet, so quiet that you could hear a pin drop.

"And give to Ceasar what belongs to Ceasar and give to God what belongs to God. In other words owe no man. People live in debt here and there. You feel it is okay to owe here and there. You try to live like the Jonesses. It is not bad to crave to live the good life but not to destroy yourself in the process. People pray for health, people pray for food, people pray for their children and people should pray for financial success....."

to be continued............

Thursday, June 30, 2011


I was born in the 80's and grew up listening to her music. A while ago i was listening to "Seun Rere" on my Ipod. I was on Twitter today only to read that this lady is dead. I thought the world ends in 2012. Why did she die today? Christy Essien has touched the lives of so many people in her acting, her singing and as the former PMAN president. She may be gone but she has left her footprints on earth . Her song "Seun Rere" would continue to play in my head. May God grant her family the fortitude to bear the loss.


"Well I am not trying to make excuses for my behavior or anything and i am sorry if it offends you but i want to know what the agenda is all about, what kind of mistakes did o make on the report?" I am trying to get straight to the point because it looks like this lady likes to tell a lot of stories. I am really not interested this morning.
"Well there are a lot of grammatical errors on the report?" she said with a straight face. Wait a minute, the last time i checked there is automatic spell check on Microsoft Word unless she actually thought i was using a typewriter. Is she old school or what?"
"Grammatical errors?" i asked sound rather amused. "that is impossible" I told her. She gave me an evil look.
"Are you calling me a liar? She asked me sounding like she was going to get very angry. Was that to frustrate me or intimidate me? No way. This drama is getting interesting.
"I am not calling you a liar because Microsoft has spell check" i responded.
"Spelling errors and grammar errors are two separate things honey, did you actually take an English class at that college of yours?" she asked me.
"What kind of embarrasment is this? Do you have something against me? What is this attack on my person?" i asked her.

I went back to my cubicle very frustrated. This lady had started my day with accusations and she had just changed my mood. I refused to exchange worsa with her because she is just a cynical b****. I sat at my desk and my slimy co worker Althea came over.
"What did she say?" Althea asked me.
I wasnt so sure if Althea was a part of the conspiracy and that is if she knew what was going on. I knew she was disappointed she wasnt chosen to work on the project so how am i not sure she has a hand in my early morning badluck.
"She is out of her mind telling me all sorts of crap, anyway i am not on her project team anymore. I opted out." I told Althea. I cannot be spoken to like a third grader. If she did not like the template or the whole arrangement of the document, she should have said so instead of putting me down. I told her i was not going to be on the project with her anymore. She could find someone else.
"Oh my goodness, that really sucks" Althea said. "Tea or coffee?" she asked walking towards the tall coffee pot near the door.
"None for right now" I responded. Today did not seem like a good one.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I prayed that i would be able to get away with a verbal warning regardless of whatever the outcome of this meeting is.
"You are very inefficient, you need to maximize the use of your time, the report you typed two days ago was a complete disaster, I was reading it last night before going home and i am so glad i went through it before it got into the UPS mail."
 I stared at this lady. I could not say a word. Was she speaking the truth or was she saying stuff to spite me? I have never received any reprimanding since i started working for this company and this frustrated divorcee was giving me a lecture on my work habits,Is she kidding me?
"I don't know what is going on with you but if you don't impress me enough, I would have to replace you on this project because i have very strong work ethics which you are not very close to meeting, you are just straight from college and you dont have enough experience to deal with the office demands yet."
 All of a sudden she was beginning to bore me and i was beginning to understand where all this was coming from. A 'fifty something" year old lady is finding it hard to put up with a recent college graduate in the office. My friend told me she had the same problem with her male counterparts but this time i am having the problem with someone of the same gender but a different age generation. I dont think she is "old school:" I just think she is trying to put up a Margaret Thatcher front which does not go very well with me.
"There is nothing going on with me and what warrants this reprimanding if i may ask?"
"I have been noticing some erratic behavior like this morning you came in late, I could tell because i already called for you at 8am sharp and you were not here. Time is money and being a minute late to work counts. It is different if it was once in a while but in the last couple of days that i have been here, you have been late for work. I come here early and i leave here late at night, close to ten o'clock....." she said.
Why in the world will I be here after 5.30pm. She definitely does not have a life outside this building. Is she trying to impress someone, definitely not me. Staying until ten o'clock doing what? My father does not own this place and i will not be spending so much time here.

 to be continued.....

Sunday, June 19, 2011


 I dread going to work in the morning, my alarm clock has gone off for the second time this morning and i really dont want to get up. The new boss Felicia Richardson is worse than Adolf Hitler. She is this middle aged lady: she should be in her late forties or nearing menopause to act like such a pain in the butt. She wears these Fendi frames and drives a black Acura. Guess what, I am assigned to work with her on the new project in the office and so far, it is my worst experience. Mrs Richardson is an example of a workaholic. I was in my cubicle for nearly six hours straight yesterday. I could not believe that for a moment I did not go to work today. Should I call in sick? I have my vacation hours and I am not feeling work today at all. On a second thought, I should go because I dont want to hear it from anyone. It is 6.35am and i slowly drag myself from the bed to get ready for work. At least tomorrow is Friday.
Felicia Richardson was reading the paper and sipping coffee from the mug when i walked into her office.
"Good morning" i said as i walked in.
"Morning" Felicia replied without looking up from the newspaper she was reading.
"You left a message with the receptionist that you wanted to see me."
"I do, have a sit" she replied still not looking up from the newspaper she was reading.
I nervously sat down in the chair across from her. Her table was neat like she never touched anything or done any work on it. here were little picture frames of her two kids on the table. The twins Phyliss and Patricia were Standford University graduates. She told me the story of her family while i was doing some work in the office. She was divorced from her husband about ten years ago when she found out her was having an affair with his PA. She messed him up including his career and he became a shrimp in his society of friends. Phyliss was getting marrid in August.
"I called you because i want to have a word with you"
i cringe. She did not sound too enthsiastic as she put down the paper she was reading on the table and took another sip of the coffee she was drininking.
"I hope there is no problem"
"There are lots of problems, i have a problem with your sneaking into the office, a couple of minutes after work has started and acting like you have been here the whole time."
I could not deny because she was telling the truth. I miss my old boss all of a sudden. He kissed the ground i walked on all the time and i am sure it is the doing of all those jealous ones i work with. I listened to her as she went on talking.

To be continued......

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


So last night I made some Edikaikong soup with goatmeat and tripe. Come and have some.

Friday, May 27, 2011


About two decades later, i am no longer a child, how time flies. I reminisce my childhood like it was yesterday. Times have changed and so many things are different now, i believe somehow that children born after the 21st century may never have a real childhood. I was priviliege with going outside to play, ride my bike, dig dirt in the garden, pick up snails after it rains and put them on my window sill, write all over the walls of my house with crayons(until my mom beat me silly one day).
Tv back then didnt come on until 4pm. I totally loved that because i got the chance to do homework and read some books unlike now when television is 24 hours a day and children born post 1995 watch tv from morning until midnight courtsey of the cable channels. My favorite tv shows including cartoons were
1. Tales by Moonlight
2. Storyland by Jimi Solanke
3. Speak Out
Sesame street
5. Super Ted
6. Voltron Defender of the Universe
7. Captain Planet
8. Sesame Street


9. Muppet Babies
10. Ninja Turtles.
Barney came out in 1994 or so but it never replaced Sesame Street. After Elmo became a celebrity on his own on Sesame Street i stopped watching it because i still loved all the other characters regardless.
I remember all those girlie games i played in elementary school ten ten, suwe, change your style, skipping ropes. Lol. I think ten ten was banned in my set because the claping of hands as all the multiple players exchanged partners drove those teachers crazy.
Why did i also have a Barbie fetish, i had all sorts, those skinny things, my doll addiction didnt end till i was 13 but i had this big black baby that i still have, never would give away. It looks like a real child. Dolls were one childhood addiction i had, my aunt worked at the general hospital gave me baby bottles for my big black doll, my mom gave the tailor left over material to make clothes, that doll was spoiled. Oh how i love it.
At school those women sold things that tempted me to spend my money even though my mom always packed my lunch. I remember always crying my eyes out for my mom to buy me Orange icecram, those nice blocked orange flavors. Samco used to provide those nice juices to my elemnatry school and i totally loved apple and orange juice. That was Primary 1. Hmm. Gala sausage roll!! Yummy. Okin Biscuit, Tomtom, Chocomilo. I really didnt like Butter mint.
My favorite books
1.Famous Five
2.Secret Seven
3.All Pacessetter Books. I only have 4. Someone tell me where i can buy them
4.Ali and Simbi
5.Binta comics
6.Mallory Towers Series by Enid Blyton
7.St Claires Series by Enid Blyton
8.Any book by James Hadley Chase. I started reading them @6 yrs old.
9. Archie
Everyone talked about watching Secret of the Sand, No One But You, The Rich also cry at school. I think i watched all those back in elementary school and those were debateable topics among girls. Apart from those Mexican Telenovellas. I loved Rentaghosts, Dr Who,Faulty Towers. Those epic British shows.
Goodness there is so much to talk about because those were the good old days when your phone was landline and you had to sit in the living room talking to that crush or your friend while your parents listened, the cord could only go so far if you decided to drag it. I miss all my dresses and back in the day when it was my birthday and I didnt have to wear uniform and my mom loved bringing cake, caprisonne and biscuits and suddenly all the girls in my class became my best friends cos i looked pretty.LMAO
I miss my childhood. To all the Nigerian children have a Happy childrens day and enjoy your childhood while it lasts. I am privileged to be alive to recount everything. Thank God.

Thursday, May 26, 2011


I am in my bedroom thinking about all my bills, i have this pile of bills sitting on my table, for once in my life i missed my payments.Broke is an understatement. Lately i have been living above my means, i have totally maxxed out my Amex card, its crazy. I am still trying to pay off my student loans and my car note is 15days late for the first time.  My phone began to ring.
"Hello" i said answering the phone which showed "unknown" number.
"Goodmorning my name is Emmanuela from Capital One" the caller said. Shoot, that card payment is due too, why is everything due all of a sudden.
"Okay" i responded nonchalantly and she went further to verify my details to make sure she was talking to me. After verification she started blabbing about how my card payment was 7 days late and if i wanted to make a payment by phone, i was about to bring out my checkbook from my wallet to give her my information when she laughed out loud.
"Gotcha" said my cousin Danielle and laughed.
"You scared the crap out of me, please don't do that again" i said irritated.
"You were supposed to pay me, i should have allowed you to give me your bank details, i thought it was funny." she said laughing and giggling at what she thought was an appropriate joke. I had told her a week previously that i had not made any payments on my Target and Sears card and Capital One was coming up. She probably got the initiative to play that prank on me using that information.
"I don't find that funny", i replied
"Can't you take a joke?"
"Maybe on a different day"
"Whatever, i will call you later." Danielle said and hung up. She was probably hurt by my attitude, it was a joke to her but not funny to me.
I opened the envelope which contained my Mercedes Benz statement and shuddered at the thought of paying almost $800 this month. Late fee was $25.00 Payment due immediately. I opened the second mail, it was from my insurance company, $350 due on Thursday night, my paycheck should be directly deposited into my account by midnight of Thursday, i may need to transfer money from my savings, i cant remember the last time i put money in it.
My cell phone bill was next. I have this nice Iphone from AT& T. When the phone first came into the market: i was in love with the whole concept. I woke up at 4am to go stand in line to be one of the first owners of an Iphone. The things materialism can do to you. Turn you into a robot all because of a machine. When i was in college, i dont even think i ever woke up at 4am to study or even write a term paper. I love sleeping in and now all because of an Iphone, i woke up as early as 4am. Ridiculous. I tore open the envelope and brought out my bill which looked like a laundry list of a million things to do. It included the summary and the list of all my calls. My bill for this month is $105, for what? The last time i checked, i thought my monthly payments .......never mind. This impending Hawaii trip needs to be cancelled, will Southwest Airlines refund me.I wipe my brow. I need a sugar daddy.

Sunday, May 22, 2011


The world was supposed to end yesterday right. Guess what. It didn't end, the world may come to an end someday but no one knows when. So live everyday of your life like it is your last and don't let anyone deceive you.  The buzz about the end of the world only made people have parties and the sell of beer increase.I wonder what Harold Camping would tell his congregation today or is he looking for another date?

Thursday, May 5, 2011


It was just one of those Friday nights after work. No date, nothing. Another boring weekend again. I decided to go to the club. I hadn't been to Club rho in a long time so i decided to just go over there and have a couple of drinks and head home. I called my girlfriend Cynthia but she was not available. Her phone kept going straight to voicemail. She was probably out of town with Bobby for the weekend. Well thats her luck. Lonley old me won't stay at the house tonight, i have to catch my fun.
After spending close to three hours getting dressed, i walked out of my house and went straight to the club. I got there at past 11 and there was a long line. One of the reasons why clubbing was just not my thing, first to get into the tiny place i have to stand outside and for some reason it is today  i decided to wear my Jimmy Choo's . I finally got in almost 30 mins later. I went straight to the bar and ordered a glass of "sex on the beach". Hmm, really good. I sat on the bar stool trying to observe the people in the crowd. Slow music was playing and couples clung tightly to each other dancing to the rhythm. I took a sip from my drink and started scrolling down my phone to at least find someone who would be available tonight to text. I sent out a couple of texts to some male friends to see who would be available and my other friend Odessa to see if she was in town. I looked up from my phone as i put it away and something caught my eyes. Tony!! He was all over this brown skinned chic with long black hair. She was all over him too smiling, the chemistry was pretty strong. Tony is Odessa's boyfriend, its so funny I just thought of her and her man is here with some other chic developing more than just "chemistry". I was geting upset, my phone vibrated in my purse, i got a text message from ... Guess who? Odessa
"Hey girl, I am not in town, my car broke down and i can't get a hold of Tony, he hasnt picked up his phone all day". She wrote. Well if Odessa can't get a hold of Tony, I can because he is a few steps away from me. I was about to send a text message to her to let her know what was going on and then i thought twice about it. Should I?

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


I believe that the word “Mr Right” by young ladies who want a perfect gentleman is highly over rated.
Every female has this dream to find a perfect man. Some girls have this need to have a financially stable and secure husband. This is a physical need. Not every handsome man is a perfect man, every less than average handsome man is not supposed to be the perfect man either. In terms of being financially stable, money comes and money goes hut either way money is very important in a relationship. Instead of calling it money, I would call it financial stability. If the man is not financially stable, a wedding is not ready to take place and definitely the marriage that comes after having a wedding ceremony.
Marriage and wedding are two different things, one is permanent and the other isn’t, Marriage is supposed to be the permanent one and the wedding is temporary. The wedding ceremony, the fun at the reception lasts but one day but what happens after the wedding? Marriage. Marriage is an institution by itself and it is supposed to last for a lifetime and this happens to those who are fortunate.
Some are compelled to get married because their peers are getting married, this is most especially of so many ladies, they have been bridesmaids in five or six different weddings and now their mothers are asking them, “when are other people coming for your wedding?” Others will keep picking from a selection of men especially to find the perfect one. I will tell you, No man will ever be perfect before you marry them, it will probably take you a lifetime to make a man perfect which is almost impossible, it’s just like telling a leopard to change its spots but I believe in the power of prayer.
I once dated this dude who just wanted to get married, that’s all he could think of was get married.
“Oh babe let’s get married tomorrow, oh babe I wish we could get married tonight.” All that was wishful thinking because it never happened.
Stability in both mental and physical areas of life need to be established. I would not date anyone who is not spiritually stable or financially stable. It might not sound fair but if the guy’s intentions are to take me to the altar, he had better have a job and a real good one for that matter.
Some of my mates want a handsome man, with a dashing car especially a new model and he also has to be on a six figure salary (in their wildest dreams) and so many fantasies. These are lovely thoughts but what will happen if the man is disabled, will he still be attractive to you, what if one of your jealous ex girlfriend pours acid on him, would you still find him attractive, what if he crashed his car on the freeway and he had no insurance and he buys a bucket would you still ride with him? If he got laid off from his six figure paying job and he started living on Social security or living off you, would you still bear him, these are very uncomfortable questions; it is very tempting to say yes, but it is really hard.
Sometimes you would wake up one morning and ask yourself why you are stuck with someone who looks like the character of the beast from “The Beauty and The Beast”, has a legedesbenz (on foot) and seems to share similarities with the life of a beggar and your friends will tell you “Why are you still with that man?, He has nothing to offer you”. Beware of such friends, people like that like to give advice that they cannot act on. When you go to his house, you look in the fridge he has no food, just water, you get tempted to cuss him out but how? Will you be in the relationship out of self pity, because he did you one favour in the past? Or you have made vows and you are scared of the consequences of breaking those vows. Hmm, Food for thought.

Have you ever thought of being Mrs Right?
Mrs Right is the right lady. Enough said.
Not too many women have this perspective in mind; they just want to be a lucky bride, who then is Mrs Right.
Have you ever wondered why men don’t search for ladies anymore? Because women are too busy searching for men up to the point where they settle for anything and anyone just to be with someone. Out of pressure, they think to themselves, “He is the one”.
Females, have you gotten your degree, a damn good job, do you have a spiritual life, and do you have harmony and balance in your life? Can you balance your check book at the end of the month and still go on vacation? Can you spend a whole month without borrowing money from your friends, family and savings? Have you ever thought of working at becoming a person for yourself without relying on the presence of another person? Why do you think men don’t want “gold diggers” and “limited liabilities” for themselves? Have you ever thought of why men chase women who have got it covered physically and end up marrying a “good girl” (morals, money, beauty),because what was given to them was offered on a platter of gold. “Who will buy the cow when the milk is free?” Really why buy the cow when the dairy milk comes free every day. That same guy will dump you and get the girl behind you. When you can fulfill all the requirements of a perfect person only then will you become someone’s Mrs Right. Trust me, Men will come in their flock

Monday, April 18, 2011


I had a great workout at the gym that morning and i was on my way home when i decided to go to the antique store down the street. it had been open for quite a while but i just never walked in. it was about three blocks from my house so i just decided to walk in. There was a short lady standing by the door, i smiled and greeted her but she seemed distant and cold. I walked around and i felt her eyes following me and i looked up to see what she was doing and indeed her eyes were following me. I  asked her for the price of one of the antique lamps and she told me "Cost too much". I turned and looked at her as if i did not hear what she said. Her face had a firm look. There were no prices on anything, absolutely nothing, she could be ripping me off for all she cared if she decided to tell me the prices to her merchandise. Suddenly a well dressed lady walked in and she left me and went to attend to her, her mannerism had totally changed, she had no cold look, she was friendly and the word ",maam" kept popping out of her lips like song lyrics. She had suddenly ignored me because i looked like a bum that fell out from nowhere. I quietly left her shop and went home. What she did to me bothered me. I really wanted that lamp and she told me that it cost too much. I must have really looked like someone who couldn't afford it.
The next week i went back to the antique shop but not in my workout outfit but during my lunch break in my professional work clothes looking like a female Donald Trump.  Kenisha hooked my Indi Remi weave up real good. I looked real good, my make up was on point. I parked my Mercedes Benz right in front of the store and walked in. The same lady was standing by the door and smiled as i walked in. The word "Maam" was rolling in like nothing. I walked to where the antique lamp i liked was and picked it up. I asked her how much it cost and she told me it was $350. I smiled and took it to the register. She asked me if i found everything okay and i calmly responded positively.I waited for her to ring me up and she put it in the bag. I brought out the money, three one hundred dollar bills and a fifty dollar bill. She reached out and wanted to take the money from me. I pulled the money out of her reach, and she looked at me in surprise. Her reaction to my behavior made me crack up.
"Do you remember me?" i asked
She shook her head.
"Obviously you won't. I came here last week and asked you how much it cost and you told me it cost too much, do you remember that?" i asked her almost in rage.
"Don't remember." she responded in denial. She was about to lose a sale and was perplexed.
"Of course you won't you idiot" i told her as i took my Louis Vuitton purse and my posh self and walked of of her store.

Friday, April 1, 2011


He kept calling me.
Maxwell kept calling me.

I don’t know why because after the fifteenth call, he should have given up. I stood him up last night. We were supposed to go to Cheesecake Factory for dinner but I didn’t show up. I was in one of those moods where I would fling a china dish on someone. It wasn’t PMS. My voice mail box is full. I deliberately left my mail box full because all these telemarketers would not let me see the life of day so they might as well call and not have to deal with my voicemail. Maxwell and I had been seeing each other for about nine months and he is the only man that I have dated that I treat like crap. My laundry list of men left me with too many wet hankies and he is my revenge. Unfortunately I think the fact that I am mean to him is a turn on and God knows how many beautiful material possessions I have acquired in nine months, one of which includes a $500 pair of Gucci sunglasses. No matter what I do to Maxwell he keeps coming over and calling me. Two weeks ago my cousin told me to stop being mean and just love him back and then I thought about it for the first time. Love didn’t cross my mind and I am definitely not in love with him.

I strolled into work by 9.30am. I was fashionably late. I had to take my neighbor to the airport and there was traffic on I 101 on my way back. My co workers stared at me like I was crazy. Their fake smiles never ceased to amaze me and I still haven’t gotten over the bathroom incident. The LED light on my office phone was flashing. I had a new message. I pressed the “play button”

“Hey, I have been trying to reach you, called your cell phone so many times, your voicemail is full, I had to call you at work and you are still not picking up. Can I see you today at 1pm? Please show up, it is very important. I will be at Red Lobster, our usual spot. See you.”

Why is he still wasting his time? If I didn’t show up last night, why should I show up this afternoon? Anyway, I guess I would go and just have free lunch on him. I picked up the phone and called him back. It went straight to voicemail. Oh well. I left him a message letting him know I would show up.

At 12.35pm , I left the office and drove to Red Lobster. I wasn’t excited to go over there or nothing; I just wanted a free meal and have the opportunity to look at the handsome man that I am not in love with. I pulled up to the parking lot at 12.58pm, right on time and spotted his Camaro in the parking lot. He was there, always on time. I checked my make up, my mascara wasn’t running and my lipstick was on point. I did the pout and stepped out of the car. No one needs to tell me I look dashing and hot in my Anne Klein suit, my 12 inch Remi was blowing in the wind. Haha!!!

He was already seated with the Menu in his hand when I joined him. He was sipping from his glass of water.

“Hey” I began.

“Hey, you look great.” He said smiling.

“Thank you.” I responded.

“So what’s good?”

“You didn’t show up last night” he said

“Oh that, I am sorry, I had a headache and fell asleep” I responded and looked at him. The look on his face told me that he didn’t believe me, he said nothing. We pored over our menu’s and then ordered some food. Thirty minutes later our waiter brought our food. I loved my tall glass of coke with ice that was my usual. I started sipping from it while I ate. Maxwell was quiet but he kept watching me. I felt like he poisoned me or something, he just kept staring at me as if he was looking for a reaction.

“What’s wrong?” I asked breaking the silence.

“Nothing” he replied. “Are you enjoying your meal?”

“Yes” I said.

I kept sipping from my drink and then I noticed something sparkle from the ice. I took a closer, in the middle of the ice in my half way drunk coke was a ring. Oh my goodness. I looked at Maxwell and he smiled.

“A ring” I blurted out because I was out of breath. It was the most beautiful ring. Princess cut. My dream engagement ring. The diamonds sparkled. I took the ring out of the glass and Maxwell took it from me and went down on one knee.

“Baby, I may not be your dream man but I am in love with you, I see you taking care of my home and being the mother to my children and also my friend. You are a great woman and I want to take care of you forever, will you be my wife?.” He said. Replay. I looked around there was a curious lady staring at me with her boyfriend.Oh my goodness, I am not even in love with this fool but like my grand mother would say love grows if you let it. You cultivate it and let it grow. He will provide me security not like I cant afford to take care of myself and he is in love with me, the best thing that has happened since I started dating men. He loves me and proves it all the time even when I treat him like a damn retard.

“Yes” I found myself saying. The lady and her boyfriend clapped.

He got up and gave me a hug. I expected a kiss, like in the movies, it was romantic and beautiful this one was just, ughh. Anyway he slipped the ring in my finger and it fit perfectly. Now I know why whenever he held my hand he was always playing with that finger.

Hyperventilating was an understatement. I was out of control. He sat down.

“I am so excited, I need to tell my family.” I said as I took out my I Phone.

“Not so fast, lets fix a date.” He said.

“Maybe next year.” I said.

“ 90 days from now” he said, I can afford the wedding.

“Waoh” I said breathless. “It is like a dream”

“ Best believe it is happening, so honey we could get married this summer 90 days from now” he replied.

“Oh okay.” I replied.

“So honey lets count 90days from now, what is todays date?” he asked me. I looked on my cell phone. He had a smirk on his face and smiled wickedly. Oh no, this wasn’t happening.

“April 1st” I replied slowly. I had just been fooled.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


I was late for work that morning. I parked my Mercedes Benz close to the street across the office building and walked up the staircase. I shouldn’t have had too much to drink last night. It was Lauren’s birthday and she had a party at an upscale restaurant. I looked at myself through the glass mirror lined on the side of the building. I looked like a truck had run over me twice. My hair was disheveled and my mascara was running. I had to run into the nearest bathroom to fix myself. I had my flat iron in my purse to flat iron my hair, thank goodness. I got to the 9th floor where my office was located and ran towards the nearest bathroom, as I got closer to the door I heard voices and laughter, so I slowly opened the door, all the stalls were occupied. All the voices were familiar.

“Yeah can you imagine, who she thinks she is anyway, Miss Thang” the first voice said.

“I know can you imagine, she thought she looked dashing in the Bebe dress yesterday, when she got tipsy it was very funny.” The second voice said.

“Very true, the boss was not very pleased.” The third voice said.

“Oh please, that man loves her, he adores the ground that she walks on are you kidding me?” the second voice said.

“Yes I believe that too” the first voice said.

“Are you kidding me, things are happening around here that I am so oblivious to” the third voice said.

These ladies are talking about me. Yes I got tipsy yesterday at the restaurant and also got a little clumsy, knocking over things on the table, I knocked a tray over and spilled red wine on my co workers dress. She was very angry. I command a lot of respect in the office and maybe that is why these ladies do not like me. I am also my boss’s favorite. He actually does kiss the ground that I walk on, he asks for my advice on things before he makes decisions especially with office work.

“She has a dragon tattoo on her lower back did you see it.” The third voice said.

“I know, she is very interesting” the second voice added.

“I overheard big boss yesterday saying that they are considering giving her a promotion” the third voice said.

“Really? I have worked my butt off here and I haven’t gotten a raise not to talk of the promotion. All I get are bonuses” the first voice lamented.

“This company is driving me nuts, I am about to go and look for a job elsewhere.” The second voice said.

“Its not that easy honey” the third voice added.

“Whenever I see her, I feel like dousing hot coffee on her.” The first voice said. I was shocked. Althea who seemed so friendly and always wanted to help me out with everything wanted to douse hot coffee on me. This conversation is a serious eye opener.

“Really, after making me fall out of favor with the big boss, I just totally hated her.”the third voice said. Sandra actually hates me. She fell out of favor because my plan for the Riverside project looked more promising than hers.
“Yes and even then she is dating my cousin’s ex boyfriend, every time I see her with him, I am about to choke her.” The second voice added. Rebecca, my classmate in elementary school, someone who I grew up with was saying all this about me. It wasn’t my fault that Lawrence ditched Kimberley and was chasing me all over the place. Some women need to learn how to keep their man.

“You guys lets get going before we are declared missing and you know Miss Thang is not yet at the office.” The third voice said.

“Yes is she rather fashionably late this morning, she is probably hung over.” The second voice said and they all laughed. Sandra came out of the stall first, followed by Rebecca and then Althea who looked like she was about to say something and then stopped. The three of them were shocked to see me standing there. They knew I heard everything. Everything.

Saturday, March 26, 2011


I was an avid viewer of Koko Mansion and really the reality show was just a whole bunch of females who wanted to be the Kokolet, i followed it up on You Tube cause it was really funny. There were certain females in the house that were my favorites, Rita and this one girl in particular and to hear that the girl is dead breaks my heart. She was very classy and not like the other girls in the show, she was also quiet too. She died on my birthday after being in a coma that she had from an accident in Kaduna. I heard she was looking for a blood donor and never got help before passing away. May her soul rest in perfect peace. At 22 , she may never have fulfilled her dreams at that age and it just makes me realise the uncertainty of this life everyday. Let us make everyday count, grab opportuinites as they come and have no regrets. None!!!


Why do women claim men when men do not claim them? I reallydont understand. I saw this very pretty lady  screaming on the street hollering about a man who is her "ex" so why the hell is she still claiming him and he isnt claiming her. Okay it started like this. His female cousin walks up to him and wants to have a convo and he walks towards her and the girl he was with gave her the look. Cousin asked him why the girl was staring at her like that and he didnt respond next thing the girl walks up to his cousin and is screaming "He is my boyfriend" Hahahaha and Cousin tells her that she is family and the girl doesnt listen next thing the female friend is cussing the cousin out with the b word and f word and s word and all the crazy words in the book. he tells female friend that that was his cousin that she needed to stop. Both females are going back and forth with each other. Bottom line of the story is the female friend is an ex girlfriend or whatever the story is but really, getting aggressive and claiming a man in the middle of the street is totally totally distatseful. What do you think? who was wrong?


I finally got one of those gadgets you can read with, the Amazon Kidnle. My boss got it for my birthday. One of those "Ask and you shall receive" It works oh.  I couldnt believe it. I am still hugging that lightweight toy. Thats my new toy until i find something else to replace it with. I have games and some books on it and it has been keeping me engaged. I can take recommendations on something good to buy and download.

Thursday, March 24, 2011


Its my birthday again and I am so thankful to God for adding another year to my life. I am thankful to my family and friends for being there for me and being part of my growth.  I am happy that even as i get older my learning is not inhibited. I am thankful for the adventures in my life and the new and interesting people i meet everyday. I am thankful for some disappointments that i have had because i get to learn something new and not make the same mistakes again.Some people were around last year and are not here to see today. So its work for me and off to a splendid weekend. Hopefully the weather permits it. Thank you Blogville for reading my blog and being a part of my growth.

Friday, March 18, 2011


Blogville, its been a month since i blogged, I have been so busy with other projects and the hustle bustle of my daily life. I just wanted yo to know i am "walking" I love Mary Mary's New video. Just seeing it for the first time after hearing the song on the radio. Have a great weekend.

Sunday, February 20, 2011


"I'm at the beauty supply finna get me some hair to get my hair did and after i am done, i'm finna go to the nail shop to get my nails did."
I took a proper look at the person who just made the erroneous statement. A young adult female about eighteen years of age and not a second or third grader who i could pick up and give a good spanking. Using those words especially "finna" and the past tense"did" like that in one sentence just makes me cringe. It is bad enough that i have to deal with writing American Englis which is a little different from UK English that ia am used to writing and reading.
"Yo", "Down low"  Sounds familiar? We say or hear them almost everyday on TV, on the bus, at work, in class, at the store or just somewhere by someone who speaks such language or is it a language?
According to the urban dictionary, Ebonics is a very bad excuse to grasp the basic English grammar. This is where the invention of certain words that dont make any sense and then sometimes accompany it with the word "izzle". Oh my goodness almost every sentence i heard in 2004 had the word "izzle" in it
"Fo shizzle my nizzle" Who started that stuff? Snoop. "Pimp pizzle" "dizzle"
Ebonics means black speech. It is a blend of two words ebony which means black and phonics which means speech, It has a lot of connotations unknown to may people outsde the African AMerican community. Things are also pronounced differently if you ever noticed.
Ax- instead of saying ask
Pas- instead of past, the t is removed or silent. (i wonder why?)
han- instead of hand
baf- instead of bath
mah- instead of my.
And did i just hear someone say " Ama do it" ( I am going to do it)
After listening to some words that do not sound appropriate, i do not encourage anyone to speak ebonics. Its not very flattering. My two cents. Gimme yours.

Thursday, February 10, 2011


 EDJ Eric Dick Jerome, one of my favorite African American authors just made me even love him more. "Genevieve" was the first of his book's I read and I gave it three stars out of five, it  wasnt what i expected it to be. "The Other Woman" was a much better story and then i stumbled across "Sleeping with Strangers" and "Waking with Enemies"  I thought the story would have ended a long time ago in the second book until Ifound out there was a third book and I bought it  last weekend."If you dont sleep with strangers, you won't wake up with enemies." Recommended Read.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


 This is just me trying to vent because some people just don't know how to act sometimes. I could be one of them sometimes but in PUBLIC, that is totally unacceptable.I have kept quiet for so many years but today, i mean today is the JUDGMENT DAY for such behavior and the people who actually practice or display them for me to see.

1, Talking loud on your cell phone in public: That one is my number pet peeve. I don't want to listen to your conversation. I don't want to know about the fight between you and your girlfriend or how your parents didn't transfer money into your account, it is none of my business so please keep your voice down when you are talking on your cell phone. PLEASE. I will be fored to exercise violence next time and it may include snatching the phone and flinging it against the wall,such phones will include (Blackberry, Iphone 4, Droid. )!!!!!!!!!!

2. Elevator Traffic: Okay some people dont know how to get in and out of elevators, i will help here, when the elevator stops it is common sense to let people who have arrived their destinations get off before you get in not just rush in because it stopped on that floor, if no one gets out then you can get in. Second thing is that some people are so silly or maybe selfish once they see you coming they act like Elevator attendants, press a button and shut the door like they are the only ones meant to ride on those things. Sometimes i pray that they get stuck in there after doing that. (God help me this is 2011)

3.Diaper Disposal: I just don't understand why some mothers would just dispose of their baby diapers as if their babies poop is not toxic or a health hazard. Some women don't even wrap the diaper properly leaving the greenish, parrot or bird looking poop showing. This is 2011, not the 80's where we had to use napkin and safety pins. I wonder how such women would treat their baby waste if the baby used napkins today.

4. Going To A Place Empty Handed: These days it is so funny how people would show up at one's event like a birthday or graduation or just a get together empty handed and they will carry the most food home.If no one wants to talk about it, i will. Personally i think its a very, very, very bad habit. How can someone invite you for an event like their birthday,wedding or graduation, they will spend a ton of money to provide and make sure you are comfortable enough to take food home and you won't even take as much as a gift card or a small present?  Do research like i have done, the person who carries the most plates of food home is most likely to have brought nothing, not even a flower or a card. Please oh, learn manners, this is a new decade.

5.RSVP: Respondez Sil Vous Plait.Is a French word for Reply Please. It literally means, Please Reply, I gave a party early this year and i had to practically beg people to respond because i wanted to know how many people i would cater to and how many gift bags i would be making. One thing is if you reply yes, make sure its because you are coming, let your 'yes' be your 'yes' and your 'no' be your 'no'. The guest list was private and i had intruders come into the party to the dismay of the celebrant, please check with the organizers of an event if it is okay to bring other guests, dont just invite everyone because of food or whatever other reason. Poor party planning at other events has made this behavior very rampant.Not only is it just right to do so, be the right person at all times.

6.Treat Public Workers with respect: Work is work as long as pay is associated with it and wherever you work be proud of it, some people would kill right now to get a job to support their families.Some members of the public treat Retail workers with disdain like its rubbish but thats one of the sectors makes the economy move forward, what if there were no grocery stores, or shopping malls or fast food restaurants?Not everyone wants to work in the hospital bacuse they can't stand blood or traumatized people, not everyone likes to sit behind the computer desk everyday and type away or work on reports. So please respect people's jobs, please give respect to public workers like bus drivers. it costs you nothing to say hello, you might just make their day, or the lady who works at the fast food restaurant where you like to eat, she would memorize your order for life (talking from experience, even at the drive thru she knows who is ordering and what i want) or the cashier at the grocery store say hello, ask about their day. Most people need encouragement even on the job. Be the one to encourage. Be the change!!

If i think of more, this post would have a part 2, but till then......

Sunday, January 16, 2011


This is the first time i have ever been nominated  but for any award as a blogger.But actually i was given the award. In January 2011, good things are coming my way this year, I thank God oh. I was nominated by one of those i secretly admire. She is the author of a published book you can buy on Amazon for $11.99 called A Heart to Mend, for those of you who love romance and live in states that have "rough and keep you indoors kind of weather" can you please buy her book? Free Advert on my blog. Besides that i admire her a lot, she is a top commenter on my blog, one of those few people who encourage my lazy self to write and i promise to become a better blogger and writer this year. I am very thankful.

So back to the awards, the rules are as follows:

1. Thank the person who gave you the award and link back to them in your post.

2. Tell us 7 things about yourself.

3. Award 15 other bloggers.

4. Contact these bloggers and let them know that they have won.

7 things about me.
1. I studied Biology in College. Writing has always been my first love though.
2. I am not a pet lover in any way. I have a morbid fear for animals mostly cats and dogs.
3.Baking is another passion of mine. I love catering.
4.My 80gb ipod is my second best friend, i am either listening to music or catching up on podcasts which include the Verastic show or playing a game.
5. I want to go to Screenwriting school. (one ambition of mine). I see it as going to Med or Pharm school.
6. I hope to visit the 7 wonders of the world.
7. I want to be self employed. I am not with the idea of a 9-5 job even though i have one now.
So i would like to give my award to these favorite bloggers of mine, oh i meant Oscar, to these stylish and versatile bloggers. They are very creative people too.
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Light Her Lamp
Truth Don die

I can only give 12 awards becasue these are the 12 blogs that i read all the time and i love the bloggers and their content always something new to read and learn, i should expand my blog reading horizons this year. Hope we all continue to encourage each other. Have a blessed week.