Thursday, June 30, 2011


"Well I am not trying to make excuses for my behavior or anything and i am sorry if it offends you but i want to know what the agenda is all about, what kind of mistakes did o make on the report?" I am trying to get straight to the point because it looks like this lady likes to tell a lot of stories. I am really not interested this morning.
"Well there are a lot of grammatical errors on the report?" she said with a straight face. Wait a minute, the last time i checked there is automatic spell check on Microsoft Word unless she actually thought i was using a typewriter. Is she old school or what?"
"Grammatical errors?" i asked sound rather amused. "that is impossible" I told her. She gave me an evil look.
"Are you calling me a liar? She asked me sounding like she was going to get very angry. Was that to frustrate me or intimidate me? No way. This drama is getting interesting.
"I am not calling you a liar because Microsoft has spell check" i responded.
"Spelling errors and grammar errors are two separate things honey, did you actually take an English class at that college of yours?" she asked me.
"What kind of embarrasment is this? Do you have something against me? What is this attack on my person?" i asked her.

I went back to my cubicle very frustrated. This lady had started my day with accusations and she had just changed my mood. I refused to exchange worsa with her because she is just a cynical b****. I sat at my desk and my slimy co worker Althea came over.
"What did she say?" Althea asked me.
I wasnt so sure if Althea was a part of the conspiracy and that is if she knew what was going on. I knew she was disappointed she wasnt chosen to work on the project so how am i not sure she has a hand in my early morning badluck.
"She is out of her mind telling me all sorts of crap, anyway i am not on her project team anymore. I opted out." I told Althea. I cannot be spoken to like a third grader. If she did not like the template or the whole arrangement of the document, she should have said so instead of putting me down. I told her i was not going to be on the project with her anymore. She could find someone else.
"Oh my goodness, that really sucks" Althea said. "Tea or coffee?" she asked walking towards the tall coffee pot near the door.
"None for right now" I responded. Today did not seem like a good one.

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  1. The good thing is you can speak up for yourself. Good on you!!!!