Thursday, May 5, 2011


It was just one of those Friday nights after work. No date, nothing. Another boring weekend again. I decided to go to the club. I hadn't been to Club rho in a long time so i decided to just go over there and have a couple of drinks and head home. I called my girlfriend Cynthia but she was not available. Her phone kept going straight to voicemail. She was probably out of town with Bobby for the weekend. Well thats her luck. Lonley old me won't stay at the house tonight, i have to catch my fun.
After spending close to three hours getting dressed, i walked out of my house and went straight to the club. I got there at past 11 and there was a long line. One of the reasons why clubbing was just not my thing, first to get into the tiny place i have to stand outside and for some reason it is today  i decided to wear my Jimmy Choo's . I finally got in almost 30 mins later. I went straight to the bar and ordered a glass of "sex on the beach". Hmm, really good. I sat on the bar stool trying to observe the people in the crowd. Slow music was playing and couples clung tightly to each other dancing to the rhythm. I took a sip from my drink and started scrolling down my phone to at least find someone who would be available tonight to text. I sent out a couple of texts to some male friends to see who would be available and my other friend Odessa to see if she was in town. I looked up from my phone as i put it away and something caught my eyes. Tony!! He was all over this brown skinned chic with long black hair. She was all over him too smiling, the chemistry was pretty strong. Tony is Odessa's boyfriend, its so funny I just thought of her and her man is here with some other chic developing more than just "chemistry". I was geting upset, my phone vibrated in my purse, i got a text message from ... Guess who? Odessa
"Hey girl, I am not in town, my car broke down and i can't get a hold of Tony, he hasnt picked up his phone all day". She wrote. Well if Odessa can't get a hold of Tony, I can because he is a few steps away from me. I was about to send a text message to her to let her know what was going on and then i thought twice about it. Should I?


  1. OSaNoBWa!!!
    That's hard to chew o! Girlfriend code over ..... I really cant say o. Sorry, wish I could tell you.
    Wait, I dont think you should right now. Maybe later.

  2. LOL...this is a difficult one, and I think you ought to tell her. What if you were the one?

  3. i dont see what's so hard....yes keee...what r u hesitating for.First i'd walk over to him to let him know his girlfriend is stranded, n after she's saved from wherever she is i offload d gist! no time wasting abeg!!!