Wednesday, August 10, 2011


                                                                                                  August 3rd 2011
My darling,
I saw you leave the bank last week and i couldnt help but notice how beautiful you have become since the last time we spoke and saw each other. I really do miss you a lot, your companionship, the laughter, your generosity, and your good cooking I know things didnt end on a good note especially because of the lady i had been seeing at the time. I cant blame you for the decision you made, i wasn't faithful to you and i wasn;t man enough to leave. She wasn't the best thing that happened to me either because she could not fill the void you left. We broke up already. I know there are still some things that tie us together, i run into your sister Eva every now and then and your mom, they are so nice to me, i dont know if you ever told them and if you didn't i respect you for that. I tried calling you but it seems you have changed your number, but since you didnt change your address, i decided to send this to you.
                         Love George.

Crumbling this letter would be the best thing i have done in 2011. Does George actualy have the nerve to send me a letter after all these months. Is he kidding me? Now that she is gone, he wants to come back. You never miss a good thing till it leaves you, now he is realizing that he wants me back. Yes, he was in a relationship with me and dating a chic called Regina.  Yes, i said so, ask me how i found out???


  1. Don't mind them, stupid Guys... they start creeping back when they see how better or how much of a success you are. don't even reply, no need to get upset or stoop low. YOU ARE IN A BETTER PLACE NOW.

  2. Some men sha, they try to use our emotional nature against us. Kpschewww

  3. How did you find out? It's true sha, you never miss a good thing till it's gone. If they were still together would he have sent you this letter?

  4. SMH @ the letter.

    How did you find out?