Thursday, August 28, 2014

Throwback Thursday:Facebook

I love Facebook and also hate it at the same time for certain reasons.
I love it because it helps me keep in touch and stay in touch with people. 
People share pictures and events on Facebook, it also helps business grow but one thing I hate about Facebook is some posts that make one cringe.
 I don't care if you are in the bathroom. If you are smoking weed, if you just stole an Xbox or if you don't like your new boyfriend.Please don't put it on Facebook. 
Everyone wants to be noticed on Facebook, they come up with the craziest statuses to get likes ,a pity party or irrelevant opinions, It is a social media not a lament media. 

If you have less thoughts about anything create a journal or phone your friends, it doesn't have to be a Facebook status where people begin to patronize your feelings and ask what's wrong, I can't stand when people put their problems on Facebook, your old classmate or your geography teacher doesn't need to know about your personal problems via social media. As if things aren't complicated enough.

Thursday, August 21, 2014


Well on my blog I am going to do #tbt every week and really its great to throwback not into last week but into the last couple of years, something fun and memorable and as we get older everyday things change and there is so much to look back to. This is for the ladies, who remembers this?

Hair Thread: Picture from Coffeebeanish on Instagram
I remember this thread, my mom would buy boxes of it and this was the only thing she did perfectly well, she could not do cornrows but this was her specialty and she took pride in it.
It helped my hair grow a lot and had not form of tension to my hair.

I stopped having  my hair plaited with thread when i was 9 and the song "Monica" by Junior and Pretty hit the radio waves, it just seemed razz, but guess who sported her hair with thread.
After trying Brazillian hair, you would not pay me to go back to it,except the naturalists start sporting this. (I am not a trendsetter). I think it looks great on her. 

Monday, August 18, 2014


The bus driver pulled to a halt by the roadside. Leila stepped out of the bus.
“Fine girl abeg where is my money?” the conductor asked.
Leila took a look at him, he looked unkempt, his hair was uncombed, his face did not look washed, she could smell his stale breath and was not sure if it was from the local gin he and other conductors shared at the local park or if he just had terrible hygiene and could not afford to brush his teeth with a decent toothbrush and toothpaste.
“Do you have change for five hundred naira?” she asked.
“Ah fine girl, you didn't tell me, I thought I told you that if you don’t have change you and someone should marry yourselves” the conductor replied.
Leila smiled, it was a common term that conductors used when the passenger had a large bill, and they had to find someone on the bus that had change for the large bill and pay for both after collecting the change from the other passenger they allegedly “married”.
“My dear, I didn't find anyone to marry” Leila replied calmly.
“So what are we going to do?” the conductor asked,
“Go and look for change of course” Leila replied wondering why the conductor asked her such a ridiculous question.
“Ah Madam, see everyone on the bus has somewhere to go, abeg find change in your bag” the conductor said. Leila was trying hard to control her temper; she had a lecture and a pop quiz and was going to miss it if this blockhead of a conductor didn't act responsibly.
“Do I look like I came here to count bread at this park, come on go and look for change abeg” Leila shouted all of a sudden not believing that she was losing her temper.
“Look we don’t have all day, conductor give her change let us go abeg” the lady wearing a red dress who was sitting by the window called out, some of the passengers were restless.
“Why don’t you give her change instead of running your mouth like diarrhea?” the conductor retorted.
“Are you talking to me like that conductor, you must be crazy” the lady replied. Leila could not understand why a well dressed and beautiful lady would want to exchange words with the conductor; even the smell of his breath would not even encourage a further conversation.
“Na you dey craze pass” the conductor replied. Leila was not comfortable with the current situation, if their conversation continued, there would be a fight and she was not ready to deal with any fight. A corn seller strolled by with her goods on her head. Leila looked at the young teenager who was supposed to be in the classroom as she diligently balanced the tray of maize on her head and bellowed.
“Sweet corn, sweet corn” the young lady bellowed attracting Leila’s attention.
“Come, how much” Leila called out, the girl happily went closer to Leila.
“Twenty naira” the young girl responded.
“Okay give me ten” Leila instructed as the girl set her tray on the sand, she brought out a plastic bag and put ten cobs of maize into it.
“Madam here is your bag” the maize seller replied and handed the bag to Leila who collected it and gave her the five hundred naira note.
“I hope you have change” Leila asked,
“ I have change ma” the girl replied as she removed the fanny pack from her belly and unzipped it pulling out a bundle of notes, she put the five hundred naira bill with the pile and gave her the change, Leila counted the money and gave the conductor his money.
“I hope you are happy now” Leila said as the conductor smiled and took the money from her.
“You be correct babe” the conductor replied.
“Yes oh” Leila said and smiled.
“Next time, I go allow you enter for free, you fine well well” the conductor said admiring Leila’s features. Leila smiled and walked away. She could hear the lady in the red dress holler at the conductor to stop drooling and get on the bus with them.

Sunday, August 3, 2014


Simi Osomo grew up into a well socially doctored young lady. She kept up her class and was well married off both culturally and financially. I loved Tiwa Savage's Dubai wedding but so far in 2014 she has had the best Nigerian celebrity wedding and it happened in Lagos.
Here are ten things i learned from her wedding.

I am sorry, you may know the whole of Lagos but the wedding should be simple and intimate inviting only people who matter to you and whose presence you greatly cherish.

I have seen beautiful looking gowns revealing or showing off too much cleavage or pounds of breast fat, she wore a simple and church ready outfit on all levels, all her outfits were not revealing, they were simple and classy and the makeup was kept at the bare minimum, a bride glows on her wedding day, the attention is always going to be on her, the makeup is just an enhancer.

Everything at the wedding was a vision of the bride, the success was very dependent on her vision for what she wanted her guests to enjoy. I loved the decor of the hall, it was very intimate and beautiful. I also loved the fireworks display at the event. I don't know the last time anything like that happened at a wedding, it is the uniqueness that makes it stand out. She got a female DJ. DJ Cuppy!!!

Overall it came off a great success and i wish her a very happy married life with beautiful children.
A beautiful wedding takes planning. I congratulate everyone who had a hand in the planning of this event for pulling this off, it was successful.

Photo Credit : Event attendees on Instagram..

Saturday, July 26, 2014


2014 has had its share of ups and downs in Nigeria from the Boko Haram bombings, to the Chibok missing girls and now another death angel the EBOLA virus.
While we all talk about the EBOLA as being deadly, it is good to have knowledge of the virus.
I was a Biology major in college and this was the least favorite topic because being an African student in a 99% white class, EBOLA might be written on your face as the teacher speaks and other students will sit there and wonder if a member of your family was recently infected with EBOLA. (God Forbid).
I picked up my virology notebook from 2010 and revised what i had written,the RNA drawings which now don't make sense to me, the only thing that stuck to me was that it originated from Congo, I am NOT from CONGO,so i went online to look get an update.

Ebola virus is a disease that attacks humans.
It is caused by about four viruses

  1. Bundibuygo virus
  2. Ebola Virus
  3. Sudan Virus
  4. Tai Forest Virus

The Ebola virus disease occurs when the virus is transmitted to a human from an infected animal host. The host is the one that carries the virus and it could be a monkey, a chimpanzee or a pig.
The infection can occur through blood or body fluids from the infected person.
The symptoms begin withing three days of infection.
It starts with a fever, pain in the muscle, headaches, nausea and subsequent shutdown of vital organs such as the kidney and the liver,internal bleeding or hemorrhaging becomes the problem which can lead to death.
This disease can be infected by proper disposal of the dead host, meat should be properly cooked, wear layers of protection and upgrade hygiene practice, washing of hands with soap or possibly dettol is advised.
It is not very transmisble if the spread is contained. The best way to do this is to contain/ isolate the infected humans.There is a movie about EBOLA called "The Outbreak".
There is no vaccine for this disease yet. The 2014 outbreak has occurred in Guinea, Sierra Leone, Liberia with about 1093 people infected and Nigeria where one person is said to have died from it.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Book review: Bewaji's Ankara Adventures

I came across this really interesting book on I have heard a lot of Abimbola Salu from one of my ex QC classmates but it was just another name to me until i stumbled upon this book.When i first downloaded it, i thought it was going to be about a whole bunch of girls planning a wedding with the aso ebi drama and a crazy bridezilla but it was none of that. It is a simple story about a girl who had to do some detective work for her friend who lived in America. He suspected that his friend was being scammed through online romance and he had to make the lady believe it with sufficient proof, this was where Bewaji was needed. It was coincidental that she was able to find answers to the questions through a visit to the tailor to make her ankara. I don't want to spoil this book for you but the Lagos setting and familiar tone will make you love to read this book, It is an easy read, a quick train ride or car ride. I love it and i believe you should read it too. Download it on or check it out on Amazon or download the Okadabooks App and look for the book.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Germany vs Brazil

Oh my goodness. I have never seen anything like this in my whole entire life, the first 29 mins of the match, goals were being scored like it was a warm up.what happened?
Congrats to Germany on winning the game though especially winning Brazil in their own country and trust humans to come up with the craziest memes