Saturday, July 26, 2014


2014 has had its share of ups and downs in Nigeria from the Boko Haram bombings, to the Chibok missing girls and now another death angel the EBOLA virus.
While we all talk about the EBOLA as being deadly, it is good to have knowledge of the virus.
I was a Biology major in college and this was the least favorite topic because being an African student in a 99% white class, EBOLA might be written on your face as the teacher speaks and other students will sit there and wonder if a member of your family was recently infected with EBOLA. (God Forbid).
I picked up my virology notebook from 2010 and revised what i had written,the RNA drawings which now don't make sense to me, the only thing that stuck to me was that it originated from Congo, I am NOT from CONGO,so i went online to look get an update.

Ebola virus is a disease that attacks humans.
It is caused by about four viruses

  1. Bundibuygo virus
  2. Ebola Virus
  3. Sudan Virus
  4. Tai Forest Virus

The Ebola virus disease occurs when the virus is transmitted to a human from an infected animal host. The host is the one that carries the virus and it could be a monkey, a chimpanzee or a pig.
The infection can occur through blood or body fluids from the infected person.
The symptoms begin withing three days of infection.
It starts with a fever, pain in the muscle, headaches, nausea and subsequent shutdown of vital organs such as the kidney and the liver,internal bleeding or hemorrhaging becomes the problem which can lead to death.
This disease can be infected by proper disposal of the dead host, meat should be properly cooked, wear layers of protection and upgrade hygiene practice, washing of hands with soap or possibly dettol is advised.
It is not very transmisble if the spread is contained. The best way to do this is to contain/ isolate the infected humans.There is a movie about EBOLA called "The Outbreak".
There is no vaccine for this disease yet. The 2014 outbreak has occurred in Guinea, Sierra Leone, Liberia with about 1093 people infected and Nigeria where one person is said to have died from it.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Book review: Bewaji's Ankara Adventures

I came across this really interesting book on I have heard a lot of Abimbola Salu from one of my ex QC classmates but it was just another name to me until i stumbled upon this book.When i first downloaded it, i thought it was going to be about a whole bunch of girls planning a wedding with the aso ebi drama and a crazy bridezilla but it was none of that. It is a simple story about a girl who had to do some detective work for her friend who lived in America. He suspected that his friend was being scammed through online romance and he had to make the lady believe it with sufficient proof, this was where Bewaji was needed. It was coincidental that she was able to find answers to the questions through a visit to the tailor to make her ankara. I don't want to spoil this book for you but the Lagos setting and familiar tone will make you love to read this book, It is an easy read, a quick train ride or car ride. I love it and i believe you should read it too. Download it on or check it out on Amazon or download the Okadabooks App and look for the book.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Germany vs Brazil

Oh my goodness. I have never seen anything like this in my whole entire life, the first 29 mins of the match, goals were being scored like it was a warm up.what happened?
Congrats to Germany on winning the game though especially winning Brazil in their own country and trust humans to come up with the craziest memes

Friday, June 6, 2014


The idea of the term RSVP is very important especially when throwing an event and you need a head count of your guests or to know who exactly is coming and who isn't and who is sitting on the fence.
It is a acronymn for the French word Respondez sil vous plait which in English means Reply Please.
I believe that if someone is considerate enough to send you and invitation, you should also respond whether you are attending or not.
In Nigeria jokingly most people will say RSVP Rice and Stew Very Plenty. I have seen situations where most people look forward to the event and not RSVP. Some people will not RSVP and will also invite other guests, some wont respond and still show up, some will respond and decide not to show up.
In situations like this what should one do, if there is a guest list people will complain, when there is no guest list, people will still complain. Sometimes i don't know what the guests complain about.
For starters, let me break this down. When there is a "Strictly by invitation" prompt on the invitation, people will think the host is either stingy or pompous not to invite other guests to their party. Then when there is no guest list a the guests bring their aunties mothers cousins, insurance agent's grandmother's friend > freeloaders

Freeloaders are also people who should have RSVPed but didnt, they are probably guests of those invited or just simply showed up to eat, drink, dance and take food away. Will they give you gifts, most likely No!!. Will they spray money on the dance floor , also probably not. They are just there to fill in for those who couldn't make it or add more fun to the crowd. Whichever way they are at the party and if the security is not tight, you will get to see them in video recordings and pictures of the event.

 So  I want to analyze a story
A big chic decided to throw a bachelorette party in Vegas all the way from Nigeria. Her friends didn't come to Vegas to TURN Up, instead they turned her all the way DOWN. In punishment, she decided to uninvite her friends for her wedding.

Subject: Bachelorette Party

I''m emailing in regards to my bachelorette party in Vegas. I wanted to give you the benefit of the doubt that, out of courtesy and regard for me, you would have communicated to me or Titi in advance that you will not be able make the trip.

I communicated with you on different occasions beforehand and at no point did you tell me you couldn't make it or at least mention your reasons for not showing up. Titi spent a lot of time, effort and money planning the Vegas trip, with a lot on the itinerary already paid for, but you couldn't be considerate enough to respond to the final email confirming arrival dates and times saying you couldn't make it.  

After careful thought of your actions towards me, I would like to let you know formally that you are not invited to Sidney and I's wedding. I would like to share it with the ones who truly care and support me - friends I can count on, who equally hold me in high regard. 
Thanks & God bless.

So after reading this email i only have this much to say
1. Vegas Strip is expensive PERIOD!! I live in the United States and i still have to save up some money to have fun, drinks, hotels, clubs are pricey.
2. If her friends told her they were coming and they didn't show up , then that is really bad.
3. I assume that if she invited her friends to Vegas, they should have Vegas money or equate to her socio economic status, it is unreasonable to invite people who are still bending garri to Vegas for a Bachelorette party.
4. Las Vegas is so many miles away to decide to stand someone up. It is a cruel punishment.
5. I still stress upon the power of RSVP. It needs to be enforced.

Do you think her friends needed to be uninvited? In my own opinion, YES, it was cruel, even if they were mad at her or they couldn't make it, they should have still let her know.

At this point to all my friends and enemies. I work with RSVP. On my 30th birthday ,i had about 8 people show up who were not invited, i was nice enough not have the gift bags labeled because if your name is not on a gift bag you cant have one, For any of my events in the near future, please don't attempt to even TRY IT. You will be uninvited!!!LOL.

 Source: Linda Ikeji's blog
Picture Source: Google/rottenecards

Monday, June 2, 2014


Its been an awesome first half of the year and in have tried to do some inventory of things I started off to do this year and becoming a better and prolific writer was one of
I decided to turn my book Twenty Nine into several short stories for most people in Africa who were not able to read it through Amazon platform.
I decided to put it on Okadabooks which is a mobile app that lets you read books on an Android application. Hopefully it comes on Apple and Blackberry soon. If you have not heard of Okadabooks i believe you should download it and read new African authors who are talented and write great stories, there are also non fiction books too.
I added a short story about a couple and it is entitled Chocolate. I put it up for free so I encourage you to download and read it, please don't forget to leave a review.

Monday, May 26, 2014


I love jeans!!
All shapes and sizes and also designed in patterns that are not so common.
As an adult i take pride in the clothes that i have.
I wear whites once and throw them in the laundry bin immediately without thinking twice.
I wear other clothes maybe twice or thrice before washing it and that is after if i have checked the neck and armpit area for stains.
During the summer with sweat and other heat factors it just goes in the basket.
The biggie is jeans, how often do i wash my jeans?
I read on a blog the other day that jeans need less washing than we really think.

According to Elle: "Freeze your jeans! Overnight! It won’t clean them 100 percent, but the lower temperature kills the bacteria." Not recommended: Drying them in a pizza oven.

According to the Esquire Guide To Longevity, you can add two years to the life of your jeans by washing them "inside out to preserve the indigo dye on the surface and the structure of the cotton fibers

I have read  about washing jeans inside out to preserve the indigo dye which is absolutely true but freezing my jeans is totally absurd.
I believe i wear my jeans about five to six times before washing them, except during periods, they go in the washer immediately. What do you think?

Sources: Elle Magzine and Esquire.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014


People keep asking me the difference between Remi Hair and Virgin hair.
They both cost the same price so what is the choice?
They are both good hair so what is the choice?
In your own experience what would you choose?
Well i will tell you mine, i have used both and because i am good with hair both lasted me approximately six months with hard labor.
Will i reuse the hair, Yes!!!
So what is the difference between Remi and Virgin Hair.
Remi Hair is typically the best grade human hair, It is hair that has the tips and roots in one direction making it unidirectional. The reason why this is done is to preserve the cuticles so that the hair would be natural and TANGLE FREE.
Now to Virgin Hair
Virgin Hair is unprocessed and intact, the hair comes mostly from shaven heads and it has no undergone any form of chemical alteration. Most of the Virgin hair come from India from temples where the hair is shaven and donated, it is taken to a factory where the wefts are sewn and then sold in bundles which weigh about 100g . The hair has not been colored, relaxed/permed or bleached.The most important aspect of this form of hair are the cuticles. Virign has is intact, and since it has not been chemicaly altered the hair fibers are very strong which makes the hair last long and makes it reusable unlike other hair that ends up in the trash can after being taken down from he head. I would always recommend these brands to anyone.

I am currently wearing it , no shedding and no tangling

2, Bobbi boss Indie Remi
I had this hair in my head for three months and I reused it for two months after which I put some conditioner and left it under my bathroom sink

3. Chade fashion Brazilian hair bundle
I had this hair for whooping three months.It was my first Brazilian bundle and I was also crazy enough to dye it, I did the deposit instead of bleaching so  that the hair would not dry up and I deep conditioned it afterwards, I still have it and I may not reuse it because I have other options, the hair is pretty decent.

4. XQ hair by Milky Way
This hair is wrapped in a newspaper like a mummy, it is also informative in the sense that the care instructions are there, the hair feels awesome Nd not one strand is dislodged. This hair can be used over and over and over again.

Those are my top recommendations. I have tried a ton of hair but these made the cut. Feel free to ask me any other questions also contribute if there is hair you have tried and want to add to the list..