Giselle sat on the edge of her bed, scrolling through her social media feed on a hot and humid Thursday afternoon in Lagos. She was accustomed to mindless scrolling and getting news updates from influencers, her family and her friends. She was about to continue scrolling when a picture caught her attention and made her stop. She was shocked. Timi, her ex boyfriend, was smiling happily, his hand wrapped around a beautiful young woman. She looked high maintenance, her skin was glowing, her hair was popping, her outfit was expensive. They were at a dimly lit restaurant. It did not look familiar, the caption of the Instagram photo. Giselle’s heart skipped as she stared at the photo. She and Timi were once a happy couple. They shared everything together, and the memories came flooding back. It was eight months since the break up. They were both ‘No Contact.’ There were times when she felt like picking up the phone and calling, but then she changed her mind. His ego would be stroked, she d


  Lilian wiped down the tables. The restaurant was about to close in thirty minutes. She had taken this job to support herself. She was a graduate student studying biochemistry. She lived in Berkeley, sharing a room in a house with two other young girls. As she wiped the tables, her thoughts wandered. This shift was longer than usual. Time seemed to move slowly. She had homework she needed to complete before going to bed. She stared at the time on the big wall clock close to the register. It was a few minutes to midnight. She needed to get going. Her boyfriend George was not answering her calls. She would probably Uber home, the last train left at 11.30. She lived two miles away, but didn’t feel like walking. She pulled out her phone from the back pocket of her jeans and tried to call him again for the fifth time. The call went straight to voicemail. She wondered where he was and what he was doing. She noticed a change in his behavior lately. He didn’t spend much time on the phone, he


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  I had been home and streaming church online since the pandemic. It felt good to be back in church. I was happy to see the members of my cell group physically. The Zoom meetings were great, but group hugs and cheek kisses were greater. Naomi, a lady I had the biggest crush was heavily pregnant and had gotten married during the pandemic. I should have made the move, but I did not. She smiled nervously at me when she saw me. I nodded. We both understood. The usher who looked dapper in a black suit ushered me into a seat in one of the pews close to me. I sat down and observed what was going on around me. There was an excited chatter around me. Most of the members were happy to see each other, giving hugs, excited shrieks at how tall children had grown, the newlyweds, the expectant mothers. Nothing new had happened in my life, so there was not much to celebrate or share. I got promoted at work, my girlfriend Shelby left me during the pandemic. She began to morph into a completely differen