Wednesday, January 21, 2015


I wish everyone the best this year. but guess what  have fallen in love with a new show on FOOX
It is called EMPIRE
Is it me or am i in love iwth Taraji Henson's character as Cookie.
Empie is a show about music and family drama, it is about a man who found out he had AlS and had less than three years to live, one out of his three sonns will have to inherit the emoire and his ex wife who sevred  seventeen yearrs in prison or drugs comes out and is here to claim her share....lets find ou what happens.

i totally love this show.... pleasee watch it on FOX wednesdaay night....

Monday, December 22, 2014


Their meeting took about three hours, I stayed away from the meeting area as much as possible. I went upstairs into my room and sat there. I could not help the tears that came down my cheeks, I had to go to the university, I had no other choice but to succeed, I had parents and siblings to take care of. My aunt probably had no idea what to do with me.
After the meeting she called me downstairs.
“How are you?” she asked.
“Fine ma” I replied.
“Good,” she said and sized me up. “I called you because there is something important I would like to discuss with you.
“Okay ma” I replied.
“So you are here for a purpose which is to continue your education, your uncle died and left the care of your cousins and his business empire in my hands.” My aunt said. My late uncle had a business that was blossoming his children were not really interested in how the business was run instead they requested for money as if they worked for it.
“One of my friends has picked interest in you” my aunt said all of a sudden I was initially thinking that she wanted to tell me something about my uncle’s business, maybe she wanted me to help her run the affairs of the business. Why would her friend of all people pick interest in me. I was not very comfortable with the kind of women my aunt called her friends, I didn’t even know the purpose of their little organization.
“okay” I replied not knowing else to say.
“I was thinking maybe you can go and work for her” my aunt replied. I was stunned. Work for her friend?
“Did I do anything wrong?” I asked.
“No you didn’t my dear, but in order to make money for your needs you will need to work, and she will pay you a lot, you can go to school and also come and visit,” my aunt said. My mind went to Anulika, a girl from my village who was also given that type of hope and ended up a prostitute. Her madam had told her that she would work in the house as a maid, tricked her parents into believing she was giving their daughter a better life until she took poor Anulika and turned her into a sex slave. Anulika came home for Christmas in expensive clothes, a nice fancy car but she was not happy, she had also aged a little bit, too much sex had drained her, I heard from the local gossips that she had rich clients. Of what use was it to have all that money and not find a decent man to marry.
“I will think about it” I told my aunt immediately,
“Think about what?” my aunt yelled.
“What you have just told me.” I replied.

“My dear, there is no time to think, I already agreed on your behalf, you are going to start work there this weekend” my aunt replied nonchalantly. Was I dreaming oh was she selling me as slave just the way Joseph’s brothers did to him. The book of Genesis was manifesting in real life, 

Wednesday, December 17, 2014


GENTLEWOMAN is an awesome book written by Enitan Bereola.
I believe that every female should read this book and males too.
Here are few things i learned from reading the book

1. Overly caring what everyone thinks is the perfect way to live a meaningless life, but lets face it, not caring for yourself and others isn't living at all.

2. Society cannot function without the presence of a lady. First and foremost children come into the world from a lady.

3. When you chase a man, he is running from you.
4. Do not offer the least and expect the most
5. Class cant be purchased, people should be able to tell what you stand for by the way you carry yourself, not the purse you carry.
6. Pretty might open doors but intellect lets you in don't be stuck outside with your pretty ass.
7. Don't take everything personal, sometimes people's problems with you is really their problem with themselves.
8. Don't correct a stranger who mispronounces a word, instead use the word correctly in your response and that person will get the point.
9. Sometimes the king is a woman.
10, Quit blaming this all on karma. Karma is only a bitch if you are, my friend.

This book also offers, grammar etiquette, the talk about sex, make up and proper grooming, decoding flowers. style. food and nutrition. It is an excellent buy. Ladies. Fix your crown

I think you should look inside the pages and buy it


It was later in the afternoon that my aunt’s guests came around. They were members of her meeting, she was in a women’s organization. I didn’t know the aim of the organization neither did I know the purpose of the meeting. All I saw were women who wore fancy dresses with bleached skin that looked like pythons. They had huge rings that adorned their fingers, I was running helter skelter trying to make them comfortable.
“Come here, go and get me water to wash my hands” one of them bellowed at me. She was wearing a white head tie with a re lace material. She was called Lady D. She had an unusual tattoo on her arm, I could not exactly tell what it was, her nose ring also disgusted me, id this woman was married she was probably a disgrace to her husband. I went to the kitchen and got a basin, filled it with some water from the tap and took the bottle of Morning Fresh and squirted a few drops into the basin of water and went back into the reception area of the house where the women were entertained.  The lady took the basin from me and I went away. I was about to go into the kitchen when I heard another lady say
“This soup is really good” the lady said as she licked her fingers. I looked behind to see my aunt’s reaction. My aunt smiled at her and thanked her. She loved taking credit for things that she had nothing to do with, I noticed that. For the few days I have been in the house, I have not done anything to please her. She overlooks anything nice that I do.
“Who cooked it?” the lady asked.
“It is the girl that just left here” my aunt replied. I was hiding behind the wall so she could not see me, I had to eavesdrop on the conversation as much as I could.
“Waoh, is Grace not coming back?” the lady asked
“Grace is coming back oh, na oga niece” my aunt replied. She always referred to her late husband as Oga even though he was no longer around.
“Oh that’s really good, is she here to stay or” asked another lady who was wearing a yellow dress.
“I think so, she wants to go to the university” aunty replied.
“Who is going to sponsor her?” the lady asked my aunt.
“My dear, make we dey look” my aunt replied. I was not so sure about what my aunt meant by her statement, my parents sent me into her care. Was she not going to provide for me? What was my mission in her house?
“I need someone like the girl in my house” the lady said.
“What about your husband’s family?” my aunt teased.
“My sister lets not get into that drama” the lady responded.
“Well she is an extra mouth to feed in this house, I have children in the university to take care of” my aunt said.

I walked into the kitchen in despair. My dreams had just been shattered. I had to find a way to take care of myself in this city because judging from the conversation my aunt had no future ambition for me.

Thursday, December 11, 2014


The weekend came. My aunt woke us all early and told us to clean the house. it took literally five hours to have everything cleaned. my cousins Julia and Priscilla barely did anything. My aunty made us sweep, mop, dust and rearrange the house. she had visitors coming and she wanted the house to be in tip top shape. She asked me to make a lot of food, I found myself making two pots of jollof rice, some egusi with assorted meat, some red stew with chicken also moi moi. Julia left Priscilla and I to do most of the work, Priscilla washed some plates and went to watch television, she had a show that she absolutely had to watch every Saturday and she didn't mind that I was doing the remainder of what was what we were supposed to do.
I realized that Julia didn't really try to do anything at home, she was used to the lifestyle of having someone else like a house help do all the chores. Their last house help Grace had gone to visit her parents for a month and so they had to do everything, they were relieved when I came around because and I was the extra hand. My aunt walked into the kitchen as I washed the big pots
"Is the egusi soup ready?" She asked as she opened the pans of food that I had served
"Yes" I answered as I rinsed the bubbles off my hands
"Good, keep one pot for the house, I don't want my meeting members to finish the food" she said as she  opened the pan that contained the egusi.
"This looks good, you are a good cook, any man that will marry you is lucky" she said. I wasn't sure if she meant it but I had to look up to see the mouth that was talking. It was the first time she complimented me since I stayed in the house, whenever I did something good she would not say thank you but instead ignore my gesture. I had no other option but to try not to offend her, it was the easiest way to keep my sanity.
I found myself telling her thank you. She turned around and left after inspecting the food to make sure that everything we cooked and nothing else was left out. i was surprised she didn't ask where her daughters were. Julia always acted as if she had an image to protect, she was in the university and had high maintenance friends, on Thursday she came home with some of her room mates who had no manners, they made a lot  of noise and talked about the silly boys they hung around with. Was this the type of image she portrayed of herself on campus because i didn't find it attractive, when she was leaving her mom refused to give her the money she had earlier requested and she threw a fit. i could not believe it, i was so used to not getting what i needed butt i would never have responded that way to my poor parents who could only afford to give me what they had.


Hmm, Wonders shall never end these days
I believe that this epidemic is everywhere in some households.
There should be a prayer point to eradicate this whole mess because it gets monstrous after a while but at the same time, do we see this impending doom coming and still fall into it.

" I don't know what i have dome to her but she just doesn't like me, whenever i hear she is coming into town i feel like i am reduced to a mozzarella stick, she wont even allow me come near her, i have tried everything to redeem myself in her sight but nothing has changed, she doesn't even wish me well"

Everyone wants to find love and be in love and get married and start a family, the statement in quote is from an unhappy wife who fell in love with the golden child of the family and has thus been reduced to a mozzarella stick. There are a lot of elements to this problem and i feel that apart from prayers, i believe whoever is in this situation should leave even before the journey starts, it sounds harsh but it is the reality.
Females,The mother in law is the most important person in the relationship after the husband.. Why do i say so? When a man is a mama's boy, your immigration status in his life depends on her. If she doesn't like you, she will find a way to eliminate you and if she doesn't succeed, the rest of your life in that marriage is doomed. You will always be treated like an outcast at family gatherings, you wont be invited to anything. I mean marriage is about family, every family has its battles but the mother in law battle is longer than a world war, it is terrible, cousins, siblings and other family members only get to hear bad things about you. Why would i want to put myself in a situation like that because of love. Sometimes love does not really cover everything, it covers some things. There are some very loving and supportive men who would marry you regardless but it is not the same, sometimes you want to live life to the full not half life, your children would need their relationship with their grandparents, the hatred could be extended to them since they are your kids. The possibilities of the worst thing happening are endless, after a while it becomes exhausting.
So what is your advice to this woman who lives in pain and panic before she beholds the sight of her in laws?
In my opinion if you sense the woman doesn't like you while you are dating, try to find out, if you cant redeem yourself, please leave, there are other men out there whose mother's would be tolerant of you. Some women don't realize that they also have daughter's , why treat someone else's daughter the same,
I have said my own oh. A word is enough for the wise

Tuesday, November 18, 2014


Ha. I don't even want to be late on this one but the new hashtag which says Starter Pack is the new trend. So in a given situation, three or four objects have a relationship with the topic in question. Starter Pack has gone viral since the weekend. Here are the ones
that top my list from all over the world, i also love the ones from Nigeria

1. BLACK GIRLS NOT GOING OUT TONIGHT: This is so me. The only thing i don't wear Crocs, but the silk bonnet and the shirt and pajama points are right on the money.

2. IGBO MEN STARTER PACK: For real oh, the container part is so on point.

3. THE RUNS GIRL STARTER PACK: It looks like Dubai is the next best destination. Brazillian hair is the best hair, Smartphones and an American accent will put any "Runs Girl" above her peers. It is funny that it is normal life to other people, especially those who work very hard.

Yoruba moms are totally this starter pack, those shoes with bags to match and gold jewelry and gele, you have gotten the correct,owambe,party mom.

A man who has no caller log on his phone should have his character questioned, he must be cheating, he has something to hide. His phone is always faced downwards so even when the phone is ringing you wont have a clue because it is on silent. Also why does he need to have condoms in the car? it is for the female who will have sex with him in the car because he wont take her home to a proper bed.

All a scammer needs is a cell phone, credit card and a laptop. Yahoo!! All the way

IS it me or right now, more black girls wear Uggs than white girls, flat iron is a black woman thing as well as some bundle hair, Michael Kors puts the icing on the cake.

Most women who eat pineapples before sex know the benefits. I wont spill out your secrets...Lol

CAbin Biscuits is a boarding school staple.
Milo as well as NIDO milk or Peak Milk.
Torchlight will never go out of fashion especially after hearing those Willie Willie stories or Madam Koi Koi.

Which Starter Pack do you like best? Have you found funnier ones?
Have an awesome day.

Monday, November 17, 2014


“I guess that should help you for now, when I collect my allowance I would get some new things for you” Priscilla told me.
“Thank you God bless you” I told her.
“It’s okay my dear, we are cousins” she replied.
I took the clothes into my room and lay them on the bed, I looked at them, if my siblings were here they would envy me. I just hoped that everything would work out, I would do well in my JAMB and then move to the campus, but first who would pay for my education.
“I really appreciate it, God bless you” I told her.
“ Its okay, anyway I can help you, oh you will also need shoes” she continued.
Shoes? I couldn't even say anything. I began to imagine myself walking too my JAMB lesson wearing some feel good clothes instead of the “bend down select” clothes I brought from the village. Everything was working out for good.
She took me to the shoe rack, she had shoes for every occasion, running, walking, party, casual and every color. I only brought two pairs of shoes with me, the ones that brought me from the village into the house and my church shoes.
 I was even ashamed to look at my church shoes.
“Pick out of these six shoes” she said as she pulled some shoes off the shoe rack. I took one black flat shoes because I was not too shoe I could walk in the kind of heels she had. I pulled out the black and pink running shoes and one pair of brown sandals.
“Is that all?” she asked.
“Yes, you have nice shoes, these ones are okay” I replied.
“Okay, lets go back downstairs” She said. I took my new goodies out of her room and into mine. I lay them on the bed and went back out of the room to go downstairs with her.

The door opened, my aunt walked in. Her facial expression didn't seem welcoming.
“Mom welcome” Priscilla greeted. Aunt didn't bat an eyelid. She looked right at me.
“Welcome ma” I said nervously.
“When did you get here?” she asked me without acknowledging my greeting.
“Not too long ago” I responded.
“I see, how are your parents?” she asked
“They are fine ma, they extend their greetings” I replied.
“Priscilla where is your sister?” she asked switching her attention to Priscilla, her countenance surprised me.
“She went out” Priscilla responded.
“Where did she go with your late father’s car? She asked.
“Do you ever know anything? All you know is collect money and spend” her mom replied angrily.
“I don’t know oh, she just took the car and left” Priscilla responded.

“Your father is no longer alive, we just added an extra mouth to feed in this family.” She said and looked at me “So remember to behave wisely” she said and walked upstairs. Trouble seemed to slowly brew. I was not sure why my aunt was in a bad mood, was it my presence or other external forces. She didn't seem happy to see me and it was my gut instinct that was telling me, it never failed me but in this new fantasy I just found myself in, I found myself failing to listen.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014


Wonders shall never end. I have seen all sorts of foolishness but nothing greater than what i read today on The Telegraph UK.
A man spent fifty thousand pounds, about 17 years salary for an average worker, to buy about 99 Iphone 6S  to propose to his girlfriend, and she said NO.
Sounds like he got 99 problems and she wont be WON.
Dang, that's really cold, truthfully . I don't blame her for rejecting the proposal.

1. How many  phone calls does she want to make with 99 Iphone 6 S?
2.  Why didnt he buy her a ring? Were all 99 phones supposed to ring?
3. After spending fifty thousand pounds on useless gadgets what will their wedding fund be like?
4. After the wedding what will the marriage be built with? Iphones?

Please if he didnt have anything better to do with his money, he could have just given it to charity, Not all women are after material possessions especially 99 Iphones. With his dumb mind he could have bought her a car.
I need to figure out this individual, i need to buy cheap iphones as Christmas gifts


So on Monday I made a really good and yummy breakfast which i really enjoyed making. It is sweet potatoes and omelette, it is very easy to prepare and also very nutritious. Here is the demo
Add some butter and heat up
Preboiled sweet potato also sliced into chunks
Add cheddar cheese on top
Add the yellow, orange , red and green peppers
Add mushrooms and sausages
Add caption
Add green onions and break some eggs onto the layers
add shrimp and then some spice,i added thyme, cilantro and parsley
Heat the oven to 350 degrees 
put the skillet into the oven
Here is the finished work

My eggs did not come out sunny as i expected it but it tasted really yummy,