Monday, November 9, 2015


A few weeks after the incident with Adaeze, chief Thompson and her mom. Things changed a little bit. Adaeze was a little hostile towards her mother and it also made matters worse for me. She always found something wrong with anything and also everything i did. Ogochukwu came home for the weekend and noticed the hostile environment. When Adaeze went to the movies with her crazy friends Ginika and Lucy, Ogochukwu came to me
"Grace what is going on around here?" she asked me as i chopped the okra.
"I don't understand" i replied not knowing if Ogochukwu was someone i could gossip with. I really missed my cousins and i hadn't seen them since i started working here. The last week of the month was my off week and i couldn't wait to go home to download gist to my cousins.
"My mom and Adaeze, they don't seem to be in goo terms, did anything happen when i was away?" she asked.
"She had a misundrtsanding with your mom and it was about Chief" i replied and looked at her face to get a reaction to the information that i had just given her.
"Oh no, she cant possibly do that?" Ogochukwu replied. I was not sure if her statement meant that Adaeze was not capable of having a misunderstanding with her mom about chief or if what Adaeze did was wrong. I had a blank expression on my face which Ogochukwu read instantly.
"She shouldn't fight with mom because of Chief, that his her ATM teller, he has been taking care of us since daddy abandoned us" Ogochukwu replied. Maybe that was why Adaeze was angry because he wasn't her father. She didn't want him to play the role of a father in her life.
"Your dad abandoned you" i said shocked at Ogochukwu's last statement. She was embarrassed, it was probably something she dint have to say out loud talk less of even telling me.
"Unfortunately he did, but its okay, Chief has been our dad for so many years so why is she acting ungrateful" Ogochukwu said,
"You know your sister can be a rebel" i said.
"I know" she said and sat on the white stool by the door. I knew she would hang out with me for some time, "I like you Grace, you are very easy to talk to and very smart" she said. I didn't expect her to say something like that so i smiled and thanked her.
"I wish Adaeze was like you" she said.
"Why?" i asked.
"She is just pretty but she lacks character, she looks down on people an thinks too highly of herself" Ogochukwu said, i was a little uncomfortable especially because the person in question was her sibling, i had to choose my words carefully because anything i said here would be used against me in the future.
"She is acting her age, she would grow out of it" i said without looking up.
"She is older than you are" Ogochukwu said. which was true. I just didn't want to put myself in a position of talking about Adaeze. Adaeze's behavior was a complex problem. A type of problem that needed God's intervention.

Later in the evening. Lady D was upstairs in bed with Chief Thompson, the children were not home, i was out taking the trash when the driver came to talk to me.
"How now Grace?" the driver said.
"i am fine" i replied as i shook the contents of the trashcan out. He watched me.
"Madam don sleep?" he asked.
"Yes she is sleeping" i replied.
"You no dey speak pidgin English, every time wey i dey talk to you, you dey use grammar reply" he said and smiled. The secondary school i attended banned vernacular speaking among students and faculty members and i got used to it , even though i understood what he was saying, i could not bring myself to speak pidgin English.
"No, i don't speak pidgin English" i replied.
"Why now?"
"Because i cant speak it well" i replied not knowing what other reason  could give for not speaking vernacular. "Can you speak proper English?"
"I fit try"
"That would be good"
"Grace, i like you" he said.

Friday, October 30, 2015


“Adaeze” Lady D yelled. Chief Thompson looked at her in amazement. He was not sure what was going on but he knew that Lady D could go from looking seemingly calm to going crazy and I am sure he couldn’t tell which of her sides had just come out. I held my breath as I heard Adaeze’s bedroom door open, I crouched close to the staircase so she wouldn’t see me, Adaeze was the witch of the house who seemed to appear when she was not called and intervened in matters that did not concern her. Adaeze walked majestically down the stairs, I heard her footsteps behind me on the stairs.
“Welcome mom” Adaeze said.
“What happened when I was not home?” Lady D replied ignoring her greeting.
“Nothing” she replied.
“What happened between you and Chief?” her mother asked sounding hostile. I am one hundred percent sure that Chief was smiling on the inside, since I crouched by the stairs I couldn’t see faces or gestures so I just had to guess reactions by the sound of their voices.
“Oh, nothing really, I just told Grace to make semolina or eba for him and he started shouting” Adaeze replied.
“I am not your age mate, Adaeze, do you understand” Chief shouted all of a sudden.
“There he goes again” Adaeze replied and chuckled.
“Calm down Chief, shouting won’t solve the problem, let me talk to her first” Lady D said.
“Talking to her won’t solve the problem either, she is just headstrong, I don’t know if it is because she is in the university, mind you I take care of her expenses” Chief bragged.
“I don’t care if you shove your money in my ass you are not my father” Adaeze replied rudely.
“Shut your mouth before I slap your teeth into eternity, are you crazy” Lady D shouted all of a sudden. I wasn’t expecting that at all. “How dare you talk to him in that manner, is he your age mate?” Lady D was on a different level of angry. 
I tried to peep out of my crouch position and I was able to see Adaeze’s face. She was speechless and surprised. Since I moved into this house I have never seen Lady D reprimand Adaeze for any reason even when she was wrong. 
It made Olisa angry especially when he tried to make his mother realize that Adaeze was just being a brat
"I ..,,.," Adaeze began after coming out of her speechless state.
"I said be quiet, what is wrong with you, you can't be the only one in this house that commits crimes against humanity, everyday Adaeze” Lady D said angrily. For once I respected what Lady D did. Adaeze was angry, I knew that tears would come out of her eyes if her mother said one more word. Adaeze folded her hands across her breasts.
“Oya, I want you to apologise to Chief” Lady D instructed. Adaeze opened her eyes wide.
“Apologise for what?” she asked.
“Are you talking back at me?” Lady D said and stood up from the sofa. This disciplinarian side of Lady D was rare. Adaeze retreated a step in shock.
“No” she responded.
“Better” her mother replied. There was an uncomfortable silence, as I waited for someone to act either speak or move, but no one did, Lady D and Chief Thompson looked at Adaeze waiting for a response but she seemed dumb all of a sudden.
“Adaeze” Lady D said.
“Yes” Adaeze replied reluctantly still with her hands folded across her chest.
“I don’t know or care about what is wrong with you or what you are going through, what I will no longer tolerate is your irate attitude in this house towards Chief and also towards your siblings, I have noticed you do it to the maid too” Lady D said, so she noticed that she did all that to me but pretended not to notice.
“Yes, Grace doesn’t need your nonsense behavior, she is a very good girl with good manners” Chief replied. I listened to him and smile, even though we didn’t start off on good ground, he appreciated me.
“Shut up Thompson” Lady D said.

Monday, October 26, 2015


I don’t know if it is me, or the nature of man has truly changed. This blog post was a little hard for me to write because it also personal too.

I remember when I was growing up, love seemed to be something often dreamed about, it seemed perfect when two people felt the same way about each other, when they shared their dreams and goals with the ultimate purpose of spending the rest of their lives together
Nowadays, the idea of falling in love is like reading “Alice in Wonderland” where Alice kept chasing a rabbit that kept running away and only for her to find out that her whole adventure was just a dream.
Is it hard to find a good man nowadays or are the ladies of this generation no longer wife material because it goes both ways. A chic could be looking for a man who would give her  a decent relationship, a great time, movies, vacation, dinner, family , sex, etc with a commitment or something like it but not be  wife material. Meanwhile there could be another man ready to trade it all and give her what she wants but she most likely won’t be interested

Harrysong came up with this song “Even your boo get a boo”
It is a song that most people will sing with joy because there is a lot of truth in it. The lyrics ring true these days
If you are in a relationship, is it just both of you? is there a third party? are there more tenants in your relationship? Have you ever tried to find out or do you wholly trust your partner, after being played twice, I make sure that I have my GPS positioned properly…… (that’s my secret now).

I was once in a relationship after a year of breaking up with the dude, I found out that there was two of us, the whole time and I was the side chic, He never truly broke up with the ex who seemed to be lingering, it was very heart breaking to find out I was a side chic.

All my life, i never prayed to be a side chic but i unknowingly became one and the best decision i made was remove myself from the equation and let him be someone else's headache. 

There was another one who had an extra two females and he ran all of us like a dating service and every side chic always had to fulfill a need, either financially, emotionally, sexually, mentally, physically.

This type of dude is who I will always call a Fuckboy.

As a female I always come 100. I know my worth and value as a female and I have stuff to bring to the table so why do I have to be a side chic?
If a man has intention of keeping one woman and intends to play the field, he needs to let me know so i could go, if I choose to stay then it is at my own risk, a lot of females are not open minded, most of it stems from insecurity and the fear of being inadequate, late twenties and early thirties tend to pose a lot of pressure on females because their friends are getting married and having babies.
So it brings me to the question Why cheat?

On Twitter @Echecrates wrote that cheating is a choice,
A cheater chooses to cheat with someone else over their partner. It is a choice.
Choices do come with consequences. What type of choice will a man make when it comes to cheating?

Eche also wrote 


All the way. Sometimes you look at a man’s partner, then you look at the woman he cheated with and you are like.
Wait what is going on here?”
A man will have a classy woman with a good head on her shoulders, really beautiful and hang out with some chic that on a normal day you won’t dream of seeing him with. Why? It is a matter of choice, there are many reasons why a man would cheat and on that note it is always a matter of choice. Women cheat too but it seems worse for women because we live in a world where double standards are practiced and for the woman cheating is a very bad idea.

There is a story on Linda Ikeji blog about a side chic who sent a text message to the wife of her “boyfriend”. If I had to judge the man his side chic is childish, she has nothing to offer, maybe sex but its temporary and that to me is a waste of time.So this man left his wife for his very personal reasons and decided to be with a chicken head who had the audacity to send text messages to "The First Lady of His Home". What she fails to understand is that she will always be a sidepiece, the woman has "investments" in the marriage which include children and what they built from scratch. She made the house a home by giving him  a family. 

Anyway please your boo shouldn’t have a boo that isn’t you, if your boo has a boo please be single or find someone who wants what you want too, there is nothing better than loving somebody when somebody loves you back.

Sunday, October 25, 2015


An hour later, the most dreaded moment happened. I heard the gates open from the backyard and I knew fresh trouble was going to start. I ran into house through the backdoor on the side of the kitchen an went to the front door to open the door.
Lady D was not a fan of ringing the door bell and I was not trying to get into trouble by not opening the door on time. I heard the sound of the heels from her shoes walk towards the door and I opened it. The driver was coming behind her with two huge shopping bags.
“Welcome ma” I greeted. She smiled at me.
“Grace, how are you?” she said. She must have had a great day for that smile.
“Fine ma” I replied as she strolled past me. Chief Thompson was still sitting on the sofa, he was reading a magazine but I knew he was not happy, he told me not to make any food for him until Lady D came back.
 The driver walked into the house with the shopping bags and set them down on the floor.
“How are you?” he said softly looking at me
“I am fine” I replied when Lady D was out of earshot. “She seems to be in a good mood” I whispered. The driver smiled.
“I will gist you later” he told me and walked out.
Lady D walked towards where Chief Thompson was seated.
“My darling chief” she said as she put her purse on the sofa and sat beside him. He didn’t move or bat an eyelid. I slowly walked past them and went towards the kitchen, I wanted to know what was going to happen so the kitchen door that I had left ajar, I shut it as if I had gone into the kitchen and stayed behind the wall by the kitchen door where I couldn’t be seen.
“I am talking to you” Lady D said looking at Chief who was ignoring her. He put the magazine down and looked at her.
“Dee, I am not happy at all” he said in his deep baritone voice
“Why, how long have you been here? Shebi I told you I wont be back until late afternoon.” Lady D said, she seemed to be getting irritated. I watched her bat her eyelashes.
“Who is Grace?” Chief asked. My heart stopped. I hope he wasn’t going to say anything negative about me, I had already tried my best to be nice to him especially after how Adaeze had spoken to him, if I were chief I would have left the house but according to him, this is his house.
“Oh, she is my new maid, she would be here to help with the chores and everything, what's wrong, was she rude to you?” Lady D asked in a concerned voice. I couldn’t breathe, I was just hoping that Chief would not say anything to discredit me.
“No, on the contrary she is a very good girl” Chief said. I felt oxygen release from my nose, mouth and ears if possible.
“I see” Lady D said flatly.
“She is way better than the last maid you had” Chief remarked. I smiled.
“Is this your countenance about Grace or what because you are not happy but Grace gets positive comments, what is the problem?” Lady D asked.
“It is your daughter Adaeze, you need to talk to her, I will not tolerate any rudeness from her” Chief said.
“She was rude to you, what did you say to her?” Lady D replied, she didn’t seem to have any reaction to Adaeze’s rudeness; she made it like business as usual. Adaeze needed an attitude check up.
“What do you mean by what did you say to her? Is that how you want to address this issue, I am sitting here telling you that your daughter was rude to me and you sit there and ask me what I said to her.” Chief Thompson replied.
“Listen, I didn’t come home to get stressed by all this talk, we both know how Adaeze is,bossy and can also get on nerves” Lady D said.
“Well this time, she got on every last nerve of mine today” Chief Thompson said.
“What did she do?” Lady D asked.

“She told Grace not to make pounded yam for me, instead to serve me semolina or garri, and she also made it clear to me that I am not her father.” Chief Thompson said. There was silence. Lady D heaved a sigh.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015


So over the weekend I got to read the answers to some of the questions that I tagged a fellow blogger in. I got the biggest shock of my life. Usually you don't know the type of effect you have on someone till they tell you, it could be positive and it could also be negative
 This one was positive and it was also a shocker for me. I also read it with a sense of pride, each word struck me, well composed and well written, she needs to start getting paid to write recommendation letters for people.
Anyway Thelma is like a younger sister and a good friend. I have known her for almost two decades now and it still seems like yesterday. She made my mind go back to when i was younger and writing was an addiction for me,back then my classmates would fight over having a "turn" to read, some of my notebooks came back not only with dog ears but coming of staplers or something, most importantly the book was read.
Thelma i hope you get to read this but the last time i thought of doing a book collabo with you, that was almost 3 years ago, you wanted to blog, and you are doing AWESOME!!I am very very proud of you. I just never knew i had an ounce of influence on you.
Anyway fellow bloggers step you blog game up, if you cant be Oprah or Linda Ikeji please make a name for yourself at least. Cheers

Check out Thelma's blog
Thelma Thinks

Thursday, October 15, 2015


I watched her as she walked away, Adaeze was beginning to get on my nerves in the house, since she felt she knew everything why tell me to do things, I was just employed to do housework not to tend to all her needs hand and foot and that was one of the things that made me despise her.
The doorbell rang, I had to leave what I was doing to see who was at the door, I opened the door, a very well dressed man stood outside holding a cigar in one hand and a briefcase in the other.
“Good afternoon sir” I greeted.
“Good afternoon, is the lady of the house at home?” he asked. I had never seen him before but from what I was thinking he was probably the man I overheard Ogochukwu telling her friend on the phone about. She was telling her friend about her mother’s male companion who was wealthy and was able to afford to spend money on her mother despite having a wife and four children who lived in England. The man was responsible for the hundreds of thousands of naira in her mother’s account.
“No sir, she is not here” I replied not moving a step from the door.
“Okay” he said looking at me with the expectation of moving away from the door.
“Who should I say came to see her when she comes?” I asked.
“I will be staying out the house, please step out of the way “ he said looking straight into my eyes. I was a little confused. My boss had not told me about him, he was a complete stranger in my sight and I was not sure how she would feel if she came in and found a man in her living room in her absence. I stood there not moving an inch.
“I don’t know you” I replied.
“Its obvious, but I know this house so please excuse me” he said.
Before I could say anything Adaeze was behind me.
“Let him in” Adaeze said behind me. I turned to look at her and I watched her walk away. I stepped away from the door and let the man in.
“Adaeze can’t you greet” the man said to her as she walked away swaying her hips in her bum shorts. She ignored him and kept walking. I was not sure of what to do, it was an awkward situation.
He looked at me,he seemed hostile.
“Who are you?” he asked.
“My name is Grace, I am the maid here?” I replied.
“And your boss never told you about me?” he asked.
“No sir” I replied.
“Anyway , I am Chief Thompson, I am a very good friend to your boss, this is my house” he said.
“Welcome sir” I said.
“Good, anyway I am hungry, is there food to eat?” he asked me.
“Yes sir” I said.
“What is there to eat?” he asked.
“I just made Egusi soup” I replied.
“Great, I will have egusi soup with pounded yam”he said. I heard footsteps on the staircase, Adaeze came downstairs  and walked towards me totally ignoring him.
“Serve him egusi soup with garri or semolina, you have to finish doing the laundry before I go out” she told me.
“What is wrong with you?” Chief Thompson said to her.
“For starters you can’t just walk in here and command attention to yourself and secondly you are not my father okay” Adaeze said to him angrily,
“Are you speaking to me like that?” he said standing up front the chair he was sitting in.
“Look, respect yourself and eat what you are given, you cant just walk into this house like it’s a restaurant and order food” Adaeze said.

Chief Thompson didn’t say anything, I took it as my cue to leave, I hated confrontation and it would be worse when Adaeze’s mom came home.

Sunday, October 11, 2015


Hello everyone
Its been hectic, working on a book currently and the setting of the story requires a lot of research.
Besides that life is awesome but i have decided to create a blogging schedule so i don't fall behind.
I got nominated by Sharon Salu
An amazing author of a couple of books i was privileged to read
Bewaji's Ankara Adventures
Wura's Woodin Adventures

I am yet to read the read the rest, there are about 4 aso ebi adventures but i read
The Piano Book

Check her out, her stories are Amazing!!!
She is also a QCOG!!!

Here are the rules
  1. Thank the blogger who nominated you, linking back to their site;
  2. Put the award logo on your blog;
  3. Answer the ten questions sent to you;
  4. Nominate five blogs;
  5. Make up ten new questions for your nominees to answer.
Here are my answers
1. Why do you write/blog?
I write because i have a story to tell,  play with characters, determine their role in the story and eliminate them if need be, i love playing God on paper. I blog because i love media, ranting instead of making a new status on Facebook. lol
2.  What is your favorite color?

Red. It is a fire color, very attractive, my show off color, i love red nail polish and red lipstick. 
3. If you could invent one device that could change the world, what would it be?

I cant think of any right now, maybe one that would bring people back from the dead. A machine that can cure cancer... the world needs a lot of things.

4. What books did you read that made a profound effect on your life?

Waoh.... i cant answer that.
5. What languages can you speak apart from English?
          Yoruba and Igbo 
6. Name one song you cant get out of you head.
       Pleasure Principle by Janet Jackson.

7. Hugs  versus Handshakes: Which do you prefer?

None especially handshakes, after observing some people's hygiene habits with hands, i would rather give a friendly wave. 
8. Which country would you love to visit?
 9. Complete this sentence.. The world needs more........
      Geniuses and readers.

10. Complete this sentence... The world needs less....
Liars and ungrateful people

I nominate the following bloggers


2. Honeydame


4.Thelma Thinks

5. Myne Whitman

Here are my questions

1. What is your biggest pet peeve?
2. What does your last text message say?
3. Can you taste the difference between Pepsi and coke? Which do you prefer?
4. Make a confession about anything.
5. Name one item on your bucket list
6. If you were another person would you make friends with yourself?
7. What is your secret weapon to lure the oppoiste sex, boyfriend, husband, potential?
8. What do you want to know about the future?
9. What would you change about your experience in secondary school
10. Scary movies or happy endings?

I want to read your answers please share the link with me..

Thursday, October 1, 2015


“Well supervise her then” was all she could stay and stormed out of the kitchen.

The next few days were pretty intense, I had learned how to find my way around the house, I had a schedule of when to do things and I was getting used to it. Olisa was nice to me, he helped out when he possibly could which made his mom a little upset. Especially during dinner when I was supposed to bring a bowl of clean water to wash hands and Olisa offered to do it.
“It’s Grace’s job, let her do it” his mom said firmly.
“Anyone can get water to wash hands mom” Olisa said as he stood up from his chair and walked towards the kitchen, I put the serving dish of efo riro on the table nervously.
“What kind of nonsense behavior is this boy putting up, disobeying me in front of domestic staff?” she questioned looking at Adaeze who looked daggers at me, Ever since the kitchen incident she was hostile towards me and did not hesitate to show it or put me down. Ogochukwu was indifferent. She greeted me well all the time and would have small talk with me sometimes about school or what my plans were.
“Go and get the water for me” Lady D said to me. I nodded in agreement and walked away, Olisa was walking towards me with the bowl which I tried to take from him but he dismissed me.
“What is wrong with you?” his mom asked as he put the water on the table.
“Nothing, just doing what these lazy bones won’t do” he replied looking at his sisters.
“Who are you calling lazy bone?” I heard Ogochukwu ask him as I walked into the kitchen.
I close the kitchen door behind me and closed my eyes, this was not what I signed up for.

I was ironing clothes in the laundry room when Adaeze approached me, she was wearing white bum shorts and a black t shirt. She had her hair in rollers and some white powdery substance on her face.
“Grace” she said flatly. I looked up from the white long sleeved shirt I was ironing which happened to belong to Olisa.
“Where are my bras?” she asked.
“I haven’t sorted out the underwear yet” I replied.
“But you have time to iron Olisa’s shirt” she said pointing at the shirt on the ironing board. I was speechless, what type of demon had possessed her, She was bent on making trouble one way or the other.
“Answer me or am I talking to myself” she yelled.
“I will do it when I finish this shirt” I replied.
“When I tell you to do something you do it right away, I wont work on your terms” she said.

I turned off the iron and grabbed the laundry basket, the household underwear was at the bottom, I pulled them out and began to sort them, Adaeze stood there and watched me for a minute, as soon as she saw one of her bras, she walked away.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015


Yesterday, i wished a friend on Twitter a happy birthday and then in turn i wrote "Many Happy Returns"
After sending the tweet, i looked at the sentence i composed and asked myself
"What does many happy returns mean?" I have said it all my life to friends and family also enemies  on their birthdays.

I decided to investigate why people say "many happy returns of the day" right after saying "Happy birthday"

The most logical explanation is

It is a prayer wishing one long life, returns of the day  means if the day returns next year and the year after for so many years till you become an old person.
With that said i would love to wish my dear friend on Twitter Demola Friday a very happy birthday and wishing him many many happy returns till infinity. He reads my stories and comments on them and i appreciate him.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015


“Why did she leave?” I asked curiously. Olisa seemed very easy to talk to and very friendly.
“She had a quarrel with my sisters who made my mom send her away?” Olisa replied.
“Was she good? I mean with her work” I asked. Olisa gave me a funny look, he was probably wondering why I felt so comfortable asking him all these questions.
“Yes” he replied. I continued my duties, I washed all the dishes and proceeded to sweep. He stood there fidgeting with his phone. As I grabbed the broom, he opened the kitchen door and left, Adaeze walked in.
“Oh great, all the plates are washed” she said with relief. I couldn’t believe that an adult could comfortably live in this house knowing that kitchen was a disaster. I didn’t know what to say in response so I kept quiet. I was used to doing house chores so this one was nothing new for me.
“Can you cook?” Adaeze asked me. I looked at her, her make up was so perfect, I wonder how long it took her to create a perfect face despite the fact that it was sweltering hot in this kitchen.
“Yes I can cook very well” I replied.
“Great, so you are going to make lunch, my mom buys food stuff in bulk, the big freezer over there” she said and pointed towards the huge deep freezer that was by the wall. “It has meat, fish, chicken and other food stuff, this cabinet here has spices” she said pointing at the cabinet which was part of the matching kitchen furniture.
“Okay” I said trying to digest the new information I had just been given.
“SO I want you to make jollof rice and chicken” Adaeze instructed.
“Okay” I replied. She went to the freezer and opened it, she brought out two packets which had cut up chicken parts , she put it on the table.
“That’s the chicken, tomatoes are in the basket over thereby the door” she said and I looked in the direction of the door where the tomatoes were located. Olisa opened the door and walked back into the kitchen.
“What do you want here?” Adaeze asked as Olisa who was staring at me. I looked away and continued sweeping.
“Whats your problem, isn’t this my house?” Olisa said and looked questioningly at Adaeze.
“You only come here to put your plates to be washed and so far, no food has been served, so for a second time, why are you here?” Adaeze asked. Olisa was quiet. I began to wonder what he came to do in the kitchen.
“I should be asking you what you are doing here?” he asked turning the tables to Adaeze and thereby putting her on the hot seat, so it looked.

“I am here to supervise the new maid” Adaeze replied. Her answer didn’t sound convincing to her brother.
“Supervise, what are you supervising when you don’t even know to how boil ordinary water, please don’t even put yourself out there” Olisa replied sarcastically.