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I was taken aback by what i had just heard, was this man professing "like" to me. I looked at him, apart from poverty, we were not of the same social standing in any way. "Thank you" was all i managed to say "No be just thank you matter, i really like you" he said with a smile. I didn't want to start trying to figure out what he meant by liking me. "Okay Sunday, i have heard" i told him. It was the best way to end awkward conversations without getting into arguments. "Grace, i never tell you this kind thing before, but i want make you believe anything i tel you, Sunday said to me in the calmest voice  i have ever heard him use to speak. "Sunday please i have things to do, i need to go inside" i told him impatiently. I was tired of hearing his "like" story which was leading to nowhere. "No vex" he said looking like his feelings were hurt. Just simple reverse psychology which would not work for me. &q
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Hey everyone Its been almost three years. I have missed this space and all the beautiful people that I have met on here. I guess  I will make a come back. How have you all been?


Its been a 6 year amazing journey with blogger but i have decided to grow my blog with a better platform  and also have better content ,so i am leaving blogger for Wordpress. Thank you for being a reader and a great friend Please follow me


Chief grinned. The kind of foolish grin old, silly men his age would display. "Why are you acting like a little child?" he said to me. I raised my eyebrows to show my disapproval of whatever he was going to say next, what was he thinking. Sex. I would never have sex with a man old enough to be my father,the last person who broke my heart Charles, was the man i was willing to give my virginity to but he was seriously in lust with Ada who was willing to open her legs for anything. Charles was madly in what i would call lust with her because he heard from one of the local champions that she was good in bed and spoke correct English, thanks to her cousins who lived in Port Harcourt. "I don't understand sir" i responded. "Well, i will tell you, i like you a lot" he said "Thank you sir" i managed to respond, maybe this was not sexual after all but one part of me said he wanted to go down there. "You are welcome" he replied and cle


Here is a personal edition of me. I never really talk about my personal self on my blog, i just write stories, so i decided to start doing that this year, maybe it will help my readers decide the type of person i am and at least get to know me better. So i will tell you a little about my purse called Porscha. She is a black, leather Coach purse a Fall 2012 edition and Porscha is my everyday purse, i rarely change her or rather switch with another purse except when i am travelling and then Obiageli the big, grey purse will be used for smuggling. As you can see, Porscha's handles are a little worn out and i need a new purse but her stomach aspects carries everything i need. I also haven't found a really good replacement bag. Anyone who has been around me will know that my purse is usually a proverbial "bottomless pit". I carry everything in my purse from pens, to markers, receipts, headphones everything, i cleaned out my purse the other day and decided to


The uninvited "Sisi" was shell shocked. I stood there watching her every move. Before i could say "Jack Robinson". Her cell phone began to ring. She opened her purse where the phone was and pulled it out, she looked at the screen and frowned. She pressed a button on the side of the phone and the ringing stopped. She put the phone back into her bag. She looked at Olisa who wasn't even saying her any attention. She stood up and then her phone began to ring again. "Answer the damn phone" Olisa said disgustedly. She walked towards the door not even looking back, i followed closely behind so i could open the door for her and lock it after she stepped outside. She got to the door and opened it herself. I watched her walk away. She was too embarrassed to look back. I locked the door and went back into the kitchen. ******************************************************************************* It was my first time off since i started working at Lady D