Monday, September 26, 2011


1. Take a Ferrari for a test drive

2. Grow and eat your own vegetables

3. Change a baby’s diaper

4. Visit Paris

5. Ride a rollercoaster

6. Take a road trip to a different state or state(s)

7. Start a business

8. Go to Las Vegas

9. Have your picture in the newspaper

10. Save someone’s life

11. Buy a brand new car with 0-10miles

12. Do volunteer work

13. See the Grand Canyon

14. Learn a different language

15. Keep a diary for a whole year

16. Turn off your cell phone for a week

17. Get a Master’s degree

18. Go on a Cruise

19. Develop a relationship with a Supreme Being

20. Watch 26 movies never seen with each letter of the alphabet

21. Bring in the new year in another country

22. Buy a property

23. See the sun rise and set on two different coasts

24. Walk the Golden Gate Bridge

25. Win money on a game TV show

26. Go bungee jumping

27. Go on a hot air balloon ride

28. Be pregnant at 29 or almost 30. Conception must take place around that time.

29. Keep a book log and should have read 300 books before I turn 30.

30. Plan my 30th birthday and make it Big

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


First of all it was Chrsity Essien Igbokwe who passed away a few months ago, then Sam Loco Efe, last week it was Geraldine Ekeocha now it is MC Loph. Why all these talented people leaving the world so soon. Mc Loph was reported dead today while travelling along the Benin-Ore Expresway while travelling to Anambra for his traditional wedding. So sad, his fiancee passed away as well as his sister, this brings me to always remember that death is inevitable. His remix of Osondi Owendi brought him into the spotlight and he wil forever be missed. Osondi Owendi. Rest in peace Obiajulu....