Monday, December 20, 2010


When people pray not to be at the right place at the wrong time it baffles me,i always thought there was no such thing until last Monday, December the 13th. I had decided to go to the bank on Tuesday the 14th to do bank transactions for my job instead of Monday, i had other things to do that day but my boss made it seem urgent. I was bent on not going at all until i conceded around 4pm in the evening. I was talking to the bank manager who was going through the account and after she was done, i went up to the teller to write a check of a very significant amount. The teller had just taken my driver's license and my bank card for identity verification and she was running the check when I heard a voice beside me say "Give me the money, all of it , right now". At first I thought it was a random customer talking since it sounded casual and thought it was a joke until I looked at the African American man beside me with a paper bag and a gun and then i am thinking in my head "This is serious". The bank manager told the tellers to give him their money and they immediately opened their drawers and handed him all their cash. He grabbed all the money and took off. Oh my  goodness, i have only witnessed bank gun point robberies in movies until i was caught up in it too last week. I am glad no one was hurt but some ladies started crying and getting emotional. We were held hostage in the bank for about forty minutes until the police came searched the building, interviewed everyone and then thy let us go. The picture above shows the man who came in. Anyone who has any info should contact the Tracy Police Department @209 321 4461

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


I was about eleven years old when Ken Saro Wiwa was executed. The whole NigerDelta politics made me cringe, it was one thing or another and back then i really didnt understand much until he was executed. A few years later, I came across a book he wrote and it sometimes make me wish he was still alive.I havent read much of his publications but it was a really good read. I highly recommend this book. Why is it that the most people with potential lie in their graves?This makes me beleieve that everyday is an opportuinity to make a difference to become a better person. Ken may not have had a chance like you or I  but he died for a cause and is a hero in the Ogoni land and in Nigeria.

Saturday, October 16, 2010


I saw this cartoon strip while surfing the web and i decided to share it because I have identified myself with one or more of the following 12 kinds of people you meet on Twitter. Identify your Twitter self.

Friday, October 15, 2010


I was reading somewhere in a book today that "A perfect man is one who does not offend in word" and I believe i tweeted it too. I later read the article on TI saving a suicidal man's life by speaking words to him. In an interview with the AP he said
"I told him it ain't that bad. It'll get better, to put the time and effort into making it better,I just reminded him know that I know. It looks bad right now, but it can turn around." The man after listening to TI's words didn't jump of the 22 story building. He was taken to the hospital.
Sometimes life can get the very best of us or people that we know and it doesn't hurt for once to say something nice to them be it their outfit, or something they did to make your day worthwhile. Some people don't think this life is worth living anymore, but if you do think your life is worth living,show someone you care, no criticisms, no bad talk or nothing, just encouraging words. Happy Friday.

Thursday, October 14, 2010


   When i think of Francisca the first thing that comes to my head is "Sisqo". She can pass for the male and best impersonation of Sisqo. Lol. She was a great study buddy and comedian back in the day among my group of friends.  Francisca Morayo Ayanbadejo also graduated with the class of 2001 and attended  Olabisi Onabanjo University to study Electrical/Electronics Engineering.  Another Engineers. and is presently at the University of Warwick (Warwick Manufacturing Group) studying Engineering Business Management. She is currently in a relationship. I wish her the very best and doing very well in the United Kingdom. I hooked up with her on Yahoo and we got to talk about my blog and the feature for this week and thank her so much for answering the questionnaire.
ME:Do you remember your first day in QC?
 FRANCISCA:Yes, i remember, i was excited yet scared cos i was a transfer student from ISL. i was resuming late. The first person i met was Tilewa Denloye
2.     ME:Which PQC did you fancy?
FRANCISCA:My best PQC was definitely Mrs Marinho with her posh way of speaking to us and the way she walked with charisma
3.     ME:The best and worst thing about QC uniform including shoes?
FRANCISCA:I disliked the way our blouses were short sleeves, showing our undies.
4.    ME: Best dressed teacher(s)
 FRANCISCA:Mrs Ndibe-Okoye who taught us economics in SSS1

5.    ME: What were your best memories of tuck-shop or when coke boys came along?
FRANCISCA:Wowowow, thats definitely the hot sausages with Simi Sanda, late Afolabi in Js3 and dodo with Funke Owolabi and Tilewa Denloye in Js1,with coke boys, just the terrible snacks

6.     ME:Most memorable part of QC in terms of building e.g. class, dorm, octagon, back gate.

7.     ME:Worst punishment and who meted it out on you.
FRANCISCA:I always got punished, but i never did any cos i was skillful at boycotting them
8.     ME:Extensions SS3 and/or JSS3 what was ur best or worst experience
FRANCISCA: Sadly no memories cos i didn't turn up for any extension.
9.     ME:What assembly during the week did you enjoy/loathe the most, PQC, house, tutorials or religious
FRANCISCA: Its most definitely Friday were we get to sing song like, 'as the sun flower which follows every movement of the sun, so i turn towards u, to follow you my God....'                         my worst assembly was the day  Afolabi Salami's death was announced  and also when they started saying the news which made assembly longer 

10.  ME:Favorite teacher
FRANCISCA: My favorite teachers  are Mrs Nwosu i think who taught us physics in ss1 and Mrs Ogunnaike i think who taught us Art in Js1. and my worst teacher was Mrs Aganga who taught us chemistry in ss1 ( she made me hate the course) and Mrs Ogunbekun

11. ME: Most memorable boarding house experience.
FRANCISCA:Boarding house memories was joining the swimming club. it was fun going swimming every Wednesday

12.  ME:What was the best thing about inter-house sports
FRANCISCA: the best thing about inter-house sport was i didn't have to wear my uniform or go to class

13. ME: If you had to be on the QC  board what role would you like to play.
FRANCISCA:If i did join the board I will make sure the guidance and counseling department did there jobs, guide and counsel students, and also provide scholarships cos many people in our time couldn't afford school fees. I would also see to transportation networks and food at the boarding house

14. ME: Would you send your daughters to QC?
FRANCISCA:I could send my daughter after i see positive changes, cos QC of my days isn't the same now.

15. ME; If QC had to make any improvement what positive change would you like to see?
FRANCISCA:It would be returning to what it was before. QC back in the days was a federal school with a private school statues and class,affordable yet charismatic,everybody rushed to go to QC, and every parent wanted their child there. That's what i still want for QC and that's the only change it needs and should get.

Thanks Francisca


 Queen Abimbola Soares graduated with the class of 2001. We took classes together especially Geography with Aisuedon even though we were in separate classes. She is known to me as a corridor girl. She stayed at home for about two years after graduation and attended Foundation in Engineering in University of Leeds from 2003-2004. I always give Big thumbs up to females who study Engineering. I give her more than two. She studied Electronics Systems Engineering at the University of Manchester and is currently at University of Bradford doing an MBA in Accounting and Finance.She is currently in a relationship, so we hope to expect wedding bells soon. She is one of the achievers that QC produced and I wish her a successful future.

1.     ME:Do you remember your first day in QC?

2.     ME:Which PQC did you fancy?
         BIMBO;Mrs Marinho

3.     ME:The best and worst thing about QC uniform including shoes?
       BIMBO: Best-sleevless blouse  worst- A line skirt

4.    ME: Best dressed teacher(s)
        BIMBO:Can't Remember

5.    ME: What were your best memories of tuck-shop or when coke boys came along?
        BIMBO: tuck shop. I used to get free snack because my aunt owned a kiosk. Break snacks- we used to rush for break snacks.

6.     ME:Most memorable part of QC in terms of building e.g. class, dorm, octagon, back gate.
         BIMBO:Lecture theatre because it was pink

7.     ME:Worst punishment and who meted it out on you.
         BIMBO: Emptying the main boarding house bins and washing plates in the kitchen all day (Anu)

8.     ME:Extensions SS3 and/or JSS3 what was ur best or worst experience

9.     ME:What assembly during the week did you enjoy/loathe the most, PQC, house, tutorials or religious
BIMBO:General Assembly
10.  ME:Favorite teacher

11. ME: Most memorable boarding house experience.
BIMBO: Water Scarcity

12.  ME:What was the best thing about inter-house sports
BIMBO: Calisthenics, March Past

13. ME: If you had to be on the QC  board what role would you like to play.

14. ME: Would you send your daughters to QC?
BIMBO: No, not even my enemy.Lol

15. ME; If QC had to make any improvement what positive change would you like to see?
BIMBO: The school should be renovated to be made more beautiful and the facilities should be made sufficient for the boarders.

The day Kemi Fosudo and I went to buy Indomie in JSS3 and we put it in a Typewriter box so that no one would see it. We drank 7up in there and on the way Kemi belched and Tunde Opesan shouted at her and she said "Sorry Sir:"Lol. Then we went to eat it in the gym(it was dark because there was no light)

Thank you Bimbo.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


How time flies!!.Look who we have here after so many years. Its one of the Lawal twin's. Kehinde Lawal to be precise those duo Brainys back in the day. Brainy!. Did i just use that word? It is so QC. I should use the word Smart.Well i kept in touch even after QC so i haven't missed out on too much of her life like some people who may have done so. The twins are just the kind of friends money cannot buy.Kehinde is doing pretty well for herself. After graduating QC on the 15th day of July 2001 with those 616 girls, she got into University of Lagos to study Biochemistry and got her Bsc. She worked for Intercontinental Bank for two years and is now a Management consultant with one of the top four accounting firms. The life of an achiever from Biochem to Banking. I bugged her to take the Questionaire and she did. I just love to hear others QC experiences so this is how it went.

1.ME: Do you remember your first day in QC?
KEHINDE:Yep. Some time in Sep 1996. Came to pick up text books during class hours and it was sooo quiet at the staff block. Little did I know!
 Resumed first week in Oct. in JS2U and had to knock to get into my class. This how it went down:
Had gone for a meeting with the principal right after assembly so got to class during 1st period Maths and entered innocently. Next thing Dami Afelele almost screams go back you didn't knock (senior girl fever in JS2) and i replied - i"m in this class, do I have to knock! That was it.

2.ME:Which PQC did you fancy?
KEHINDE;" Princy Marinho" - you just had to love her & Sojirin AKA "Mama So" - she was the one we grew up with- saw all our wild moments and introduced vals day "diary milk" chocolate.

3.ME:The best and worst thing about QC uniform including shoes?
KEHINDE:The worst - the D and B badges didn't make it. Also the sleeveless shirts made you see somethings that are better left unsaid. Worse if you didn't get your uniform from Modern people tailoring and went to someplace like Linas(or is it tina's) @ back gate.
 The best - the standard "moc's"shoes before the introduction of school shoes.

4. ME:Best dressed teacher(s)
KEHINDE:Cant say for sure. But loved Bickersteths carriage/walk.

5. ME:What were your best memories of tuckshop or when coke boys came along?
KEHINDE:The cup cakes at the first tuckshop, waiting 4 tuckshop to open on Saturday afternoons.
Coke boys - the Wednesday fried doughnuts and fish cake that doubled up as missiles.

6. ME:Most memorable part of QC in terms of building eg class, dorm, octagon, backgate.
KEHINDE:Dormitories - cried there, laughed there, played pranks and served punishment there! And you just loved Matty Obasa and her Yoruba accent picking and dropping the 'h' and 'o'.

7. ME:Worst punishment and who meted it out on you.
KEHINDE:Wash Obasa toilets for a week after evening prep by Stella Ofure (dorm captain obasa room 5 in 97/98 session). Actually enjoyed it in the end because I got all my roommates/ classmates to join me. We would have water fight after cleaning the toilets and fetch all the water we needed.

8.ME:Extensions SS3 and/or JSS3 what was ur best or worst experience.
KEHINDE;Both. JSS 3 best because of this incident on the first Friday night:
All the JS3 girls had boycotted their house rooms and we all moved to Emotan house. We started telling horror stories and gisting. Next thing someone knocked on the door and we all started screaming - 'NEPA" struck at that exact moment and the generator did not come on. It was an SS3 girl who was looking for junior girls to harass so she shipped us all to Obasa house to serve punishment - fetch water from slabs.
The generator didn't come back on so we all took mattresses from obi house to the courtyard and lay down there under the stars feeling happy with ourselves. Next thing someone all covered in white came out from a room in Danfodio ground floor. Every one took off for their lives. Later found that it was a senior girl in white nightie who had gone to Danfodio house to get dusting powder because of the heat!

9. ME:What assembly during the week did you enjoy/loathe the most, PQC, house, tutorials or religious
KEHINDE:PQC general assembly - there was just this thing about everybody being together and the jogging back to class in style.

10. ME:Favorite teacher
KEHINDE;Mrs. Abdul Gaffar - maths teacher SS1 to SS3 - the woman used to allow me do no class work.

11. ME:Most memorable boarding house experience.
KEHINDE:a) Evening prep in JS3 - Class supervisors (Tosin and Kemi) punished us and we couldn't be bothered. Stayed till after junior lights out and we started begging; they refused and some SS3 student passed by the class and released us to their mortification. After she left we started singing and laughing at both supervisors.
 b) Visiting Sundays 'e rush e' for food

12.ME: What was the best thing about interhouse sports
KEHINDE:Calisthenics of course.

13.ME:If you had to be on the QC  board what role would you like to play.
KEHINDE:Programme (non academic) development coordinator.

14. ME:Would you send your daughters to QC?
KEHINDE:Not so sure. If it gets better by then.

15. ME:If QC had to make any improvement what positive change would you like to see?

KEHINDE:Improved quality of education - remember the times girls used to have straight A1's in WAEC!

Other Qc Memories
Boarding house memories -

Sunday morning Akara - I hated akara but would always end up in the dining hall with wads of tissue paper getting akara for some senior girls that were still on their beds.

Obasa house blues - everything in your locker was blue! School uniform, house wear, Sunday wear, bedspread and it could be confusing esp. when you had 10 seconds to get out of your bed and change to your house wear after siesta. I actually mixed my Sunday wear for my house wear once but changed just in time.
Js 3 extension - the fights; it was like everyone was high and had to expend the energy! Dorm fights, class fights, dining hall fights, bff fights - it all happened. I think it was "senior school" anxiety
Other memories - Scrupples day and being punished my mama so (because Ada Alfa dressed up in her suit as the escort and we all went gaga). I think she thought there was a guy in the class. The orange/ fruits that always came with lunch; inspection Saturdays - how every junior girl hated scrubbing the door way; never ending journey punishment - get me Adams apple or Newtons favorite pen; after exams break - playing split & jackpot, watching plays and videos, the rush from wherever you were when you heard that exam scripts where in the class etc. The good old days when the only worry you had was to pass your exams.

 Thanks Kehinde


My 3rd personality is an old friend, one of those classmates that you tend not to forget easily. One thing about her is that she has made her mark in life and is pretty promising to make more. An ex member of SLONFUNDELATS and Sovereign Army, she graduated with the class of 2001.I dont want to ramble on and on so i will let her do the talking.

I graduated from QC in 2001. Following this, I went on to do a degree in Business Economics at Keele University, Staffordshire. This was a lovely time - one of the best years of my life, more to do with being close to the country side - Lagos girl away from the city... :0). I did an internship with a Big 4 accountancy firm and went on to join them for my accountancy training post-graduation from Keele. 3years after wards and with a passion to contribute to Nigeria's development (tangibly, as opposed to merely discussing it with friends over dinner/drinks), I decided to return to school, and I completed my Masters in Globalization and Development Studies from the School of Oriental and African Studies - SOAS, University of London). 
This was a steep learning curve, returning to education after 3 years away from it, and the work load put paid to random socials with friends, etc. But that is life, no? That said, I enjoyed my time at SOAS, and learnt a lot about development, political economy and governments and the role of civil societies - the many seminars and events with diverse and well-accomplished people broadened my horizon beyond anything I could have imagined.
I am doing my PhD now at the University of Surrey in Tourism Research - trying to see how tourism can be a form of development in emerging economies. It looks to be interesting. Beyond academia, I am involved in several organizations that include creating awareness regarding African health (African Health Magazine), the fight against forms of modern slavery (Christians against slavery today), and actively love sports, and exercise, love traveling, cooking , music, the arts, reading and going for random walks. 

 Then she answered my random questions to which I am thankful for

1. ME:Do you remember your first day in QC?
ADUNOLA:Yes I remember my first day in QC -  I had to go to my new class, JSS1U, and thereafter to the assembly hall.
I remember being daunted by all the seniors, and excited that I was now in secondary school!

2.ME:Which PQC did you fancy?
ADUNOLA:Not too sure fancy would be the word I would use! I really liked Mrs Marinho. She was poised and appeared very ladylike, a quality I admired. Mrs Sojinrin was our longest principal, and while it took a while for us to come round to her (people almost always resist change), I missed her when she left.

3.ME:The best and worst thing about QC uniform including shoes?
ADUNOLA:The fact that we all had to wear some ill-fitting A-line skirts! The pinafores for junior girls in my opinion were more forgiving.  Don't get me started on the school shoes. I still hold on firmly to the thought that someone got a contract for the school shoes. They just were awful, and I didn't see the point.

4. ME:Best dressed teacher(s)
ADUNOLA:We had a french teacher, who was an intern I think, she was very stylish. I think Mrs Nnaji and Mrs Abdul-Gaffar were too, and of course, Mrs Bickersteth.

5. ME:What were your best memories of tuckshop or when coke boys came along?
ADUNOLA:I loved Tuckshop! I loved the arrangement, and the chance to leave class for a while. It was nice. Coke boys were an injection of testosterone in an all-female setting, one can see why most of the girls were excited or shall I say excitable.

6.ME: Most memorable part of QC in terms of building eg class, dorm, octagon, backgate.
ADUNOLA:QC was memorable in all its entirety. Class was nice, although the lengths to which people went  keeping of seats and back lockers were sometimes appalling. Dorms were fab! But then, I was a boarder in my senior years, so wasn't all too bad.Back gate - for some reason...was the happening place, with ISL boys, sometimes Lag boys, KC boys, all those boys.I was part of the Z-club and was fortunate to be its president. This was a club that had a lot of potential for change in the society. We were involved directly with the civil society and arranged many excursions outside of the school. I am still indirectly involved with Zonta, and hope to be directly involved soon.

7. ME;Worst punishment and who meted it out on you.
ADUNOLA;Worst punishment, or shall I say the punishment I thought most unfair was when one of the vice principals punished some of us for singing a song during moral assembly in a modern way.

8.ME:Extensions SS3 and/or JSS3 what was ur best or worst experience

9. ME:What assembly during the week did you enjoy/loathe the most, PQC, house, tutorials or religious
ADUNOLA: PQC -  I looked forward to the announcements, and the lining up and all those wonderful prefects checking us for our compliance with rules, some reasonable, some not so.

10. ME:Favorite teacher
ADUNOLA:I didn't have a favorite teacher, but I really liked Mr Ademokun (I think that is the spelling of his name). He was very inspiring - led Sunday service and also took us on baptismal classes. More than anything, he was accessible.With regards to education, Aunty T! Economics was my favourite subject and she brought a dimension to it (and the art of teaching) that was entertaining as well as informative. I went on to do a degree in Economics, a Masters in Political Economy and a PhD in emerging economics....

11.ME: Most memorable boarding house experience.
ADUNOLA:Most memorable. I do not like writing on mosts. I remember dining hall, sick bay, inspection (I didn't like this). I think it will have to be prep time. It was different. It was semi-formal, it was put simply the actualization of my many Enid Blyton reads of boarding school (of course allowing for the Nigerian factor)

12. ME:What was the best thing about interhouse sports

13.ME:If you had to be on the QC  board what role would you like to play.
ADUNOLA:I would like to play an advisory role with regards to academic and non-academic education, fund raising and the encouragement of Old girls to participate in the school. Really, one should be able to look back with pride at one's old school, something I do not think is the case at the moment.

14.ME: Would you send your daughters to QC?
ADUNOLA:The QC of 1999, yes.

15. ME;If QC had to make any improvement what positive change would you like to see?
ADUNOLA:I think there needs to be more investment into the schools in Nigeria generally. The educational system has become highly polarized, and this is not good for society as a whole. There cannot be sustainable development with so much variation in something that should be as available as education.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


I mean its been so many years and the first thing that comes to my mind when i think of this personality  "Pouchi". Yes "Pouchi" (pronounced Poachee). I think its one of the longest standing nicknames I know of and how she came about it, I really don't remember, if someone does remember please say so. She blossomed into a beautiful young woman whom I mistakenly called Asian a few weeks back on checking out her pics. Eniba Abiye Braide graduated with the class of 2001. She attended University of Port Harcourt and Rivers State University of Science and Technology. She is an architect and a Business Development Manager at a construction firm in Port Harcourt.
She happily took the questionnaire and i am really grateful to her for doing so after taking time out of her busy schedule to answer the questions. Her answers are as thus.

1. ME: Do you remember your first day in QC?
    POUCHI: My first day in QC I will never forget! I was taken to my new class - JSS1U. The first thing that  greeted me was a pair of fighting girls - Lolade Ajiboye &; Nnenna Okafor.... really unforgettable!

2.ME:Which PQC did you fancy?
   POUCHI: Mrs. Marinho!!

3.ME:The best and worst thing about QC uniform including shoes?
POUCHI:My best thing about QC uniform will be the senior school skirt. A- line (for those who dared) and a little straight for the rest of us...:)
my worst is obviously those HORRID BATA shoes that where made! The first edition was terrible!

4. ME: Best dressed teacher(s)
POUCHI: Mrs. Bickersteth, Mrs. Ndibe- Okoye

5. ME:What were your best memories of tuckshop or when coke boys came along?
POUCHI: ahhh........ tuck shop! I loved those days!!But the coke boys gave us some sort of distraction sha....teenage minds at their very best...! Lol

6. ME: Most memorable part of QC in terms of building eg class, dorm, octagon, backgate
POUCHI: BACKGATE!!!- K.C boys, bbq turkey, FLAVOURS, drama etc...

7.ME:Worst punishment and who meted it out on you
POUCHI: I served so much punishment but i think the very worst was to scrub the dining hall (top and bottom floors + tables and benches!) I think it was one Danfodio shadow like this - can't remember her name.

8. ME:Extensions SS3 and/or JSS3 what was ur best or worst experience
POUCHI:JSS3 extension was the BOMB!! fights, fights and more fights!!! LOLADE AJIBOYE at her peak!!! stick meat, Matie Obasa, water fights, bathing @ slabs..... never a dull moment!!

9. ME:What assembly during the week did you enjoy/loathe the most, PQC, house, tutorials or religious
POUCHI:I personally preferred PQC'S assembly on Mondays and Thursdays.. I loathed house assemblies.

10. ME:Favorite teacher
POUCHI:Mr. Aisuedion - Geography, Mrs. Omisore (a.k.a. Aunty T)- economics...

11.ME: Most memorable boarding house experience.
POUCHI: LMAO.... That will be OBI 1!!! Adaku Ufere, Henrietta Okpaleke,Nike Omirin & I....!!!We served so much punishment in that dorm!!! I remember once we knelt down outside till about 1 a.m because of missing Rat poison!!! They accused the junior girls of trying to poison the senior girls. We were asked to write our list of suspects and we all wrote different names. But one girl, Chioma Eze (our junior), wrote "MR.RAT" and she was thoroughly dealt with - but days after she was proven RIGHT!... just remembering this incident has made me laugh so hard that my sides hurt...!! we even had an OBI 1 song.
" i went to obi dorm 1,
the rats and the mice were there,
at the sign of lights out the ASIN came out,
jumping on the lockers,
the ASIN gave a jump,
and fell on Chioma's bunk,
the ASIN said chi chi chi....
and Chioma said eek eek eek...
but all i could say was ASIN ASIN ASIN ASIN AH!!"

12. ME:What was the best thing about interhouse sports
POUCHI:Best thing about inter house sports?? BOYS... Lol

13. ME:If you had to be on the QC board what role would you like to play.
POUCHI:I'd love to be PQC.

14. ME: Would you send your daughters to QC?
POUCHI: Definitely!! if my Grand mother could make me go there, who are they not to?! Lol.... i will definitely send them there. I still believe in the school.

15. ME:If QC had to make any improvement what positive change would you like to see?
POUCHI:Better administration.... I think with better admin every other thing will fall in place - cleaner toilets, less crowded classes, better boarding facilities etc..

Monday, October 11, 2010


 Pretty Olaide Omidiran graduated with the class of 2001. She was a Day Duty Prefect in SS3 and is now a well seasoned lawyer that has been called to the Bar, that's a great achievement.She decided to take time out of her busy schedule to share her thoughts on QC.  The interview went as thus:

Me: Do you remember your first day in QC?
LAIDE:Yeah I remember it was a rainy day

2.ME; Which PQC did you fancy?
LAIDE;Mrs Marinho .

3 ME:.The best and worst thing about QC uniform including shoes?
LAIDE:First I hated d pinafore, the D and B  badges were such a bad idea and   I didn't like the fact that our skirts had to be A line

4. ME:Best dressed teacher(s)
LAIDE:Funny enough can't remember any best dressed teacher

5. ME:What were your best memories of tuck shop or when coke boys came along?
LAIDE:Buying samosa and doughnuts with Tomi and Noelle

6.ME; Most memorable part of QC in terms of building eg class, dorm, octagon, backgate.
LAIDE:Assembly ground

7. ME:Worst punishment and who meted it out on you.
LAIDE;Was told to kneel down in front of Octagon as a Prefect cos my hair was packed with a side part and wrapped like a doughnut. She claimed it wasn't allowed and  she made one of the toilet cleaners make  it for me while kneeling down / Mrs Ogunnaike

8ME:.Extensions SS3 and/or JSS3 what was your best or worst experience
LAIDE: JSS 3 first term extension . Had the opportunity of being a border for one week. I had fun

9. ME:What assembly during the week did you enjoy/loathe the most, PQC, house, tutorials or religious
LAIDE:Monday and Thursday- General assembly although it was usually long

10. ME:Favorite teacher
LAIDE:Mrs Akinsanmi - English

11. ME;Most memorable boarding house experience.
LAIDE:Was a day student

12. ME;What was the best thing about interhouse sports
LAIDE: I liked calisthenics , march past . It was just always colorful . Everybody was always in high spirits, taking pictures e.t.c

13.ME:If you had to be on the QC  board what role would you like to play.

14. ME:Would you send your daughters to QC?
LAIDE; Won't send my daughters to Qc . For obvious reasons, its not what it used to be

 15. ME;If QC had to make any improvement what positive change would you like to see?
LAIDE; Reduce the number of students in a class
Oh. I remember 70th anniversary when we were in Jss 3 . The play- pirates of Penzance and also one afternoon when RMD came and the girls went wild and started screaming. We were all punished on the assembly ground the next day. I remember the xmas concerts Jumble sale .e.t.c Oh  can I forget school shoes? I remember the first ones from BATA they were so ugly. I think it was ox Blood in the name of brown.It got better with time bt it still wasn't the best quality

ME; Waoh Laide thanks so much

LAIDE: You are welcome

Sunday, October 10, 2010


Today's date is so unique. It just has digits that just click and coincidentally i looked at the time at 10 am  on 10/10/2010. Anyway I realized it was also QC 's 83rd anniversary. I am a Queens College old girl and i have a lot of QC Pride. On Blackberry Messenger today me and some QC friends updated our statuses with our favorite parts of QC and our most memorable teacher's. It was so much fun just to go back and reminisce on the good old days. QC has outlived her glory and its really not the same anymore but one thing no one will ever take away from us it the experience. We laughed, We cried, we endured punishment,we made fun of each other and teachers, we disobeyed rules,  we ran through those corridors,we became an association,  we passed on the torch.We just evolved into beautiful and successful young women and yes I believe my counterparts are successful women in the careers, marriages relationships and their endeavors. To classmates or corridor girls who have died within the last couple of years, our memories with you would never be forgotten. I am thankful to all the teachers who put in their hard work and efforts into making me and my other counterparts very successful people. Regardless of how tough school was back then and how strict teachers were, a lot of pride was instilled into us. We were made to believe that we could do anything and become anything in life. On this note, i would like to wish Queens College, her past and future generations a happy 83rd birthday. We may pass on the torch forever.

Also congrats to Naeto C who dropped his album  on10/10/10 called 10/10 State of Mind.He performed a song from that Cd last month during the Ankara festival in Los Angeles. Good job Man.

Thursday, October 7, 2010


So most female statuses  on Face book these days read

I like it on the sofa
I like it on the couch
I like it on the chair
I like it in the shower
I like it at my job
I like it under my laptop table
I like it under my bed.
I like it under the washing machine.
I like it in the car
I like it on the dining table chair

So this is no nasty or perverted means of getting one to update their status. Some people have been following blindly. Early this year Breast Cancer Awareness started with bra colors and there were so many colors on female statuses. This time around it is "it" So what do women like and what is the "it" that women like?. The "it" on the status is your purse. Where do you like to keep your purse?  It is a form of unity for Breast Cancer Awareness and it has seriously gone viral. Most men just try to wonder what is going on and why all females keep writing where they like "it". So for all you females who have been following without understanding especially the one who updated her status with liking it in the shower. I don't know about having your purse in the shower. Oh well. Looking forward to next year's little tag.


Odichi giving a heartwarming performance
Spray me Money
The girl on the right seriously knows how to strut her stuff
Ras the lively male host
Eno the vibrant female host

Pretty, enuff said

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There is something about this dress that i absolutely love

This is a well endowed chic. Enough said.

Poor boy suffering from stage fright as his mom goes to get applauded and recognized for her clothing line.

Me and the girls

Naeto C. 10/10 Shikena!

The brain behind the event





Okay. I have attended at least four parties this year which I consider a lot especially since the Spring. So I was thinking to myself, after college there should be life after college which should include settling down by saving up money to buy me a condo or a house whichever comes first, my car is paid off whew. I need to start looking into a great Master's program in a nice and affordable school in a decent place. So with all these plans on my mind I decided to reduce or retire from the partying scene until this Independence day thing came up. The promoter is a very good friend of mine,like my brother and he is one of those people that regardless of how bad things get I will support him especially after not finding it easy to get a ride to my grad barbecue, he still made it and was there after wards. People like that just stay in my good books forever. There was a lot of hype about this party and it definitely ROCKED. YEAH!!!!!!!!! I like the concept of this Years Nigerian Independence Day  celebration. We had to wear masks. I have never been to a masquerade party and Halloween is the closest thing to a masquerade party but shopping for the mask was an experience for me and it made me look forward to the party. It was in a nice club in Palo Alto. Club Illusions and the bar dude was excellent, I will go back there because of him. The security wasn't smiling. I mean these people were efficient. My younger bro is not 21 yet, he is 20 and he looks like a teenager he went with me without ID and so I was telling the security at the door that he was 20. The guy looked at him and laughed and said " dude I am going to let you in but you don't look 20, maybe with the mask on, you will look 20."  I was like "is this man for real"(He had this hideous looking mask of the jigsaw from Saw). 18 to enter and 21 to sip. He could enter but he wasn't going to Sip. He doesn't sip anyway. I was surprised to see a lot of pretty masks.I mean some people went all out to get nice masks. Lol. It was a fun nite. I am glad everything went well. No drama. You know your people now, any little distraction to cause fight and drama. I was going to leave early but when you are having fun, its a no no. I was there till the lights came on. Got home at 4am. My mom sitting on the couch staring at the wall clock like I shudda been home 2hrs ago. Yawn!!!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


11. SHOULDER PADS: I don't know if this was out before the 90"s but most of my clothes had shoulder pads in them and i would forever love to take them off. It is one of the things i really don't miss.

12.TEVIN CAMPBELL: Whatever happened to that young man with the sweet voice any young female would die for with hits like "I'm ready" and "Can we talk." Nowadays the tunes some men like him sing..........don't wanna listen to the radio.

13. DOLLY THE SHEEP: I don't agree with cloning but i think it was the beginning of a scientific advance.

14. OJ SIMPSON: The OJ Simpson trial as one of the most viewed and highly controversial trials of the 90's.
15. F.R.I.E.N.D.S: A very interesting tv show that began in the 90's and ended a couple of years ago. Tv was fun back then.

16.EVI EDNA OGHOLI: So as a Nigerian child growing up back home, her tunes were whats up. Especially "Happy Birthday' and "Jealousy". Was she a one time hit or something. She doesn't sing or produce any more albums. I guess it was just a flash in the pan.

17.THE NEW MASQUEARADE: Before the likes of Nkem Owoh and co came into the entertainment sector in Nigeria. Chika Okpala and co did a great job entertaining and making us laugh. The show was replaced with some other soap opera on TV but it was one of Nigeria's mos watched tv programme. RIP Jegede Sokoya . Missing Madame Ovularia and Jegede;s wife, i forgot her name already. Nati, Clarus and Gringroy
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