Thursday, October 14, 2010


   When i think of Francisca the first thing that comes to my head is "Sisqo". She can pass for the male and best impersonation of Sisqo. Lol. She was a great study buddy and comedian back in the day among my group of friends.  Francisca Morayo Ayanbadejo also graduated with the class of 2001 and attended  Olabisi Onabanjo University to study Electrical/Electronics Engineering.  Another Engineers. and is presently at the University of Warwick (Warwick Manufacturing Group) studying Engineering Business Management. She is currently in a relationship. I wish her the very best and doing very well in the United Kingdom. I hooked up with her on Yahoo and we got to talk about my blog and the feature for this week and thank her so much for answering the questionnaire.
ME:Do you remember your first day in QC?
 FRANCISCA:Yes, i remember, i was excited yet scared cos i was a transfer student from ISL. i was resuming late. The first person i met was Tilewa Denloye
2.     ME:Which PQC did you fancy?
FRANCISCA:My best PQC was definitely Mrs Marinho with her posh way of speaking to us and the way she walked with charisma
3.     ME:The best and worst thing about QC uniform including shoes?
FRANCISCA:I disliked the way our blouses were short sleeves, showing our undies.
4.    ME: Best dressed teacher(s)
 FRANCISCA:Mrs Ndibe-Okoye who taught us economics in SSS1

5.    ME: What were your best memories of tuck-shop or when coke boys came along?
FRANCISCA:Wowowow, thats definitely the hot sausages with Simi Sanda, late Afolabi in Js3 and dodo with Funke Owolabi and Tilewa Denloye in Js1,with coke boys, just the terrible snacks

6.     ME:Most memorable part of QC in terms of building e.g. class, dorm, octagon, back gate.

7.     ME:Worst punishment and who meted it out on you.
FRANCISCA:I always got punished, but i never did any cos i was skillful at boycotting them
8.     ME:Extensions SS3 and/or JSS3 what was ur best or worst experience
FRANCISCA: Sadly no memories cos i didn't turn up for any extension.
9.     ME:What assembly during the week did you enjoy/loathe the most, PQC, house, tutorials or religious
FRANCISCA: Its most definitely Friday were we get to sing song like, 'as the sun flower which follows every movement of the sun, so i turn towards u, to follow you my God....'                         my worst assembly was the day  Afolabi Salami's death was announced  and also when they started saying the news which made assembly longer 

10.  ME:Favorite teacher
FRANCISCA: My favorite teachers  are Mrs Nwosu i think who taught us physics in ss1 and Mrs Ogunnaike i think who taught us Art in Js1. and my worst teacher was Mrs Aganga who taught us chemistry in ss1 ( she made me hate the course) and Mrs Ogunbekun

11. ME: Most memorable boarding house experience.
FRANCISCA:Boarding house memories was joining the swimming club. it was fun going swimming every Wednesday

12.  ME:What was the best thing about inter-house sports
FRANCISCA: the best thing about inter-house sport was i didn't have to wear my uniform or go to class

13. ME: If you had to be on the QC  board what role would you like to play.
FRANCISCA:If i did join the board I will make sure the guidance and counseling department did there jobs, guide and counsel students, and also provide scholarships cos many people in our time couldn't afford school fees. I would also see to transportation networks and food at the boarding house

14. ME: Would you send your daughters to QC?
FRANCISCA:I could send my daughter after i see positive changes, cos QC of my days isn't the same now.

15. ME; If QC had to make any improvement what positive change would you like to see?
FRANCISCA:It would be returning to what it was before. QC back in the days was a federal school with a private school statues and class,affordable yet charismatic,everybody rushed to go to QC, and every parent wanted their child there. That's what i still want for QC and that's the only change it needs and should get.

Thanks Francisca

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