Wednesday, September 29, 2010


11. SHOULDER PADS: I don't know if this was out before the 90"s but most of my clothes had shoulder pads in them and i would forever love to take them off. It is one of the things i really don't miss.

12.TEVIN CAMPBELL: Whatever happened to that young man with the sweet voice any young female would die for with hits like "I'm ready" and "Can we talk." Nowadays the tunes some men like him sing..........don't wanna listen to the radio.

13. DOLLY THE SHEEP: I don't agree with cloning but i think it was the beginning of a scientific advance.

14. OJ SIMPSON: The OJ Simpson trial as one of the most viewed and highly controversial trials of the 90's.
15. F.R.I.E.N.D.S: A very interesting tv show that began in the 90's and ended a couple of years ago. Tv was fun back then.

16.EVI EDNA OGHOLI: So as a Nigerian child growing up back home, her tunes were whats up. Especially "Happy Birthday' and "Jealousy". Was she a one time hit or something. She doesn't sing or produce any more albums. I guess it was just a flash in the pan.

17.THE NEW MASQUEARADE: Before the likes of Nkem Owoh and co came into the entertainment sector in Nigeria. Chika Okpala and co did a great job entertaining and making us laugh. The show was replaced with some other soap opera on TV but it was one of Nigeria's mos watched tv programme. RIP Jegede Sokoya . Missing Madame Ovularia and Jegede;s wife, i forgot her name already. Nati, Clarus and Gringroy
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  1. Wow, still taking me back to them days, lol. What of the haircuts men had in those times?

  2. Like tyson, the flat top. Lol!!!!!!!!!!!this list is going to be looonng