Wednesday, December 17, 2014


GENTLEWOMAN is an awesome book written by Enitan Bereola.
I believe that every female should read this book and males too.
Here are few things i learned from reading the book

1. Overly caring what everyone thinks is the perfect way to live a meaningless life, but lets face it, not caring for yourself and others isn't living at all.

2. Society cannot function without the presence of a lady. First and foremost children come into the world from a lady.

3. When you chase a man, he is running from you.
4. Do not offer the least and expect the most
5. Class cant be purchased, people should be able to tell what you stand for by the way you carry yourself, not the purse you carry.
6. Pretty might open doors but intellect lets you in don't be stuck outside with your pretty ass.
7. Don't take everything personal, sometimes people's problems with you is really their problem with themselves.
8. Don't correct a stranger who mispronounces a word, instead use the word correctly in your response and that person will get the point.
9. Sometimes the king is a woman.
10, Quit blaming this all on karma. Karma is only a bitch if you are, my friend.

This book also offers, grammar etiquette, the talk about sex, make up and proper grooming, decoding flowers. style. food and nutrition. It is an excellent buy. Ladies. Fix your crown

I think you should look inside the pages and buy it

Wednesday, November 12, 2014


Wonders shall never end. I have seen all sorts of foolishness but nothing greater than what i read today on The Telegraph UK.
A man spent fifty thousand pounds, about 17 years salary for an average worker, to buy about 99 Iphone 6S  to propose to his girlfriend, and she said NO.
Sounds like he got 99 problems and she wont be WON.
Dang, that's really cold, truthfully . I don't blame her for rejecting the proposal.

1. How many  phone calls does she want to make with 99 Iphone 6 S?
2.  Why didnt he buy her a ring? Were all 99 phones supposed to ring?
3. After spending fifty thousand pounds on useless gadgets what will their wedding fund be like?
4. After the wedding what will the marriage be built with? Iphones?

Please if he didnt have anything better to do with his money, he could have just given it to charity, Not all women are after material possessions especially 99 Iphones. With his dumb mind he could have bought her a car.
I need to figure out this individual, i need to buy cheap iphones as Christmas gifts


So on Monday I made a really good and yummy breakfast which i really enjoyed making. It is sweet potatoes and omelette, it is very easy to prepare and also very nutritious. Here is the demo
Add some butter and heat up
Preboiled sweet potato also sliced into chunks
Add cheddar cheese on top
Add the yellow, orange , red and green peppers
Add mushrooms and sausages
Add caption
Add green onions and break some eggs onto the layers
add shrimp and then some spice,i added thyme, cilantro and parsley
Heat the oven to 350 degrees 
put the skillet into the oven
Here is the finished work

My eggs did not come out sunny as i expected it but it tasted really yummy,

Tuesday, November 11, 2014


Wohoo, my favorite show is back, i started watching it last season and this is my first time doing a review on the blog.
Cynthia Bailey grew a lot of balls this season, she cut off her dead weight Nene!
Were they really friends in the first place? Their friendship started and ended quickly.
Kandi has fallen into my in between favorite character.
Please who was Nene's make up artist for the because it looked like demons highlighted her face, what was that about like seriously? I love her personality, even though shit runs out of her mouth really quickly. She cant deal with negativity and she nips it in the bud really quickly. People who like drama wont like Nene as much.
Phaedra... my goodness what did she think she was doing, the southern belle ditched her husband during his court sentencing, for what, she was enjoying the money with him when it was rolling in, or doesn't her church preach for better for worse in marriages, Apollo for once was right about her not giving him support.  She was worrying about her good name, my dear Phaedra if you were so worried about your good name you should not have married Apollo.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014


So, last month I took one of those once in a while road trips, I drove to the south from California, it was a 27hr drive to Texas. I had friends to see, actually old classmates and it was fun to see them again. Also my cousin who had just recently moved to Houston. So the route was Tracy
The rental car Ford Focus

Los Angeles Financial District night view
Cactus in Arizona
The border between New Mexico and El Paso Texas
In Houston on the way to Sugarland.
Still in Houston looking out of the window from the passenger's side.
Backroad going to Richmond Texas, looks like those roads on the expressway in Nigerian movies.
Wazobia, my lifesaver, about 40mins from the house but i shopped here like i had not seen Naija food in ages.
ST Louis Sugar, business partner with garri since long time ago. It actually costs more than regular sugar in the grocery store.
El Paso Texas, where the freeway has this color which reminds me of Mexico
I ran into Wowo boys at Belvedere, a Nigerian club in Houston
Class reunion with the girls, it was a swell time
Lakewood Church pastored by Joel Osteen, it was a must go for me while i was out there.
I was impressed by the magnitude of the church and how orderly everything was from ushering to parking, to seating.
I was invited to lunch made by my friend.

I had an awesome time in Houston and i am looking for the next road trip i would be embarking on.

Friday, October 17, 2014


So i made dinner.
I was on Instagram and one of my guilty pleasures is FOOD even though i keep it a secret it tends to show on most parts of my body.
So i checked out this chick who did a 15 sec flick on how to cook the food. The shortest and most straightforward way to show you how to cook something.  Nice. So i decided to try it, i went to the store and spent $25, not so bad because i have a ton to last me three days instead of buying lunch at work. I got to work, here is the process in real time, what do you think?
(i apologize for the background noise, my parents were watching Family Feud)

My mom who is my biggest critic actually liked it, she fussed about making foreign food when i could have fried yam and made eggs. Oh well... You try it, its a challenge, upload videos and share pictures. Thank me later.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Baby's Age

I grew up in the time when a child's age was calculated in years. I moved to the United States in my late teens and realized that it was calculated in months until it sounded too much, anything past 24 months is already a pet peeve for me. Why cant you simply say the child is 2? Some say "my daughter is 29 months" i really don't have time to count. Maybe i should tell you my age in months, about 360 months, does that sound appropriate, will your math immediately kick in or would i have to hand you a calculator?I guess i would just look stupid saying so,
A lady brought her cute little son to my job,he related well with me and was very observant, i asked 
ME:How old is he?
WOMAN: He is 17 months
There was an awkward silence as i tried to do the mental math in my grey cells which are no longer math accurate, (after college my math skills only applied to counting money)
ME: A year and five months.
WOMAN: Is that 17 months?
I gave her the look, the one that had to put her in check.
WOMAN: I am sorry i don't count it like that.
ME: When did he turn one?
WOMAN: He turned one in May
ME: So he will be two next May.
ME: Okay, that sounds right 
I ended the conversation.

The development of a child in the first few months of the first year and maybe six months into the second year is important, after that please start counting in years, i don't think i would sound right telling someone my son started cleaning up his toys at 50 months.
What do you think?

Sunday, October 12, 2014


Hello Everyone. My book of short stories is going a free download  October 13th 2014 from 12am - midnight
It was published on March 29th last year, a few days after my 29th birthday, hence the name.
If you have a kindle or any kindle related apps feel free to download it.
There are about 10 unique stories in there
I want to give everyone the opportunity of reading it.
Please don't forget to share with your friends, enemies and families.
Please leave a review let me know what you all think.


Friday, October 10, 2014


Samsung Galaxy has some very interesting answer to some questions, I was bored and asked my phone some wuestions to get responses and here are the screen shots

Monday, September 1, 2014


If you are not a virgin please don't wear white after Labor Day.

I live in an area where the weather can be erratic, The winter starts in December, it rains up till April, summer starts in early May, with this in place how does wearing white after Labor Day affect humanity. It does because two years ago i was about to head out to a night out event in white Capri shorts and my friend said "No white after Labor day hon". How does the rule apply and who started it. Fashion has changed!!!
No it hasnt.

In all sense of reasoning, wearing white keeps you cooler when it is hot. In most Middle Eastern countries, they mostly wear white to keep them cool, most walls in the house are painted white to keep the house call, it reflects the heat looking at it as Physics student. How does this apply to fashion?
Labor Day officially became a federal holiday in 1894. It marked the beginning of the fall season and most people began to change their wardrobes then to darker colored clothes. Wearing white back before the fifties signified that one was dressing for leisure as they mostly work dark colors. White was more for the summer, if it rained and got muddy white clothes would be stained so in order to prevent that, the color had to be switched up in the fall. The rule for wearing white is  "Wearing white begins on Memorial Day and ends on Labor Day"
If you live in California where it begins to really get cold right after Thanksgiving or Hawaii and Florida where the weather is always beautiful should this apply.
I personally don't wear white colored things in the winter because of the rain and muddy weather but after Labor Day is really cruel, that is an extra two months of switching from beautiful white to murky grey, tan, brown and black.
If this tradition had to be buried, i would hold my digging hoe to bury it and in the same breath why do some girls wear those ugly UGGs in the summer. That dress etiquette needs to be addressed.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Throwback Thursday:Facebook

I love Facebook and also hate it at the same time for certain reasons.
I love it because it helps me keep in touch and stay in touch with people. 
People share pictures and events on Facebook, it also helps business grow but one thing I hate about Facebook is some posts that make one cringe.
 I don't care if you are in the bathroom. If you are smoking weed, if you just stole an Xbox or if you don't like your new boyfriend.Please don't put it on Facebook. 
Everyone wants to be noticed on Facebook, they come up with the craziest statuses to get likes ,a pity party or irrelevant opinions, It is a social media not a lament media. 

If you have less thoughts about anything create a journal or phone your friends, it doesn't have to be a Facebook status where people begin to patronize your feelings and ask what's wrong, I can't stand when people put their problems on Facebook, your old classmate or your geography teacher doesn't need to know about your personal problems via social media. As if things aren't complicated enough.

Sunday, August 3, 2014


Simi Osomo grew up into a well socially doctored young lady. She kept up her class and was well married off both culturally and financially. I loved Tiwa Savage's Dubai wedding but so far in 2014 she has had the best Nigerian celebrity wedding and it happened in Lagos.
Here are ten things i learned from her wedding.

I am sorry, you may know the whole of Lagos but the wedding should be simple and intimate inviting only people who matter to you and whose presence you greatly cherish.

I have seen beautiful looking gowns revealing or showing off too much cleavage or pounds of breast fat, she wore a simple and church ready outfit on all levels, all her outfits were not revealing, they were simple and classy and the makeup was kept at the bare minimum, a bride glows on her wedding day, the attention is always going to be on her, the makeup is just an enhancer.

Everything at the wedding was a vision of the bride, the success was very dependent on her vision for what she wanted her guests to enjoy. I loved the decor of the hall, it was very intimate and beautiful. I also loved the fireworks display at the event. I don't know the last time anything like that happened at a wedding, it is the uniqueness that makes it stand out. She got a female DJ. DJ Cuppy!!!

Overall it came off a great success and i wish her a very happy married life with beautiful children.
A beautiful wedding takes planning. I congratulate everyone who had a hand in the planning of this event for pulling this off, it was successful.

Photo Credit : Event attendees on Instagram..

Saturday, July 26, 2014


2014 has had its share of ups and downs in Nigeria from the Boko Haram bombings, to the Chibok missing girls and now another death angel the EBOLA virus.
While we all talk about the EBOLA as being deadly, it is good to have knowledge of the virus.
I was a Biology major in college and this was the least favorite topic because being an African student in a 99% white class, EBOLA might be written on your face as the teacher speaks and other students will sit there and wonder if a member of your family was recently infected with EBOLA. (God Forbid).
I picked up my virology notebook from 2010 and revised what i had written,the RNA drawings which now don't make sense to me, the only thing that stuck to me was that it originated from Congo, I am NOT from CONGO,so i went online to look get an update.

Ebola virus is a disease that attacks humans.
It is caused by about four viruses

  1. Bundibuygo virus
  2. Ebola Virus
  3. Sudan Virus
  4. Tai Forest Virus

The Ebola virus disease occurs when the virus is transmitted to a human from an infected animal host. The host is the one that carries the virus and it could be a monkey, a chimpanzee or a pig.
The infection can occur through blood or body fluids from the infected person.
The symptoms begin withing three days of infection.
It starts with a fever, pain in the muscle, headaches, nausea and subsequent shutdown of vital organs such as the kidney and the liver,internal bleeding or hemorrhaging becomes the problem which can lead to death.
This disease can be infected by proper disposal of the dead host, meat should be properly cooked, wear layers of protection and upgrade hygiene practice, washing of hands with soap or possibly dettol is advised.
It is not very transmisble if the spread is contained. The best way to do this is to contain/ isolate the infected humans.There is a movie about EBOLA called "The Outbreak".
There is no vaccine for this disease yet. The 2014 outbreak has occurred in Guinea, Sierra Leone, Liberia with about 1093 people infected and Nigeria where one person is said to have died from it.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Book review: Bewaji's Ankara Adventures

I came across this really interesting book on I have heard a lot of Abimbola Salu from one of my ex QC classmates but it was just another name to me until i stumbled upon this book.When i first downloaded it, i thought it was going to be about a whole bunch of girls planning a wedding with the aso ebi drama and a crazy bridezilla but it was none of that. It is a simple story about a girl who had to do some detective work for her friend who lived in America. He suspected that his friend was being scammed through online romance and he had to make the lady believe it with sufficient proof, this was where Bewaji was needed. It was coincidental that she was able to find answers to the questions through a visit to the tailor to make her ankara. I don't want to spoil this book for you but the Lagos setting and familiar tone will make you love to read this book, It is an easy read, a quick train ride or car ride. I love it and i believe you should read it too. Download it on or check it out on Amazon or download the Okadabooks App and look for the book.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Germany vs Brazil

Oh my goodness. I have never seen anything like this in my whole entire life, the first 29 mins of the match, goals were being scored like it was a warm up.what happened?
Congrats to Germany on winning the game though especially winning Brazil in their own country and trust humans to come up with the craziest memes

Wednesday, April 16, 2014


                                                                          I thank God i have finally turned 30
Even though i didn't spend all the time planning for my birthday i had an awesome time.
Being 30 years old is just same stuff different day
You are just as old as you feel.
Now it is time for the decade projects which includes career and family
I am excited, here are pictures.

I ♥ my life.
We all had an awesome time.

Cake by SweetartofCake Hayward,Ca
Hair by Halle
Makeup by Leslie at KJStyles
Music by DJ Tunde
Photography by Ozisco