Tuesday, July 30, 2013

VHS Lagos Big Girls ... The reality of this joke

I was watching this video and cracked up so hard. I love the way the young lady took a tour of the house with the man and also wanted things in a different specifics, these were things that she herself did not have and possibly not afford, after calling his bluff with her British accent, she switched up her accent and started speaking pidgin English right after she left his mansion to her friend. "No pour sand inside my garri"
Is this the trend of finding love these days? He told her he had money, she told him to "work harder". 
How much money should a man have to court a girl? What kind of car should he drive? Must he have an oil bloc?  Do these standards bring about a good marriage? Has character and true love flown out of the window? After watching young ladies of this generation wear Brazilian, Peruvian and other foreign hair, flaunting Louis Vuitton and Michel Kors purses and wearing Manolo Blanihk and Christian Louboutin red bottoms using the most expensive handsets and probably form the trend of driving Panameras and Teslas in the near future,it makes me realize how shallow some women are. In a few decades these things will fade away and the reality of the character will set in.
So what pieces make the puzzle complete, what is the true definition of a potential husband? I need answers because this may be a reality check to up my standards or settle for what will last forever.