Thursday, August 28, 2014

Throwback Thursday:Facebook

I love Facebook and also hate it at the same time for certain reasons.
I love it because it helps me keep in touch and stay in touch with people. 
People share pictures and events on Facebook, it also helps business grow but one thing I hate about Facebook is some posts that make one cringe.
 I don't care if you are in the bathroom. If you are smoking weed, if you just stole an Xbox or if you don't like your new boyfriend.Please don't put it on Facebook. 
Everyone wants to be noticed on Facebook, they come up with the craziest statuses to get likes ,a pity party or irrelevant opinions, It is a social media not a lament media. 

If you have less thoughts about anything create a journal or phone your friends, it doesn't have to be a Facebook status where people begin to patronize your feelings and ask what's wrong, I can't stand when people put their problems on Facebook, your old classmate or your geography teacher doesn't need to know about your personal problems via social media. As if things aren't complicated enough.

Sunday, August 3, 2014


Simi Osomo grew up into a well socially doctored young lady. She kept up her class and was well married off both culturally and financially. I loved Tiwa Savage's Dubai wedding but so far in 2014 she has had the best Nigerian celebrity wedding and it happened in Lagos.
Here are ten things i learned from her wedding.

I am sorry, you may know the whole of Lagos but the wedding should be simple and intimate inviting only people who matter to you and whose presence you greatly cherish.

I have seen beautiful looking gowns revealing or showing off too much cleavage or pounds of breast fat, she wore a simple and church ready outfit on all levels, all her outfits were not revealing, they were simple and classy and the makeup was kept at the bare minimum, a bride glows on her wedding day, the attention is always going to be on her, the makeup is just an enhancer.

Everything at the wedding was a vision of the bride, the success was very dependent on her vision for what she wanted her guests to enjoy. I loved the decor of the hall, it was very intimate and beautiful. I also loved the fireworks display at the event. I don't know the last time anything like that happened at a wedding, it is the uniqueness that makes it stand out. She got a female DJ. DJ Cuppy!!!

Overall it came off a great success and i wish her a very happy married life with beautiful children.
A beautiful wedding takes planning. I congratulate everyone who had a hand in the planning of this event for pulling this off, it was successful.

Photo Credit : Event attendees on Instagram..