Monday, July 4, 2011


I decided to visit one of the churches in the neighborhood. One of my family friend's invited me a couple of weeks ago but i never bothered to visit until someone was talking about that same church at work.
I hate waking up early on Sunday morning. Going to church is not a habit for me and if i have to start going regularly i have to start trying to get used to it. My alarm clock went off at 7.32am. Iset it like that in actual fact it is just 7.02am. The last time i checked the bulletin, church starts at 9. I slowly got out of bed and crawled into the shower. I needed a facial scrub and i spent almost an hour doing so before taking a cool shower.
I got out of the bathroom at 8am. I have to pick out a nice and decent outfit to wear to church. I pulled out a new white and black dress. I haven't worn it yet. I bought it at Macy's during their storewide clearance sale. A good outfit.
Breakfast of scrambled eggs and toast bread to prevent my stomach from screaming during service was a good way to start the morning. My room mate made breakfast. She agreed to come with me to try out this new church.
Forty five minutes later we walked into the big church.Its grand interior and decor was breath taking and the choir seemed like angels from heaven with their melodious voices '
"Lo, He comes with clouds descending, once for favored sinners slain. Thousand thousand saints attending, Swell the triumph of His train" they sang.
It was a classic old hymn. I remember singing this song in elementary school. It brough back a lot of memories and i joined in the chorus.
"God appears on earth to reign, God appears on earth to reign," I sang

The pastor was very reverend. He seemed like he was talking to me or moreover about me. His mannerism and everything about him was very interesting. he church was quiet, so quiet that you could hear a pin drop.

"And give to Ceasar what belongs to Ceasar and give to God what belongs to God. In other words owe no man. People live in debt here and there. You feel it is okay to owe here and there. You try to live like the Jonesses. It is not bad to crave to live the good life but not to destroy yourself in the process. People pray for health, people pray for food, people pray for their children and people should pray for financial success....."

to be continued............