Saturday, June 9, 2012


The things that are happening these days are very ridiculous, compared to the days of age when I was born and raised, some of the things that these younglings do these days, one cant try it in the days of old. Back in the late 80s and early 90s when I was growing up, my mom would only give an instruction once, if she had to repeat herself, it would be with "koboko". For me it was not necessarily the cane itself, "koboko" could be a dirty slap, the soles of my moms shoes, any wooden spoon used in making fufu or garri or the twigs from the trees in the garden, the fear of those things alone was the beginning of wisdom for me. There was this fear that parents invested in their children, the fear of "if you mess up you are dead", these days it is the children who run things, some parents cant even correct their own children, the kids are remote controlling their parents. I met a parent who could not even tell her daughter "no". She always told her "yes" as if it was a prescription drug.Bullshit. Lets come back to 2012. I believe in discipline, it worked for me, it is going to work for my kids and the rest of my generation.Amen. I also believe it is going to work for yours.Any child that says I will not sleep will not sleep too.Last night I was checking my email on Yahoo and on Yahoo news I read that Creflo Dollar got arrested. I didnt want to read the news at first because the usual pastor drama was no longer news to me but it was not the usual pastor drama. He got arrested because he was trying to discipline his fifteen year old daughter who had bad grades a school and wanted to go to a party. Okay stop right there.I don't care how he disciplined her oh!! If that were my daughter and i got arrested for trying to choke sense into her numb skull, she should get ready to change address by the time i come back. Do you see what the system is doing? Encouraging kids to mess up,that's why the prisons are full and the school campuses are empty. Children are quick to call the cops because the system protects them but in the long run they are the ones who suffer in the end. If my child is quick to call the cops because i refused to allow her get her way, the way that makes her self destruct, that would be fine but after the police case is over the child should figure out who the new mom would be because i would be so "brand new"if the system terms me as not fit to raise my child and they decide to take the child away, i would gladly pack the clothes. My future children when you read this particular blog and page, i mean every word i have said. If another woman would treat you better than your own mother, i wish you the best of luck.If you misbehave, i will flog daylight out of your body and i will give you the phone to call the cops if you like but remember if you get arrested, you only get one phone call,let it not be my number.