Wednesday, November 12, 2014


Wonders shall never end. I have seen all sorts of foolishness but nothing greater than what i read today on The Telegraph UK.
A man spent fifty thousand pounds, about 17 years salary for an average worker, to buy about 99 Iphone 6S  to propose to his girlfriend, and she said NO.
Sounds like he got 99 problems and she wont be WON.
Dang, that's really cold, truthfully . I don't blame her for rejecting the proposal.

1. How many  phone calls does she want to make with 99 Iphone 6 S?
2.  Why didnt he buy her a ring? Were all 99 phones supposed to ring?
3. After spending fifty thousand pounds on useless gadgets what will their wedding fund be like?
4. After the wedding what will the marriage be built with? Iphones?

Please if he didnt have anything better to do with his money, he could have just given it to charity, Not all women are after material possessions especially 99 Iphones. With his dumb mind he could have bought her a car.
I need to figure out this individual, i need to buy cheap iphones as Christmas gifts


So on Monday I made a really good and yummy breakfast which i really enjoyed making. It is sweet potatoes and omelette, it is very easy to prepare and also very nutritious. Here is the demo
Add some butter and heat up
Preboiled sweet potato also sliced into chunks
Add cheddar cheese on top
Add the yellow, orange , red and green peppers
Add mushrooms and sausages
Add caption
Add green onions and break some eggs onto the layers
add shrimp and then some spice,i added thyme, cilantro and parsley
Heat the oven to 350 degrees 
put the skillet into the oven
Here is the finished work

My eggs did not come out sunny as i expected it but it tasted really yummy,

Tuesday, November 11, 2014


Wohoo, my favorite show is back, i started watching it last season and this is my first time doing a review on the blog.
Cynthia Bailey grew a lot of balls this season, she cut off her dead weight Nene!
Were they really friends in the first place? Their friendship started and ended quickly.
Kandi has fallen into my in between favorite character.
Please who was Nene's make up artist for the because it looked like demons highlighted her face, what was that about like seriously? I love her personality, even though shit runs out of her mouth really quickly. She cant deal with negativity and she nips it in the bud really quickly. People who like drama wont like Nene as much.
Phaedra... my goodness what did she think she was doing, the southern belle ditched her husband during his court sentencing, for what, she was enjoying the money with him when it was rolling in, or doesn't her church preach for better for worse in marriages, Apollo for once was right about her not giving him support.  She was worrying about her good name, my dear Phaedra if you were so worried about your good name you should not have married Apollo.