Monday, December 20, 2010


When people pray not to be at the right place at the wrong time it baffles me,i always thought there was no such thing until last Monday, December the 13th. I had decided to go to the bank on Tuesday the 14th to do bank transactions for my job instead of Monday, i had other things to do that day but my boss made it seem urgent. I was bent on not going at all until i conceded around 4pm in the evening. I was talking to the bank manager who was going through the account and after she was done, i went up to the teller to write a check of a very significant amount. The teller had just taken my driver's license and my bank card for identity verification and she was running the check when I heard a voice beside me say "Give me the money, all of it , right now". At first I thought it was a random customer talking since it sounded casual and thought it was a joke until I looked at the African American man beside me with a paper bag and a gun and then i am thinking in my head "This is serious". The bank manager told the tellers to give him their money and they immediately opened their drawers and handed him all their cash. He grabbed all the money and took off. Oh my  goodness, i have only witnessed bank gun point robberies in movies until i was caught up in it too last week. I am glad no one was hurt but some ladies started crying and getting emotional. We were held hostage in the bank for about forty minutes until the police came searched the building, interviewed everyone and then thy let us go. The picture above shows the man who came in. Anyone who has any info should contact the Tracy Police Department @209 321 4461