Wednesday, December 17, 2014


GENTLEWOMAN is an awesome book written by Enitan Bereola.
I believe that every female should read this book and males too.
Here are few things i learned from reading the book

1. Overly caring what everyone thinks is the perfect way to live a meaningless life, but lets face it, not caring for yourself and others isn't living at all.

2. Society cannot function without the presence of a lady. First and foremost children come into the world from a lady.

3. When you chase a man, he is running from you.
4. Do not offer the least and expect the most
5. Class cant be purchased, people should be able to tell what you stand for by the way you carry yourself, not the purse you carry.
6. Pretty might open doors but intellect lets you in don't be stuck outside with your pretty ass.
7. Don't take everything personal, sometimes people's problems with you is really their problem with themselves.
8. Don't correct a stranger who mispronounces a word, instead use the word correctly in your response and that person will get the point.
9. Sometimes the king is a woman.
10, Quit blaming this all on karma. Karma is only a bitch if you are, my friend.

This book also offers, grammar etiquette, the talk about sex, make up and proper grooming, decoding flowers. style. food and nutrition. It is an excellent buy. Ladies. Fix your crown

I think you should look inside the pages and buy it