Sunday, April 8, 2012


When the solar eclipse came I didn’t use sunglasses to observe it so why in the world am I going to wear sunglasses at night or indoors for an extended period of time.
Like seriously, unless you have serious eye sensitivity to light or stone drunk, why in the world would you wear sunglasses at night? I wear sunglasses during the day and in my car while driving to protect my eyes from the glaring rays of the sun.Why would I punish myself and wear them indoors inside a night club with neon and disco ball lights on? Literally I would interpret it as temporary blindness.
It is a form of fashion these days to wear sunglasses at night, like swag. In my own opinion, it is not very appealing,I can tolerate when people wear sunglasses indoors because they either have “pink eye”, they got into a fight or they simply forgot to take them off. Sunglasses are usually on sale during winter months, in that bleak murky weather, why do I find people rocking them like the sun is putting focus beams on them? Unless you look super duper good in the sunshades and they look like they have become a part of your face please don’t try to rock them inside a dark night club or inside an office building.
If you are not Lady Gaga, PDiddy, Kanye West or Anna Wintour please don’t wear sunglasses at night.Please!!!!!!!

Thursday, April 5, 2012


It was a beautiful Monday morning, the day after April Fools day, one would have thought of what happened to be a sick joke to continue the first but in this case, it isnt, it is not a bad dream either that one can wake up from, this is reality. People woke up that morning to go about their daily business, some were able to go back home and recount their daily activities to their families over table at dinner or family time and loved ones ended up in morgue. The latter is what happened to seven students who were killed at Oikos University student shooting which occurred on Monday April 2nd by deranged 43 year old man known as One Goh who was upset about his denial for getting a refund of his tuition back after her "voluntarily left" the school located in Alameda County. He opened fire on both students and teachers. Goh is accused of killing Katleen Ping, 24, of Oakland; Tshering Rinzing Bhutia, 38, of San Francisco; Judith Seymour, 53, of San Jose; Sim, 21, of Hayward; Sonam Choedon, 33, of El Cerrito; Grace Eunhea Kim, 23, of Union City; and Doris Chibuko, 40, of San Leandro. He is being charged with manslaughter. This senseless killing affected a Nigerian in the American Community who had come to get a better life. Doris Chibuko of San Leandro, a 40 year old lady who was about two months away from graduating from Oikos University as a nurse was senselessly killed on Monday morning.Goh made her husband a widow and her three children ages 8, 5 and 3 motherless. The fact that Goh could not get his $19000 tuition money back did not warrant the killing of the seven people. He could have filed a law suit but taking the lives of innocent people whose lives are priceless was not the way forward, he is being held without bail at Santa Rita jail with a trial to be held on April 30. He was known to not be able to get along with women and also people in general, he had abnormal behavioral problems. Goh's main target was a female administrator who fled the scene and is in perfect condition.A prayer goes out to the families of those who lost their loved ones in the senseless killing. I hope the Chibuko family will be comforted in this very difficult time. I hope justice will be duly served. Sources: San Francisco Gate Us News MSNBC