Sunday, April 8, 2012


When the solar eclipse came I didn’t use sunglasses to observe it so why in the world am I going to wear sunglasses at night or indoors for an extended period of time.
Like seriously, unless you have serious eye sensitivity to light or stone drunk, why in the world would you wear sunglasses at night? I wear sunglasses during the day and in my car while driving to protect my eyes from the glaring rays of the sun.Why would I punish myself and wear them indoors inside a night club with neon and disco ball lights on? Literally I would interpret it as temporary blindness.
It is a form of fashion these days to wear sunglasses at night, like swag. In my own opinion, it is not very appealing,I can tolerate when people wear sunglasses indoors because they either have “pink eye”, they got into a fight or they simply forgot to take them off. Sunglasses are usually on sale during winter months, in that bleak murky weather, why do I find people rocking them like the sun is putting focus beams on them? Unless you look super duper good in the sunshades and they look like they have become a part of your face please don’t try to rock them inside a dark night club or inside an office building.
If you are not Lady Gaga, PDiddy, Kanye West or Anna Wintour please don’t wear sunglasses at night.Please!!!!!!!


  1. LOL...I really don't understand the syndrome. All is fashion, I guess.

  2. Han han! When i was just gona start my own trend. Just saw a Banky W interview where he mentioned it was a good way to hide the face in case you drink a lil too much and don't wana be photographed looking er you know...drunk ;)