Wednesday, September 29, 2010


11. SHOULDER PADS: I don't know if this was out before the 90"s but most of my clothes had shoulder pads in them and i would forever love to take them off. It is one of the things i really don't miss.

12.TEVIN CAMPBELL: Whatever happened to that young man with the sweet voice any young female would die for with hits like "I'm ready" and "Can we talk." Nowadays the tunes some men like him sing..........don't wanna listen to the radio.

13. DOLLY THE SHEEP: I don't agree with cloning but i think it was the beginning of a scientific advance.

14. OJ SIMPSON: The OJ Simpson trial as one of the most viewed and highly controversial trials of the 90's.
15. F.R.I.E.N.D.S: A very interesting tv show that began in the 90's and ended a couple of years ago. Tv was fun back then.

16.EVI EDNA OGHOLI: So as a Nigerian child growing up back home, her tunes were whats up. Especially "Happy Birthday' and "Jealousy". Was she a one time hit or something. She doesn't sing or produce any more albums. I guess it was just a flash in the pan.

17.THE NEW MASQUEARADE: Before the likes of Nkem Owoh and co came into the entertainment sector in Nigeria. Chika Okpala and co did a great job entertaining and making us laugh. The show was replaced with some other soap opera on TV but it was one of Nigeria's mos watched tv programme. RIP Jegede Sokoya . Missing Madame Ovularia and Jegede;s wife, i forgot her name already. Nati, Clarus and Gringroy
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Tuesday, September 21, 2010


So far i listed 3 things about the 90's that i like and also miss very much so I will continue with my list.

4.LEGGINGS:Apart from wearing them in the 90's they came back again to haunt me after another whole decade, the ones i dont see much are the ones that go from one ankle to another under the feet. I think it is a fashion that will never die

One of the best family shows one could ever wach, a sitcom that one will never ever get tired of watching, i don't care how many reruns are shown, it just keeps getting better. The Huxtables are a perfect example of a couple trying to manage their household. I enjoyed watching the discipline and love they gave to their kids and which i think is lacking in some homes a couple of decades later.I loved Rudy best, she just had something about her. The couple were also crazy and witty as well as the other kids.
6.COMING TO AMERICA: I think the movie was made in the late 80's but it was a movie that one could watch over and over again in the 90's and it made Eddie Murphy my favorite actor back in the day.
7.SPICE GIRLS: With hits like "Wannabe" "Mama","Who do you think you are?" I cant forget the five Pop singers, the posters, the hair, their music was a great highlight of the 90's. sad to see them split in the early 00's

8.SOUL II SOUL BRAIDS: Those giant braids that get you out of the salon quicker than anything else, they were also easy maintenance and easy to take down.

9.MICHAEL JACKSON: Even in death his music is still one i can play anytime. Back in the day I loved all his music and learned the words too. His music was different and he definitely was a legend. Most memorable songs with music video "Remember the time" "Scream":you are not alone" and "Black or White"

10. CAPTAIN PLANET: I remember the theme song "Captain Planet, he is the hero, going to take pollution down to the zero............" Waoh. Who thought about Sponge Bob Square pants?

Monday, September 20, 2010


Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!! I miss those years, those early years before the invention of the internet, Blackberry, I phone, GPS, Wifi and Hispeed Internet. Not like these advances are not good but life was so much simpler back in the day. I feel like all this technology has cramped my lifestyle and shortened my bed. It is so much easier for people to reach you even when you are trying to avoid them.Every year a new car contains one better gadget its either GPS, or Ipod port or something. I love the fact that Google also makes idiots look like smart people because back in the day there was no Google to get some answers for your homework from because nowadays everyone seems to know everything even when they really don't. TV was so much fun to watch and since i was raised in Nigeria i got to watch a lot of British TV programmes like RentaGhost, Chuckle Hounds, Dr Who, its not like in this decade where all these fake people put themselves on a reality show and show off their fake lifestyle trying to impress people that don't even like them. Fashion was different with leggings, bell bottom pants, Timberland boots, Kangol hats, who remembers all that. I can do a I love the 90's marathon because those were fun years in my life.

1.MACARENA:  I remember when the Macarena dance came out in 1996 and I would stand in front of my TV in my big t shirt and shorts and try to do the Macarena dance. If you dont remember  the video, here is the link.

I wasn't a Nintendo freak but everyone seemed to have one. It was one of the fun things to do especially during the holidays and now they seem so outdated especially when there is Madden and PSP 3 in 2010. Even X box doesn't come close anymore

I just cant get the way those two crazy cartoon characters laugh out of my head till this decade. One of the shows i miss on MTV and i don't know if it is still aired but it is definitely one of the things i love and still miss about the 90's

Thursday, September 9, 2010


On the 5th of September 2010, all roads led to UCLA  Ackerman Ballroom for the Ankara Festival. It was the first of its kind and it was to promote as well as bridge the gap between young and old Nigerians as well as promote our local fabric. It was a beautiful evening as the hosts were very lively and they made the evening a great one. Odichi an upcoming artist performed and Acapella and one of her songs. Special guests were Mike Okri and Naeto C. The fashion show was an overall success and i am looking forward to next yrs show.

Dami and I

Sarah with he bubbly personality

Showing off her back
My dear friend and her friend

The man with his two concubines

 The female host and I , she said something i like " When i wear ankara my self esteem goes up" Thats right, Proudly Nigerian
Two very good friends