Tuesday, September 21, 2010


So far i listed 3 things about the 90's that i like and also miss very much so I will continue with my list.

4.LEGGINGS:Apart from wearing them in the 90's they came back again to haunt me after another whole decade, the ones i dont see much are the ones that go from one ankle to another under the feet. I think it is a fashion that will never die

One of the best family shows one could ever wach, a sitcom that one will never ever get tired of watching, i don't care how many reruns are shown, it just keeps getting better. The Huxtables are a perfect example of a couple trying to manage their household. I enjoyed watching the discipline and love they gave to their kids and which i think is lacking in some homes a couple of decades later.I loved Rudy best, she just had something about her. The couple were also crazy and witty as well as the other kids.
6.COMING TO AMERICA: I think the movie was made in the late 80's but it was a movie that one could watch over and over again in the 90's and it made Eddie Murphy my favorite actor back in the day.
7.SPICE GIRLS: With hits like "Wannabe" "Mama","Who do you think you are?" I cant forget the five Pop singers, the posters, the hair, their music was a great highlight of the 90's. sad to see them split in the early 00's

8.SOUL II SOUL BRAIDS: Those giant braids that get you out of the salon quicker than anything else, they were also easy maintenance and easy to take down.

9.MICHAEL JACKSON: Even in death his music is still one i can play anytime. Back in the day I loved all his music and learned the words too. His music was different and he definitely was a legend. Most memorable songs with music video "Remember the time" "Scream":you are not alone" and "Black or White"

10. CAPTAIN PLANET: I remember the theme song "Captain Planet, he is the hero, going to take pollution down to the zero............" Waoh. Who thought about Sponge Bob Square pants?

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  1. The 90s were really cool, those days I was still in sec school and then I entered uni. I had less cares in the world. Nice list up.