Monday, September 1, 2014


If you are not a virgin please don't wear white after Labor Day.

I live in an area where the weather can be erratic, The winter starts in December, it rains up till April, summer starts in early May, with this in place how does wearing white after Labor Day affect humanity. It does because two years ago i was about to head out to a night out event in white Capri shorts and my friend said "No white after Labor day hon". How does the rule apply and who started it. Fashion has changed!!!
No it hasnt.

In all sense of reasoning, wearing white keeps you cooler when it is hot. In most Middle Eastern countries, they mostly wear white to keep them cool, most walls in the house are painted white to keep the house call, it reflects the heat looking at it as Physics student. How does this apply to fashion?
Labor Day officially became a federal holiday in 1894. It marked the beginning of the fall season and most people began to change their wardrobes then to darker colored clothes. Wearing white back before the fifties signified that one was dressing for leisure as they mostly work dark colors. White was more for the summer, if it rained and got muddy white clothes would be stained so in order to prevent that, the color had to be switched up in the fall. The rule for wearing white is  "Wearing white begins on Memorial Day and ends on Labor Day"
If you live in California where it begins to really get cold right after Thanksgiving or Hawaii and Florida where the weather is always beautiful should this apply.
I personally don't wear white colored things in the winter because of the rain and muddy weather but after Labor Day is really cruel, that is an extra two months of switching from beautiful white to murky grey, tan, brown and black.
If this tradition had to be buried, i would hold my digging hoe to bury it and in the same breath why do some girls wear those ugly UGGs in the summer. That dress etiquette needs to be addressed.