Monday, November 28, 2011


Flavor Nabania came to spend Thanksgiving with Bay Area California Nigerians. He performed on Friday November 25Th 2011 at the New Caribbean City on 1408 Webster Street Oakland. He brought his Live Band with him and it was a very good performance. He was brought to perform in the Bay Area courtesy of Sky Concepts and Royal Entertainment. His side act for the night was Filon Jay who is also an upcoming artist and a former band member for Flavour Nabania.


There was a pretty good turn out of people despite the fact that it was Thanksgiving but also because it was Flavour Nabania. Thankfully everything went hitch free. There was a moment of silence for “Samantha Rose” who would have been up on stage dancing that night with Filon Jay but was involved in a car crash that claimed her life. Special Thanks to Sky Concepts for bringing and hosting Flavour Nabania. Royal Entertainment for hosting and the promotion of the concert. DJ Jay Hits, DJ Tunde and DJ Burt for spinning great tunes all night

It was indeed a great to come later……..

Monday, November 14, 2011


Hmm!!!  I have been away from the blog for weeks studying and doing certain improvements but while i was engrossed in those things i spent time hibernrating reading a book by Sophie Kinsella called Twenties girl.... It is about a young girl called Lara who was visited by her Great Aunt's ghost during the funeral. She apperared to her in form of a young lady in her twenties and only Lara could see her and hear her (even though Sadie screamed in other peoples ears and it seemed like it was a voice in their head), she was in search of her diamond necklace and Lara had to delay he funeral because her Great Aunt Sadie's spirit would not rest without the necklace. Sadie the ghost became a guardian angel and helped Lara solve some of her own problems. A very good read. Too many thumbs up