Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Baby's Age

I grew up in the time when a child's age was calculated in years. I moved to the United States in my late teens and realized that it was calculated in months until it sounded too much, anything past 24 months is already a pet peeve for me. Why cant you simply say the child is 2? Some say "my daughter is 29 months" i really don't have time to count. Maybe i should tell you my age in months, about 360 months, does that sound appropriate, will your math immediately kick in or would i have to hand you a calculator?I guess i would just look stupid saying so,
A lady brought her cute little son to my job,he related well with me and was very observant, i asked 
ME:How old is he?
WOMAN: He is 17 months
There was an awkward silence as i tried to do the mental math in my grey cells which are no longer math accurate, (after college my math skills only applied to counting money)
ME: A year and five months.
WOMAN: Is that 17 months?
I gave her the look, the one that had to put her in check.
WOMAN: I am sorry i don't count it like that.
ME: When did he turn one?
WOMAN: He turned one in May
ME: So he will be two next May.
ME: Okay, that sounds right 
I ended the conversation.

The development of a child in the first few months of the first year and maybe six months into the second year is important, after that please start counting in years, i don't think i would sound right telling someone my son started cleaning up his toys at 50 months.
What do you think?


  1. My dear. the matter sef tire me o

  2. lol.I remember one scene on Grown Up when Maria Bello's character was nursing her son and someone asked her husband how old the boy was, he replied 48 months.In my opinion, I think parents resort to months when they don't want their kids to grow up or when they want people to think their kids are doing something exceptional.

    1. Thanks for your input Oke, which i think is true in terms of not wanting the kids to grow up, while i was reading your comment, i was discussing with an elderly lady who said most of the time, the monthly age count is used in terms of medical care because the child will get vaccination and on the card the age is usually in months. I had to agree.

  3. I find this frustrating as well because i don't like calculating stuff unless it's money too :D