Monday, October 11, 2010


 Pretty Olaide Omidiran graduated with the class of 2001. She was a Day Duty Prefect in SS3 and is now a well seasoned lawyer that has been called to the Bar, that's a great achievement.She decided to take time out of her busy schedule to share her thoughts on QC.  The interview went as thus:

Me: Do you remember your first day in QC?
LAIDE:Yeah I remember it was a rainy day

2.ME; Which PQC did you fancy?
LAIDE;Mrs Marinho .

3 ME:.The best and worst thing about QC uniform including shoes?
LAIDE:First I hated d pinafore, the D and B  badges were such a bad idea and   I didn't like the fact that our skirts had to be A line

4. ME:Best dressed teacher(s)
LAIDE:Funny enough can't remember any best dressed teacher

5. ME:What were your best memories of tuck shop or when coke boys came along?
LAIDE:Buying samosa and doughnuts with Tomi and Noelle

6.ME; Most memorable part of QC in terms of building eg class, dorm, octagon, backgate.
LAIDE:Assembly ground

7. ME:Worst punishment and who meted it out on you.
LAIDE;Was told to kneel down in front of Octagon as a Prefect cos my hair was packed with a side part and wrapped like a doughnut. She claimed it wasn't allowed and  she made one of the toilet cleaners make  it for me while kneeling down / Mrs Ogunnaike

8ME:.Extensions SS3 and/or JSS3 what was your best or worst experience
LAIDE: JSS 3 first term extension . Had the opportunity of being a border for one week. I had fun

9. ME:What assembly during the week did you enjoy/loathe the most, PQC, house, tutorials or religious
LAIDE:Monday and Thursday- General assembly although it was usually long

10. ME:Favorite teacher
LAIDE:Mrs Akinsanmi - English

11. ME;Most memorable boarding house experience.
LAIDE:Was a day student

12. ME;What was the best thing about interhouse sports
LAIDE: I liked calisthenics , march past . It was just always colorful . Everybody was always in high spirits, taking pictures e.t.c

13.ME:If you had to be on the QC  board what role would you like to play.

14. ME:Would you send your daughters to QC?
LAIDE; Won't send my daughters to Qc . For obvious reasons, its not what it used to be

 15. ME;If QC had to make any improvement what positive change would you like to see?
LAIDE; Reduce the number of students in a class
Oh. I remember 70th anniversary when we were in Jss 3 . The play- pirates of Penzance and also one afternoon when RMD came and the girls went wild and started screaming. We were all punished on the assembly ground the next day. I remember the xmas concerts Jumble sale .e.t.c Oh  can I forget school shoes? I remember the first ones from BATA they were so ugly. I think it was ox Blood in the name of brown.It got better with time bt it still wasn't the best quality

ME; Waoh Laide thanks so much

LAIDE: You are welcome

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  1. Lol! Just reading about QC! The funkiest teacher when I was there was Madame Martins and she taught french. Is Mrs Akinsanmi the english teacher? I remember sitting in her A level literature class ( and I was not doing literature) and the book they were reading had something like he drove the jaguar with the speed of a jaguar or something and she asked if the class understood. Trust wicked girls, they said no and she goes, 'he drove the car rough like you know a jaguar, my belle o, my head o!' we laughed and laughed.

    I remember Matey Obasa (if it is still the same one as she was not the same after Pepi Akinosho gave her the fright of her life one night) going round dorm by dorm, 'Obasa one wake up, it's time to lock the door, Obasa two, be quick it's time to lock the door' and so on. Matey Dan Fodio (Mrs Ajumobi) making the delicious 'queen cakes' as we called them then on Saturdays at 3pm......... Matey Emotan was a hooker. She had a girl called Mary living with her and one emenepre or ABD (African black dog) I can;t remember the name. We were perverted sha as we would put our ears to her window to hear what was going on.

    I had Mrs Chukwuma (Chuksie) and Mrs Kafaru (Kaffy) as Principals. Mrs Kafaru introduced house wear to QC when I was in form 3 I think.