Sunday, October 10, 2010


Today's date is so unique. It just has digits that just click and coincidentally i looked at the time at 10 am  on 10/10/2010. Anyway I realized it was also QC 's 83rd anniversary. I am a Queens College old girl and i have a lot of QC Pride. On Blackberry Messenger today me and some QC friends updated our statuses with our favorite parts of QC and our most memorable teacher's. It was so much fun just to go back and reminisce on the good old days. QC has outlived her glory and its really not the same anymore but one thing no one will ever take away from us it the experience. We laughed, We cried, we endured punishment,we made fun of each other and teachers, we disobeyed rules,  we ran through those corridors,we became an association,  we passed on the torch.We just evolved into beautiful and successful young women and yes I believe my counterparts are successful women in the careers, marriages relationships and their endeavors. To classmates or corridor girls who have died within the last couple of years, our memories with you would never be forgotten. I am thankful to all the teachers who put in their hard work and efforts into making me and my other counterparts very successful people. Regardless of how tough school was back then and how strict teachers were, a lot of pride was instilled into us. We were made to believe that we could do anything and become anything in life. On this note, i would like to wish Queens College, her past and future generations a happy 83rd birthday. We may pass on the torch forever.

Also congrats to Naeto C who dropped his album  on10/10/10 called 10/10 State of Mind.He performed a song from that Cd last month during the Ankara festival in Los Angeles. Good job Man.

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