Tuesday, October 12, 2010


I mean its been so many years and the first thing that comes to my mind when i think of this personality  "Pouchi". Yes "Pouchi" (pronounced Poachee). I think its one of the longest standing nicknames I know of and how she came about it, I really don't remember, if someone does remember please say so. She blossomed into a beautiful young woman whom I mistakenly called Asian a few weeks back on checking out her pics. Eniba Abiye Braide graduated with the class of 2001. She attended University of Port Harcourt and Rivers State University of Science and Technology. She is an architect and a Business Development Manager at a construction firm in Port Harcourt.
She happily took the questionnaire and i am really grateful to her for doing so after taking time out of her busy schedule to answer the questions. Her answers are as thus.

1. ME: Do you remember your first day in QC?
    POUCHI: My first day in QC I will never forget! I was taken to my new class - JSS1U. The first thing that  greeted me was a pair of fighting girls - Lolade Ajiboye &; Nnenna Okafor.... really unforgettable!

2.ME:Which PQC did you fancy?
   POUCHI: Mrs. Marinho!!

3.ME:The best and worst thing about QC uniform including shoes?
POUCHI:My best thing about QC uniform will be the senior school skirt. A- line (for those who dared) and a little straight for the rest of us...:)
my worst is obviously those HORRID BATA shoes that where made! The first edition was terrible!

4. ME: Best dressed teacher(s)
POUCHI: Mrs. Bickersteth, Mrs. Ndibe- Okoye

5. ME:What were your best memories of tuckshop or when coke boys came along?
POUCHI: ahhh........ tuck shop! I loved those days!!But the coke boys gave us some sort of distraction sha....teenage minds at their very best...! Lol

6. ME: Most memorable part of QC in terms of building eg class, dorm, octagon, backgate
POUCHI: BACKGATE!!!- K.C boys, bbq turkey, FLAVOURS, drama etc...

7.ME:Worst punishment and who meted it out on you
POUCHI: I served so much punishment but i think the very worst was to scrub the dining hall (top and bottom floors + tables and benches!) I think it was one Danfodio shadow like this - can't remember her name.

8. ME:Extensions SS3 and/or JSS3 what was ur best or worst experience
POUCHI:JSS3 extension was the BOMB!! fights, fights and more fights!!! LOLADE AJIBOYE at her peak!!! stick meat, Matie Obasa, water fights, bathing @ slabs..... never a dull moment!!

9. ME:What assembly during the week did you enjoy/loathe the most, PQC, house, tutorials or religious
POUCHI:I personally preferred PQC'S assembly on Mondays and Thursdays.. I loathed house assemblies.

10. ME:Favorite teacher
POUCHI:Mr. Aisuedion - Geography, Mrs. Omisore (a.k.a. Aunty T)- economics...

11.ME: Most memorable boarding house experience.
POUCHI: LMAO.... That will be OBI 1!!! Adaku Ufere, Henrietta Okpaleke,Nike Omirin & I....!!!We served so much punishment in that dorm!!! I remember once we knelt down outside till about 1 a.m because of missing Rat poison!!! They accused the junior girls of trying to poison the senior girls. We were asked to write our list of suspects and we all wrote different names. But one girl, Chioma Eze (our junior), wrote "MR.RAT" and she was thoroughly dealt with - but days after she was proven RIGHT!... just remembering this incident has made me laugh so hard that my sides hurt...!! we even had an OBI 1 song.
" i went to obi dorm 1,
the rats and the mice were there,
at the sign of lights out the ASIN came out,
jumping on the lockers,
the ASIN gave a jump,
and fell on Chioma's bunk,
the ASIN said chi chi chi....
and Chioma said eek eek eek...
but all i could say was ASIN ASIN ASIN ASIN AH!!"

12. ME:What was the best thing about interhouse sports
POUCHI:Best thing about inter house sports?? BOYS... Lol

13. ME:If you had to be on the QC board what role would you like to play.
POUCHI:I'd love to be PQC.

14. ME: Would you send your daughters to QC?
POUCHI: Definitely!! if my Grand mother could make me go there, who are they not to?! Lol.... i will definitely send them there. I still believe in the school.

15. ME:If QC had to make any improvement what positive change would you like to see?
POUCHI:Better administration.... I think with better admin every other thing will fall in place - cleaner toilets, less crowded classes, better boarding facilities etc..


  1. I didn't go to QC but the Asin rat story is hilarious. The broken mirror, Never ending story and Madam Koi Koi are Nigerian high school legends. Great interview.

  2. Eniba Braide, this is where you'll mention my name, where you're talking about serving punishments. Ohmydays but I remember that rat day sha, it was jokes! Those seniors were devils.

  3. LOL @ The rat poison story.
    Miss Eniba and I attended the same primary school in port harcourt, and our mothers worked at the same company. We lost contact after 1995. I was just google-ing random names of previous classmates, and came across this blog. I'm going to PH early next year and would love to reconnect with her. I can be reached online at www.facebook.com/spacyzuma.

  4. Eniba's Dad here! I gave her the name "Pouchii" because there was something "pouch-y" about her which came only by sensory feelings but not explained emotinally or logically in my soul; otherwise - termed "Pouchii". The other one is "Seriba".