Thursday, October 7, 2010




Okay. I have attended at least four parties this year which I consider a lot especially since the Spring. So I was thinking to myself, after college there should be life after college which should include settling down by saving up money to buy me a condo or a house whichever comes first, my car is paid off whew. I need to start looking into a great Master's program in a nice and affordable school in a decent place. So with all these plans on my mind I decided to reduce or retire from the partying scene until this Independence day thing came up. The promoter is a very good friend of mine,like my brother and he is one of those people that regardless of how bad things get I will support him especially after not finding it easy to get a ride to my grad barbecue, he still made it and was there after wards. People like that just stay in my good books forever. There was a lot of hype about this party and it definitely ROCKED. YEAH!!!!!!!!! I like the concept of this Years Nigerian Independence Day  celebration. We had to wear masks. I have never been to a masquerade party and Halloween is the closest thing to a masquerade party but shopping for the mask was an experience for me and it made me look forward to the party. It was in a nice club in Palo Alto. Club Illusions and the bar dude was excellent, I will go back there because of him. The security wasn't smiling. I mean these people were efficient. My younger bro is not 21 yet, he is 20 and he looks like a teenager he went with me without ID and so I was telling the security at the door that he was 20. The guy looked at him and laughed and said " dude I am going to let you in but you don't look 20, maybe with the mask on, you will look 20."  I was like "is this man for real"(He had this hideous looking mask of the jigsaw from Saw). 18 to enter and 21 to sip. He could enter but he wasn't going to Sip. He doesn't sip anyway. I was surprised to see a lot of pretty masks.I mean some people went all out to get nice masks. Lol. It was a fun nite. I am glad everything went well. No drama. You know your people now, any little distraction to cause fight and drama. I was going to leave early but when you are having fun, its a no no. I was there till the lights came on. Got home at 4am. My mom sitting on the couch staring at the wall clock like I shudda been home 2hrs ago. Yawn!!!

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