Thursday, October 7, 2010


So most female statuses  on Face book these days read

I like it on the sofa
I like it on the couch
I like it on the chair
I like it in the shower
I like it at my job
I like it under my laptop table
I like it under my bed.
I like it under the washing machine.
I like it in the car
I like it on the dining table chair

So this is no nasty or perverted means of getting one to update their status. Some people have been following blindly. Early this year Breast Cancer Awareness started with bra colors and there were so many colors on female statuses. This time around it is "it" So what do women like and what is the "it" that women like?. The "it" on the status is your purse. Where do you like to keep your purse?  It is a form of unity for Breast Cancer Awareness and it has seriously gone viral. Most men just try to wonder what is going on and why all females keep writing where they like "it". So for all you females who have been following without understanding especially the one who updated her status with liking it in the shower. I don't know about having your purse in the shower. Oh well. Looking forward to next year's little tag.


  1. I did this yesterday and it was a hoot. A few women clued on and some of the men that understood what the pink ribbon I had just added to my profile meant.