Sunday, February 20, 2011


"I'm at the beauty supply finna get me some hair to get my hair did and after i am done, i'm finna go to the nail shop to get my nails did."
I took a proper look at the person who just made the erroneous statement. A young adult female about eighteen years of age and not a second or third grader who i could pick up and give a good spanking. Using those words especially "finna" and the past tense"did" like that in one sentence just makes me cringe. It is bad enough that i have to deal with writing American Englis which is a little different from UK English that ia am used to writing and reading.
"Yo", "Down low"  Sounds familiar? We say or hear them almost everyday on TV, on the bus, at work, in class, at the store or just somewhere by someone who speaks such language or is it a language?
According to the urban dictionary, Ebonics is a very bad excuse to grasp the basic English grammar. This is where the invention of certain words that dont make any sense and then sometimes accompany it with the word "izzle". Oh my goodness almost every sentence i heard in 2004 had the word "izzle" in it
"Fo shizzle my nizzle" Who started that stuff? Snoop. "Pimp pizzle" "dizzle"
Ebonics means black speech. It is a blend of two words ebony which means black and phonics which means speech, It has a lot of connotations unknown to may people outsde the African AMerican community. Things are also pronounced differently if you ever noticed.
Ax- instead of saying ask
Pas- instead of past, the t is removed or silent. (i wonder why?)
han- instead of hand
baf- instead of bath
mah- instead of my.
And did i just hear someone say " Ama do it" ( I am going to do it)
After listening to some words that do not sound appropriate, i do not encourage anyone to speak ebonics. Its not very flattering. My two cents. Gimme yours.


  1. It's like what we call slangs or Nigerian pidgin. You can speak it with friends and family, but make sure you have a good grasp of the correct English. And NEVER speak it to complete strangers!

  2. I think as long as they can speak proper English as well as Ebonics, they get a pass from me. It's just like someone saying i shouldn't speak Pidgin English for whatever reason.

    The only problem i would have with Ebonics is if that's all the person can speak, just the say way i would have a problem with a "young" person who only knows how to speak Pidgin.

  3. Thanks Myne and Madam Sting, the problem i have with ebonics is that some people speak it to a certain extent and argue that it is correct English. They dont know any better and sometimes it is very embarrasing.