Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I prayed that i would be able to get away with a verbal warning regardless of whatever the outcome of this meeting is.
"You are very inefficient, you need to maximize the use of your time, the report you typed two days ago was a complete disaster, I was reading it last night before going home and i am so glad i went through it before it got into the UPS mail."
 I stared at this lady. I could not say a word. Was she speaking the truth or was she saying stuff to spite me? I have never received any reprimanding since i started working for this company and this frustrated divorcee was giving me a lecture on my work habits,Is she kidding me?
"I don't know what is going on with you but if you don't impress me enough, I would have to replace you on this project because i have very strong work ethics which you are not very close to meeting, you are just straight from college and you dont have enough experience to deal with the office demands yet."
 All of a sudden she was beginning to bore me and i was beginning to understand where all this was coming from. A 'fifty something" year old lady is finding it hard to put up with a recent college graduate in the office. My friend told me she had the same problem with her male counterparts but this time i am having the problem with someone of the same gender but a different age generation. I dont think she is "old school:" I just think she is trying to put up a Margaret Thatcher front which does not go very well with me.
"There is nothing going on with me and what warrants this reprimanding if i may ask?"
"I have been noticing some erratic behavior like this morning you came in late, I could tell because i already called for you at 8am sharp and you were not here. Time is money and being a minute late to work counts. It is different if it was once in a while but in the last couple of days that i have been here, you have been late for work. I come here early and i leave here late at night, close to ten o'clock....." she said.
Why in the world will I be here after 5.30pm. She definitely does not have a life outside this building. Is she trying to impress someone, definitely not me. Staying until ten o'clock doing what? My father does not own this place and i will not be spending so much time here.

 to be continued.....


  1. Hehehehehehhehehhe....you have said it all!!!
    I know of a lady too, about 50, never been married, popped her cherry about 5 years ago....I guess u have an idea of what her behavior plays like already

  2. HoneyDame: are u saying what i think u r saying? She was a virgin until 45?

  3. Sting, Yes o. I shudder to imagine how much work the dude had to do to get through. It must have become a densely-spun cobweb.....yikes!