Tuesday, January 18, 2011


 This is just me trying to vent because some people just don't know how to act sometimes. I could be one of them sometimes but in PUBLIC, that is totally unacceptable.I have kept quiet for so many years but today, i mean today is the JUDGMENT DAY for such behavior and the people who actually practice or display them for me to see.

1, Talking loud on your cell phone in public: That one is my number pet peeve. I don't want to listen to your conversation. I don't want to know about the fight between you and your girlfriend or how your parents didn't transfer money into your account, it is none of my business so please keep your voice down when you are talking on your cell phone. PLEASE. I will be fored to exercise violence next time and it may include snatching the phone and flinging it against the wall,such phones will include (Blackberry, Iphone 4, Droid. )!!!!!!!!!!

2. Elevator Traffic: Okay some people dont know how to get in and out of elevators, i will help here, when the elevator stops it is common sense to let people who have arrived their destinations get off before you get in not just rush in because it stopped on that floor, if no one gets out then you can get in. Second thing is that some people are so silly or maybe selfish once they see you coming they act like Elevator attendants, press a button and shut the door like they are the only ones meant to ride on those things. Sometimes i pray that they get stuck in there after doing that. (God help me this is 2011)

3.Diaper Disposal: I just don't understand why some mothers would just dispose of their baby diapers as if their babies poop is not toxic or a health hazard. Some women don't even wrap the diaper properly leaving the greenish, parrot or bird looking poop showing. This is 2011, not the 80's where we had to use napkin and safety pins. I wonder how such women would treat their baby waste if the baby used napkins today.

4. Going To A Place Empty Handed: These days it is so funny how people would show up at one's event like a birthday or graduation or just a get together empty handed and they will carry the most food home.If no one wants to talk about it, i will. Personally i think its a very, very, very bad habit. How can someone invite you for an event like their birthday,wedding or graduation, they will spend a ton of money to provide and make sure you are comfortable enough to take food home and you won't even take as much as a gift card or a small present?  Do research like i have done, the person who carries the most plates of food home is most likely to have brought nothing, not even a flower or a card. Please oh, learn manners, this is a new decade.

5.RSVP: Respondez Sil Vous Plait.Is a French word for Reply Please. It literally means, Please Reply, I gave a party early this year and i had to practically beg people to respond because i wanted to know how many people i would cater to and how many gift bags i would be making. One thing is if you reply yes, make sure its because you are coming, let your 'yes' be your 'yes' and your 'no' be your 'no'. The guest list was private and i had intruders come into the party to the dismay of the celebrant, please check with the organizers of an event if it is okay to bring other guests, dont just invite everyone because of food or whatever other reason. Poor party planning at other events has made this behavior very rampant.Not only is it just right to do so, be the right person at all times.

6.Treat Public Workers with respect: Work is work as long as pay is associated with it and wherever you work be proud of it, some people would kill right now to get a job to support their families.Some members of the public treat Retail workers with disdain like its rubbish but thats one of the sectors makes the economy move forward, what if there were no grocery stores, or shopping malls or fast food restaurants?Not everyone wants to work in the hospital bacuse they can't stand blood or traumatized people, not everyone likes to sit behind the computer desk everyday and type away or work on reports. So please respect people's jobs, please give respect to public workers like bus drivers. it costs you nothing to say hello, you might just make their day, or the lady who works at the fast food restaurant where you like to eat, she would memorize your order for life (talking from experience, even at the drive thru she knows who is ordering and what i want) or the cashier at the grocery store say hello, ask about their day. Most people need encouragement even on the job. Be the one to encourage. Be the change!!

If i think of more, this post would have a part 2, but till then......


  1. People should read dis... Nice one Lola

  2. I agree with all of them --- except the taking a gift to a place one. Personally, I don't mind if people don't bring gifts to my event. However, it is not "cute" when people - whether they bring gifts or not - come to parties and pack all the food. That said, it is an exception when there's excess food and the party planners are looking for people to take food home. Most times, however, people just start taking food home before other people even eat at the party. Not nice.

    Don't get me started on that cell phone thing *smh*

  3. Yep, ITA.The diaper disposal thing is just gross. Diaper bags are a dime a dozen, it costs next to nothing to get one. Well said.