Sunday, August 14, 2011




George slowly began to change in the course of our two year relationship. He started slipping up here and there. I didn’t know what to do. I was not paranoid. I just wanted to let things take their natural course. He may have been worrying about something or he  may have been going through something at that time, sometimes its good to allow a man some space but looking back I gave him waaaayyyyyyyyyyy too much space. It began with not spending time together anymore like before we used to play tennis every Saturday morning, all of a sudden he either came home pretty late or past midnight on Friday/ Saturday and gave me that “I am tired” story which  was beginning to get played out in my ears but I was not going to try to change the situation. As an adult a man is free to make whatever decision he wants and also live with the consequences. He also started stepping away from me to take phone calls, he became so protective of his phone that it literally sickened me, his phone was always on vibrate and he jumped scaring the skin off my bones every time that phone vibrated. I never questioned him or asked him why. I knew that time would tell. Nagging or whining was one vice that I refused to give in to.  He stopped texting me, you know those random texts during the day from a loved one to show that they are thinking of you. I also never questioned him or asked him why. He always found an excuse not to see me, either work or hanging with the boys or just some lame excuse. It hurt but in order to keep myself from pinning over him I just found something to do around my condo, I painted my living room and changed everything in my bathroom, I also decided to be less and less available to him also. I gladly accepted a girl’s weekend out with my friends Tracy and Neisha. I wanted to go on a cruise so bad but I couldn’t afford it yet. I had bills to pay and other responsibilities.It never crossed my mind that he was cheating, he was pretty decent but I never put anything past any man, I had no evidence only symptoms of a man suffering  from a guilty conscience.He never said anything, I never asked any questions, things just slowly began to change and for once I actually accepted it.


  1. You are a very patient person, thumbs up. If it were me, I am sure I would have been asking for explanations for all his actions. Its good to know how to keep one's cool

  2. silence is golden: even though your eyes see... its best to keep cool sometimes, gets him trying to figure out what you thinking.