Saturday, March 26, 2011


I was an avid viewer of Koko Mansion and really the reality show was just a whole bunch of females who wanted to be the Kokolet, i followed it up on You Tube cause it was really funny. There were certain females in the house that were my favorites, Rita and this one girl in particular and to hear that the girl is dead breaks my heart. She was very classy and not like the other girls in the show, she was also quiet too. She died on my birthday after being in a coma that she had from an accident in Kaduna. I heard she was looking for a blood donor and never got help before passing away. May her soul rest in perfect peace. At 22 , she may never have fulfilled her dreams at that age and it just makes me realise the uncertainty of this life everyday. Let us make everyday count, grab opportuinites as they come and have no regrets. None!!!