Friday, May 27, 2011


About two decades later, i am no longer a child, how time flies. I reminisce my childhood like it was yesterday. Times have changed and so many things are different now, i believe somehow that children born after the 21st century may never have a real childhood. I was priviliege with going outside to play, ride my bike, dig dirt in the garden, pick up snails after it rains and put them on my window sill, write all over the walls of my house with crayons(until my mom beat me silly one day).
Tv back then didnt come on until 4pm. I totally loved that because i got the chance to do homework and read some books unlike now when television is 24 hours a day and children born post 1995 watch tv from morning until midnight courtsey of the cable channels. My favorite tv shows including cartoons were
1. Tales by Moonlight
2. Storyland by Jimi Solanke
3. Speak Out
Sesame street
5. Super Ted
6. Voltron Defender of the Universe
7. Captain Planet
8. Sesame Street


9. Muppet Babies
10. Ninja Turtles.
Barney came out in 1994 or so but it never replaced Sesame Street. After Elmo became a celebrity on his own on Sesame Street i stopped watching it because i still loved all the other characters regardless.
I remember all those girlie games i played in elementary school ten ten, suwe, change your style, skipping ropes. Lol. I think ten ten was banned in my set because the claping of hands as all the multiple players exchanged partners drove those teachers crazy.
Why did i also have a Barbie fetish, i had all sorts, those skinny things, my doll addiction didnt end till i was 13 but i had this big black baby that i still have, never would give away. It looks like a real child. Dolls were one childhood addiction i had, my aunt worked at the general hospital gave me baby bottles for my big black doll, my mom gave the tailor left over material to make clothes, that doll was spoiled. Oh how i love it.
At school those women sold things that tempted me to spend my money even though my mom always packed my lunch. I remember always crying my eyes out for my mom to buy me Orange icecram, those nice blocked orange flavors. Samco used to provide those nice juices to my elemnatry school and i totally loved apple and orange juice. That was Primary 1. Hmm. Gala sausage roll!! Yummy. Okin Biscuit, Tomtom, Chocomilo. I really didnt like Butter mint.
My favorite books
1.Famous Five
2.Secret Seven
3.All Pacessetter Books. I only have 4. Someone tell me where i can buy them
4.Ali and Simbi
5.Binta comics
6.Mallory Towers Series by Enid Blyton
7.St Claires Series by Enid Blyton
8.Any book by James Hadley Chase. I started reading them @6 yrs old.
9. Archie
Everyone talked about watching Secret of the Sand, No One But You, The Rich also cry at school. I think i watched all those back in elementary school and those were debateable topics among girls. Apart from those Mexican Telenovellas. I loved Rentaghosts, Dr Who,Faulty Towers. Those epic British shows.
Goodness there is so much to talk about because those were the good old days when your phone was landline and you had to sit in the living room talking to that crush or your friend while your parents listened, the cord could only go so far if you decided to drag it. I miss all my dresses and back in the day when it was my birthday and I didnt have to wear uniform and my mom loved bringing cake, caprisonne and biscuits and suddenly all the girls in my class became my best friends cos i looked pretty.LMAO
I miss my childhood. To all the Nigerian children have a Happy childrens day and enjoy your childhood while it lasts. I am privileged to be alive to recount everything. Thank God.

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  1. wow! This is one of the best post on this blog, it made me SMILE and bought memories to me ,lovely post. I grew up in Nigeria and those where the good old days,.