Thursday, May 26, 2011


I am in my bedroom thinking about all my bills, i have this pile of bills sitting on my table, for once in my life i missed my payments.Broke is an understatement. Lately i have been living above my means, i have totally maxxed out my Amex card, its crazy. I am still trying to pay off my student loans and my car note is 15days late for the first time.  My phone began to ring.
"Hello" i said answering the phone which showed "unknown" number.
"Goodmorning my name is Emmanuela from Capital One" the caller said. Shoot, that card payment is due too, why is everything due all of a sudden.
"Okay" i responded nonchalantly and she went further to verify my details to make sure she was talking to me. After verification she started blabbing about how my card payment was 7 days late and if i wanted to make a payment by phone, i was about to bring out my checkbook from my wallet to give her my information when she laughed out loud.
"Gotcha" said my cousin Danielle and laughed.
"You scared the crap out of me, please don't do that again" i said irritated.
"You were supposed to pay me, i should have allowed you to give me your bank details, i thought it was funny." she said laughing and giggling at what she thought was an appropriate joke. I had told her a week previously that i had not made any payments on my Target and Sears card and Capital One was coming up. She probably got the initiative to play that prank on me using that information.
"I don't find that funny", i replied
"Can't you take a joke?"
"Maybe on a different day"
"Whatever, i will call you later." Danielle said and hung up. She was probably hurt by my attitude, it was a joke to her but not funny to me.
I opened the envelope which contained my Mercedes Benz statement and shuddered at the thought of paying almost $800 this month. Late fee was $25.00 Payment due immediately. I opened the second mail, it was from my insurance company, $350 due on Thursday night, my paycheck should be directly deposited into my account by midnight of Thursday, i may need to transfer money from my savings, i cant remember the last time i put money in it.
My cell phone bill was next. I have this nice Iphone from AT& T. When the phone first came into the market: i was in love with the whole concept. I woke up at 4am to go stand in line to be one of the first owners of an Iphone. The things materialism can do to you. Turn you into a robot all because of a machine. When i was in college, i dont even think i ever woke up at 4am to study or even write a term paper. I love sleeping in and now all because of an Iphone, i woke up as early as 4am. Ridiculous. I tore open the envelope and brought out my bill which looked like a laundry list of a million things to do. It included the summary and the list of all my calls. My bill for this month is $105, for what? The last time i checked, i thought my monthly payments .......never mind. This impending Hawaii trip needs to be cancelled, will Southwest Airlines refund me.I wipe my brow. I need a sugar daddy.

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