Saturday, March 26, 2011


Why do women claim men when men do not claim them? I reallydont understand. I saw this very pretty lady  screaming on the street hollering about a man who is her "ex" so why the hell is she still claiming him and he isnt claiming her. Okay it started like this. His female cousin walks up to him and wants to have a convo and he walks towards her and the girl he was with gave her the look. Cousin asked him why the girl was staring at her like that and he didnt respond next thing the girl walks up to his cousin and is screaming "He is my boyfriend" Hahahaha and Cousin tells her that she is family and the girl doesnt listen next thing the female friend is cussing the cousin out with the b word and f word and s word and all the crazy words in the book. he tells female friend that that was his cousin that she needed to stop. Both females are going back and forth with each other. Bottom line of the story is the female friend is an ex girlfriend or whatever the story is but really, getting aggressive and claiming a man in the middle of the street is totally totally distatseful. What do you think? who was wrong?

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  1. i think the guy was wrong for not introducing both ladies.