Tuesday, March 29, 2011


I was late for work that morning. I parked my Mercedes Benz close to the street across the office building and walked up the staircase. I shouldn’t have had too much to drink last night. It was Lauren’s birthday and she had a party at an upscale restaurant. I looked at myself through the glass mirror lined on the side of the building. I looked like a truck had run over me twice. My hair was disheveled and my mascara was running. I had to run into the nearest bathroom to fix myself. I had my flat iron in my purse to flat iron my hair, thank goodness. I got to the 9th floor where my office was located and ran towards the nearest bathroom, as I got closer to the door I heard voices and laughter, so I slowly opened the door, all the stalls were occupied. All the voices were familiar.

“Yeah can you imagine, who she thinks she is anyway, Miss Thang” the first voice said.

“I know can you imagine, she thought she looked dashing in the Bebe dress yesterday, when she got tipsy it was very funny.” The second voice said.

“Very true, the boss was not very pleased.” The third voice said.

“Oh please, that man loves her, he adores the ground that she walks on are you kidding me?” the second voice said.

“Yes I believe that too” the first voice said.

“Are you kidding me, things are happening around here that I am so oblivious to” the third voice said.

These ladies are talking about me. Yes I got tipsy yesterday at the restaurant and also got a little clumsy, knocking over things on the table, I knocked a tray over and spilled red wine on my co workers dress. She was very angry. I command a lot of respect in the office and maybe that is why these ladies do not like me. I am also my boss’s favorite. He actually does kiss the ground that I walk on, he asks for my advice on things before he makes decisions especially with office work.

“She has a dragon tattoo on her lower back did you see it.” The third voice said.

“I know, she is very interesting” the second voice added.

“I overheard big boss yesterday saying that they are considering giving her a promotion” the third voice said.

“Really? I have worked my butt off here and I haven’t gotten a raise not to talk of the promotion. All I get are bonuses” the first voice lamented.

“This company is driving me nuts, I am about to go and look for a job elsewhere.” The second voice said.

“Its not that easy honey” the third voice added.

“Whenever I see her, I feel like dousing hot coffee on her.” The first voice said. I was shocked. Althea who seemed so friendly and always wanted to help me out with everything wanted to douse hot coffee on me. This conversation is a serious eye opener.

“Really, after making me fall out of favor with the big boss, I just totally hated her.”the third voice said. Sandra actually hates me. She fell out of favor because my plan for the Riverside project looked more promising than hers.
“Yes and even then she is dating my cousin’s ex boyfriend, every time I see her with him, I am about to choke her.” The second voice added. Rebecca, my classmate in elementary school, someone who I grew up with was saying all this about me. It wasn’t my fault that Lawrence ditched Kimberley and was chasing me all over the place. Some women need to learn how to keep their man.

“You guys lets get going before we are declared missing and you know Miss Thang is not yet at the office.” The third voice said.

“Yes is she rather fashionably late this morning, she is probably hung over.” The second voice said and they all laughed. Sandra came out of the stall first, followed by Rebecca and then Althea who looked like she was about to say something and then stopped. The three of them were shocked to see me standing there. They knew I heard everything. Everything.


  1. #mini tantrum# I want the rest of the story!!!
    First time here and i think I like it already.


  2. Lol, thats the end of the story. Can make it a mini series.

  3. Oh ok....
    Just got done reading the Ex Factor sequel.
    Waiting for an encore.

  4. LOL she is still the one smiling to the bank.....they can talk all they want lol.....loved it!