Monday, April 18, 2011


I had a great workout at the gym that morning and i was on my way home when i decided to go to the antique store down the street. it had been open for quite a while but i just never walked in. it was about three blocks from my house so i just decided to walk in. There was a short lady standing by the door, i smiled and greeted her but she seemed distant and cold. I walked around and i felt her eyes following me and i looked up to see what she was doing and indeed her eyes were following me. I  asked her for the price of one of the antique lamps and she told me "Cost too much". I turned and looked at her as if i did not hear what she said. Her face had a firm look. There were no prices on anything, absolutely nothing, she could be ripping me off for all she cared if she decided to tell me the prices to her merchandise. Suddenly a well dressed lady walked in and she left me and went to attend to her, her mannerism had totally changed, she had no cold look, she was friendly and the word ",maam" kept popping out of her lips like song lyrics. She had suddenly ignored me because i looked like a bum that fell out from nowhere. I quietly left her shop and went home. What she did to me bothered me. I really wanted that lamp and she told me that it cost too much. I must have really looked like someone who couldn't afford it.
The next week i went back to the antique shop but not in my workout outfit but during my lunch break in my professional work clothes looking like a female Donald Trump.  Kenisha hooked my Indi Remi weave up real good. I looked real good, my make up was on point. I parked my Mercedes Benz right in front of the store and walked in. The same lady was standing by the door and smiled as i walked in. The word "Maam" was rolling in like nothing. I walked to where the antique lamp i liked was and picked it up. I asked her how much it cost and she told me it was $350. I smiled and took it to the register. She asked me if i found everything okay and i calmly responded positively.I waited for her to ring me up and she put it in the bag. I brought out the money, three one hundred dollar bills and a fifty dollar bill. She reached out and wanted to take the money from me. I pulled the money out of her reach, and she looked at me in surprise. Her reaction to my behavior made me crack up.
"Do you remember me?" i asked
She shook her head.
"Obviously you won't. I came here last week and asked you how much it cost and you told me it cost too much, do you remember that?" i asked her almost in rage.
"Don't remember." she responded in denial. She was about to lose a sale and was perplexed.
"Of course you won't you idiot" i told her as i took my Louis Vuitton purse and my posh self and walked of of her store.


  1. LMAO!!!Jorr o!!!
    Cant even say anything else!

  2. hahahahhaaaa, I can imagine the look on the sales girl back is sweet eh.

  3. Good on you girl! LOL...I hope she learns from that.