Sunday, June 19, 2011


 I dread going to work in the morning, my alarm clock has gone off for the second time this morning and i really dont want to get up. The new boss Felicia Richardson is worse than Adolf Hitler. She is this middle aged lady: she should be in her late forties or nearing menopause to act like such a pain in the butt. She wears these Fendi frames and drives a black Acura. Guess what, I am assigned to work with her on the new project in the office and so far, it is my worst experience. Mrs Richardson is an example of a workaholic. I was in my cubicle for nearly six hours straight yesterday. I could not believe that for a moment I did not go to work today. Should I call in sick? I have my vacation hours and I am not feeling work today at all. On a second thought, I should go because I dont want to hear it from anyone. It is 6.35am and i slowly drag myself from the bed to get ready for work. At least tomorrow is Friday.
Felicia Richardson was reading the paper and sipping coffee from the mug when i walked into her office.
"Good morning" i said as i walked in.
"Morning" Felicia replied without looking up from the newspaper she was reading.
"You left a message with the receptionist that you wanted to see me."
"I do, have a sit" she replied still not looking up from the newspaper she was reading.
I nervously sat down in the chair across from her. Her table was neat like she never touched anything or done any work on it. here were little picture frames of her two kids on the table. The twins Phyliss and Patricia were Standford University graduates. She told me the story of her family while i was doing some work in the office. She was divorced from her husband about ten years ago when she found out her was having an affair with his PA. She messed him up including his career and he became a shrimp in his society of friends. Phyliss was getting marrid in August.
"I called you because i want to have a word with you"
i cringe. She did not sound too enthsiastic as she put down the paper she was reading on the table and took another sip of the coffee she was drininking.
"I hope there is no problem"
"There are lots of problems, i have a problem with your sneaking into the office, a couple of minutes after work has started and acting like you have been here the whole time."
I could not deny because she was telling the truth. I miss my old boss all of a sudden. He kissed the ground i walked on all the time and i am sure it is the doing of all those jealous ones i work with. I listened to her as she went on talking.

To be continued......

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  1. I don't understand when people answer "good morning" with "morning". I like ur story telling/writing style.