Tuesday, August 2, 2011


And why do i have the gut feeling that he is trying to ask for more money in the offering basket. WHy is he talking about money? What is the purpose of this sermon? The church is packed full and the offereing basket will not hold less than four hundred dollars on this hot, Sunday afternoon. I probably need to listen and stop letting my mind wander off to inconseqential things.

"Craving things has also become part of our nature these days, we want the flat screen television set, the latest I phone...."
Just right when he said that, i clutched to my Iphone, why was the pastor talking about mateial possessions in church and i have to ask myself why i have a problem with what the pastor is preaching.

"The problem with this is that there is no satisfaction, every year, a new product comes out, there is always a new model for a every car, every year, why, because there are new accesories in the car that you will need to buy. Yes and No. Yes, there might be new additions. No because you are going to start having new debt.A debt you dont need.We are struggling to feed our families and pay the little utility bills that keep coming in the mail unfailingly every month. i know a lady who used her rent money to go shopping for clothes, that woll show you the level of one's priorities. clothing is a neccesiity but why would you use your shelter money to buy clothes you dont need. I am sure you are uncomfortable in the pews but this message is for everyone. It applies to everyone in the building right now including myself, people come up to me telling me that they cannot pay their PGE bill and sometimes the church will wrtie out checks to pay these bills for our congregation members, but that wont last long.

This must be a generous church. The church helps some people pay their PGE bill. I have some credit card bills that need to be paid. Do i turn them in to be paid for as well; maybe out of pity the church can pay my car note as well.

"It will not last long: it is different if you really have the need but if you keep putting yourself in a situation that you can avoid, i will have no other term for that but pure foolishness. i believe we should pray for wisdom everyday. Amen"

Everyone said "Amen" after him too. I think he has made his point.


  1. I am feeling this guy's sermon. It did not feel like he was begging for money sha