Monday, November 9, 2015


A few weeks after the incident with Adaeze, chief Thompson and her mom. Things changed a little bit. Adaeze was a little hostile towards her mother and it also made matters worse for me. She always found something wrong with anything and also everything i did. Ogochukwu came home for the weekend and noticed the hostile environment. When Adaeze went to the movies with her crazy friends Ginika and Lucy, Ogochukwu came to me
"Grace what is going on around here?" she asked me as i chopped the okra.
"I don't understand" i replied not knowing if Ogochukwu was someone i could gossip with. I really missed my cousins and i hadn't seen them since i started working here. The last week of the month was my off week and i couldn't wait to go home to download gist to my cousins.
"My mom and Adaeze, they don't seem to be in goo terms, did anything happen when i was away?" she asked.
"She had a misundrtsanding with your mom and it was about Chief" i replied and looked at her face to get a reaction to the information that i had just given her.
"Oh no, she cant possibly do that?" Ogochukwu replied. I was not sure if her statement meant that Adaeze was not capable of having a misunderstanding with her mom about chief or if what Adaeze did was wrong. I had a blank expression on my face which Ogochukwu read instantly.
"She shouldn't fight with mom because of Chief, that his her ATM teller, he has been taking care of us since daddy abandoned us" Ogochukwu replied. Maybe that was why Adaeze was angry because he wasn't her father. She didn't want him to play the role of a father in her life.
"Your dad abandoned you" i said shocked at Ogochukwu's last statement. She was embarrassed, it was probably something she dint have to say out loud talk less of even telling me.
"Unfortunately he did, but its okay, Chief has been our dad for so many years so why is she acting ungrateful" Ogochukwu said,
"You know your sister can be a rebel" i said.
"I know" she said and sat on the white stool by the door. I knew she would hang out with me for some time, "I like you Grace, you are very easy to talk to and very smart" she said. I didn't expect her to say something like that so i smiled and thanked her.
"I wish Adaeze was like you" she said.
"Why?" i asked.
"She is just pretty but she lacks character, she looks down on people an thinks too highly of herself" Ogochukwu said, i was a little uncomfortable especially because the person in question was her sibling, i had to choose my words carefully because anything i said here would be used against me in the future.
"She is acting her age, she would grow out of it" i said without looking up.
"She is older than you are" Ogochukwu said. which was true. I just didn't want to put myself in a position of talking about Adaeze. Adaeze's behavior was a complex problem. A type of problem that needed God's intervention.

Later in the evening. Lady D was upstairs in bed with Chief Thompson, the children were not home, i was out taking the trash when the driver came to talk to me.
"How now Grace?" the driver said.
"i am fine" i replied as i shook the contents of the trashcan out. He watched me.
"Madam don sleep?" he asked.
"Yes she is sleeping" i replied.
"You no dey speak pidgin English, every time wey i dey talk to you, you dey use grammar reply" he said and smiled. The secondary school i attended banned vernacular speaking among students and faculty members and i got used to it , even though i understood what he was saying, i could not bring myself to speak pidgin English.
"No, i don't speak pidgin English" i replied.
"Why now?"
"Because i cant speak it well" i replied not knowing what other reason  could give for not speaking vernacular. "Can you speak proper English?"
"I fit try"
"That would be good"
"Grace, i like you" he said.