Tuesday, February 10, 2015


1. Iggy's Hairstlye: The first thing that crosses my mind, is a bird's nest. Of all days why did she have to rock this hair do to the Grammy's and also she didn't even win any award.

 2. Rihanna's Dress: I guess some people choose to look like cotton Candy at the Grammy's but that dress was all types of ugly.the sponge meme gave a description to the dress.

3. Beyonce looked like a goddess in her black embellished gown, couldnt have rocked it any better.

4. Mr and Mrs West, came out looking pretty decent, Kim looked more like someone from the biblical times in her outfit, not really a fan though.

5. Ciara looked classic, elegant and all shades of beautiful

6. Taylor Swift looked very chic in her dress and heels.

7. Kanye West and Beck: why does Kanye always have to act like he is possessed by some evil spirit of some sort, what prank was he trying to play at the Grammy's and this time with Beck. Oh I see , he was just kidding:)

8. Katy Perry looked all shades of amazing, her hair color and her amazing eyes. She looked awesome

9. Ariana Grande could have done much better with her ponytail and that outfit looking like a prom dress, she didn't complement her date either.
10.I really don't understand what happened with this trifecta but I really was not feeling this performance. Rihanna's vocals were out of this world and beautiful
11. Rihanna and Blue Ivy
12 Pharrell did great with all the awards he won but please what was up with his wife's outfit, she looked like she was going for PE after the Grammys.

13.Madonna: someone please come and get your aunty, her outfit was just not the business 
14 Ladt Gaga always looked like blood and bones but at the Grammys she looked absolutely stunning and her performance with Tony Bennett was classic and timeless, I enjoyed it
15. I also wasn't feeling Beyonce's performance of Precious Lord. She didnt put any effort.
16. Pharrels Grammy version of Happy didn't excite me as much

I hope next years event will be awesome.