So over the weekend I got to read the answers to some of the questions that I tagged a fellow blogger in. I got the biggest shock of my life. Usually you don't know the type of effect you have on someone till they tell you, it could be positive and it could also be negative
 This one was positive and it was also a shocker for me. I also read it with a sense of pride, each word struck me, well composed and well written, she needs to start getting paid to write recommendation letters for people.
Anyway Thelma is like a younger sister and a good friend. I have known her for almost two decades now and it still seems like yesterday. She made my mind go back to when i was younger and writing was an addiction for me,back then my classmates would fight over having a "turn" to read, some of my notebooks came back not only with dog ears but coming of staplers or something, most importantly the book was read.
Thelma i hope you get to read this but the last time i thought of doing a book collabo with you, that was almost 3 years ago, you wanted to blog, and you are doing AWESOME!!I am very very proud of you. I just never knew i had an ounce of influence on you.
Anyway fellow bloggers step you blog game up, if you cant be Oprah or Linda Ikeji please make a name for yourself at least. Cheers

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  1. This is so beautiful. I hope i have influenced someone for good too

  2. Wow! I am motivated to do more. I have been teaching in the Children's Church for over 4years now (I know it's the special grace of GOD).
    Everything is not about money really, a young guy walked up to me in a cyber cafe one day which was 2years ago!
    Please I want to learn how to blog - He said
    That is not a problem, but you will have to pay a token - I replied

    I gave him the time he should meet with me and he obliged to do so, he started teaching in a school when he finished his secondary school, whilst waiting for his admission.
    When he came, i told him; you are paying me N8,000.

    I created a blog for him, and showed him how to write, get new articles and build around them just like Linda Ikeji does.

    He only paid N4,000 which took him like 5months before paying lol (this month he would give me N1,000; the next N500) I told him to leave the rest.

    Now he's going to 300level in a University in Ghana, he's now into programming and should i say he's a guru now.

    He came home for holiday some months ago, he started by saying "You taught me the foundation of this" bla bla bla lol.

    Outside the internet world, I have heard different testimonies of how I have impacted someone in one way or the other.

    Let me say to you Lola, a successful man is someone who not only showed others the way of success but who has made others successful.

    Please keep up with what you are doing, and think more on how you can influence the younger generation.


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