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  Hello, dear readers! I am thrilled to share some wonderful news with you all. After months of hard work, dedication, and your unwavering support, my story series has finally been transformed into a book form. What started as a series of short stories shared here on Medium has grown beyond my wildest dreams. Your feedback, comments, and encouragement have been a constant source of inspiration. It’s because of your love for these tales that I decided to compile them into a book, giving them a new life and a broader audience and making it much easier to read. Even though the series has not ended, I decided to break them into bits while compiling it into a book form for uninterrupted reading. This book is more than just a collection of stories; it’s a testament to the incredible community we’ve built together. Each story reflects not only my imagination but also your thoughts, ideas, and feedback. It’s a collaboration in the truest sense. The book is available now on  Amazon , CONFESSION


  I had been home and streaming church online since the pandemic. It felt good to be back in church. I was happy to see the members of my cell group physically. The Zoom meetings were great, but group hugs and cheek kisses were greater. Naomi, a lady I had the biggest crush was heavily pregnant and had gotten married during the pandemic. I should have made the move, but I did not. She smiled nervously at me when she saw me. I nodded. We both understood. The usher who looked dapper in a black suit ushered me into a seat in one of the pews close to me. I sat down and observed what was going on around me. There was an excited chatter around me. Most of the members were happy to see each other, giving hugs, excited shrieks at how tall children had grown, the newlyweds, the expectant mothers. Nothing new had happened in my life, so there was not much to celebrate or share. I got promoted at work, my girlfriend Shelby left me during the pandemic. She began to morph into a completely differen


"I  am sorry,” she said as she sniffed amidst tears. I could not believe what I heard. My wedding is in two weeks, and my fiancee is standing in front of me with the confession that can make me walk away right now. I can’t. I had been through so many relationships, and Victoria was the best thing that happened to me in a long time. Why did she do this? I loved her so much. Why would she betray me? She betrayed me for a few minutes of pleasure with her ex. It would have been bearable if the story had ended with sex between them. The goodbye sex because she was getting married and would be restricted to sex with her husband for the rest of her life, or maybe her marriage. She was three weeks pregnant. I was excited. I wasn't sure it was mine, she said it was mine. “Victoria, why would you even do that? I mean, am I not enough for you?” I asked, I was trying to hold myself together, but the tears began to roll down my cheeks. She was crying. “I understand if you want to call off


  Tomorrow, we are cashing out big,” Sophia told her sister Tonia with excitement and anticipation.  Her sister, Tonia, could feel her excitement and was eager to hear the news. Sophia had been working hard for years to build her business, and she was finally seeing the fruits of her labor. She had opened a luxury fashion boutique that sold high end designer pieces. She got a loan from an old friend to get the business started, and it took her three years to build her clientele and four years to pay back the loan. Sophia had faced a few challenges along the way. One of the biggest challenges she faced was when her accountant brought embezzlement to her attention. Someone was embezzling her money from the store. It was a large sum of money, to the tune of eight thousand dollars, and Sophia was devastated. She soon found out the culprit was the store manager, Lucia, a young twenty eight year old from the Bahamas. It quickly became clear that Lucia had a taste for the finer things in lif


S o i have this friend, we were having a discussion one day and she was telling me about the guy she was dating and how conservative he was with money unlike most other guys she had dated. He told her that she had very expensive taste and tried to help her spend rationally. It is true sha... this my friend can spend money like she is drinking Eva water. She told me that he said her "exotic weave" was expensive and it was better for her to get her natural hair done at the shop since it was long and luscious and that was where wahala started. "Why is he telling me that my Brazilian hair is expensive, shebi he saw me with it the first day he met me and he liked it, now we are dating, ordinary eighty thousand naira to buy hair, he is telling me story, please there are other men out there willing to spend more on me, if he is not interested, he can leave" I didn't even know what to say right after she made the comment because 1) They were in a committed relat