It is just plain common sense to go out to eat and have a great time but  there is usually that awkward moment when someone in your party/ table decides to do something awkward and you are left with the disgrace of just that plain embarrassing moment. We don't all have like minded friends and since we have to accommodate other people's differences. 
1. FAMOUS PEOPLE/ CELEBRITIES: Imagine seeing Kim Kardashian, T.I, Pharrell or Beyonce( i mentioned their names because i would love to run into them somewhere, someday) at the restaurant where you are eating, you are tempted to  get up and take pictures or just simply acknowledge them. PLEASE DON'T. They are mere mortals like you who are also feeding the mongrels in their stomach, please let them do so in peace.
2. PRICES: It is not until your friend decides to take you to the most expensive restaurant you realize that your debit card wont work or you haven't paid rent for month, then you start complaining about the price of the desert or a plate of food, if you go out to fine dine please hold your wallet, it should contain enough cash or money on your plastic mode of payment to cover food or tip. You don't dine out everyday and when you do please make it a pleasurable experience. If  you ever get invited to a restaurant to fine dine, you can check the menu online which would indicate the price.
3. PHONE CONVERSATIONS: We are all guilty of cell phone etiquette anywhere, it has become a culture, even at social gatherings, those colored screens staring at our faces but at the table please put the phone away and enjoy the meal. I have also decided to minimize taking pictures of my food but how can i stop when the chef prepares meals that look like they should not be eaten?
4. CHILDREN: This rule applies to children under ten years, most of them can only scream and run around, please if they cant be well behaved in public then i regard them as "socially unacceptable" at a restaurant, leave them at home. It is sad to see children running around who have parents that have absolutely no control over them.
5. SEPARATE CHECKS: This is great when you don't want to pay for gluttons who order the whole world and don't want to pay so in order to avoid drama you ask for a separate check, please do this when placing your orders not at the end, it allows for proper bill preparation.
6. RUDENESS TO WAITSTAFF: If there is one thing i cant stand is rudeness towards wait staff, they are people too and also remember that your food is in their hands, you want to eat a proper meal and let it digest properly.
7. TIPS: The people who work at restaurants don't make  enough money and most of them depend on tips from your patronage, please be kind enough to give a generous tip if you got great service, don't have $15.75 and tell the waiter to keep the change.


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