So, last month I took one of those once in a while road trips, I drove to the south from California, it was a 27hr drive to Texas. I had friends to see, actually old classmates and it was fun to see them again. Also my cousin who had just recently moved to Houston. So the route was Tracy
The rental car Ford Focus

Los Angeles Financial District night view
Cactus in Arizona
The border between New Mexico and El Paso Texas
In Houston on the way to Sugarland.
Still in Houston looking out of the window from the passenger's side.
Backroad going to Richmond Texas, looks like those roads on the expressway in Nigerian movies.
Wazobia, my lifesaver, about 40mins from the house but i shopped here like i had not seen Naija food in ages.
ST Louis Sugar, business partner with garri since long time ago. It actually costs more than regular sugar in the grocery store.
El Paso Texas, where the freeway has this color which reminds me of Mexico
I ran into Wowo boys at Belvedere, a Nigerian club in Houston
Class reunion with the girls, it was a swell time
Lakewood Church pastored by Joel Osteen, it was a must go for me while i was out there.
I was impressed by the magnitude of the church and how orderly everything was from ushering to parking, to seating.
I was invited to lunch made by my friend.

I had an awesome time in Houston and i am looking for the next road trip i would be embarking on.