I was about eleven years old when Ken Saro Wiwa was executed. The whole NigerDelta politics made me cringe, it was one thing or another and back then i really didnt understand much until he was executed. A few years later, I came across a book he wrote and it sometimes make me wish he was still alive.I havent read much of his publications but it was a really good read. I highly recommend this book. Why is it that the most people with potential lie in their graves?This makes me beleieve that everyday is an opportuinity to make a difference to become a better person. Ken may not have had a chance like you or I  but he died for a cause and is a hero in the Ogoni land and in Nigeria.


  1. Why we must live to the best of our potentials. Nice memory of Ken Saro-wiwa.

  2. Nice tribute, he was one of the people that motivated me around that time.


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