Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Its my dad's birthday today coincidentally as i write this post. Happy Birthday Daddy!!! Oops Dad.

"Hey Daddy" i thought it was just a song. Yeah Usher in the lyrics is letting his woman know that "Daddy"  is home. Apart from watching a very visually interesting video, it seems to be a lot of women's reality. Sisqo also came up with a song about a decade ago talking about "Who is your daddy?" So what's up with girlfriends, these days calling their "boyfriends" not "husbands" the word "DADDY". There is even a Facebook page for women who call their man "Daddy"
Well i cannot fathom calling my man "daddy" though not yet!!!  . I mean it is a personal thing for different people. I just find it awkward to call my man a name i have been calling my father for so many years, i believe he alone should have that title.Some women love to call their man  "daddy" and some men being called "Daddy" But Why?

I see it as some role play, ego stroking concept.In the bedroom, some women give the man full charge by letting him play the role of "Daddy". Yeah he had better be a daddy by making a baby, not just the fun of it. Some lady claimed that she felt protected and loved when she called her man "daddy" and a man in return feels like he is in charge. Oh well (yawn), The words babe, honey, sugar, darling, dear are not yet obsolete, i can still pick one of those to endear my spouse. So in other words to most people, the word "Daddy" is powerful, it puts a man in control and makes him King, it is also a form of endearment.

Anyway i would like to let my future husband know that i wont be calling him "Daddy" unless he starts fathering my kids, maybe i will add my child's name stripper name to it. If we decide to role play in the bedroom, we can think of other freaky names to call each other for example Barack Obama.  Well Barack is the King of the castle and the president, hmm he has another two years in office, okay i need to think about that one.
See this blog post made me call my father (dad), Daddy!!!
What are your thoughts? Would you call your man  Daddy?

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