Tuesday, October 15, 2013


Before the advent of Facebook and other social networks I believe people wrote spoken English correctly.It was so much fun to read back then due to the excitement of learning new words and reading people's ideas and stories. I would assume that as we got older and from our reading experiences we would be better writers. Most people gained that knowledge during their learning process but these children born after 911, I swear they freak me out with their writing.
Text messaging is just a way of having basic conversation with people when you don't have the opportunity to speak over the phone. It also goes to show how people construct sentences. Apart from typos, i have read text messages that would make one want to end the conversation right there, and i have a lot of pet peeves.Somehow i am also not surprised why people fail written English. Text messaging has made it worse, all these abbreviations. LOL! OMG !LMFAO! CTCU!
I mean i am not exempt but i can at least write out the words in a sentence.And when did Okay become 'K'.

This one is my first pet peeve, How hard is it to distinguish between two, to and too? What makes it worse is that even with auto correct on many technological devices, it is still written wrong in a sentence. Two is a number and that should separate it from Too and to. Oh my goodness.

I call this one an unforgivable sin. Your and You are not the same. Your( possessive) You are ( a pronoun and a verb). And the pretty girl in the picture below just blew it.

The same goes for "they are" and "their"

After seeing these memes, it makes me wonder if the people who actually type or write these words ever went to grade school. How did they pass a class? Do we not need these simple reading and writing skills to construct sentences when we talk. I was having a reading session with someone once and i realized that she could not read some words but in a conversation she would say it correctly. I do not understand how that works sometimes, and i still can;t get over how she struggled to say the word while reading it.

Lose and Loose is another biggie for me.
"I want to loose weight" (error) when the correct one is "i want to lose weight". They do not even sound the same.

Know and No
"Do you no that there is no sugar?" Really.

"Me two!" Waoh

Then and than
"Other then that, i believe i am done with my work"... I know the sentence was not written with an accent.

Please add more commonly misused words.


  1. "could/would/should of" instead of could/would/should have truly TRULY grates my nerves.

  2. I know. I think it is most black people that say that though.

  3. Where, were...they are not interchangeable.

    Speaking of which, on pronunciation, most ppl say NOTE when they wanna say NOT. argggggh

    I taught myself a little trick with the words Loose and Lose

    Lose..."I need to lose weight so I lose the O whilst loose has an extra O to make the word loose." I used to do this mentally until they were cemented in me. LOL (sorry, I couldn't resist)
    I enjoyed reading this post